50 Happy Things

Hey lovelies!I first saw this post on Evie's blog and I've seen it floating around on a few other blogs since I read Evie's post so I think she's inspired a lot of people to write their own list of '50 Happy Things'. I'll link Evie's post here so you can check it out if you're interested!... Continue Reading →


Spectrum x Disney – The Little Mermaid Collection First Impressions

Hey lovelies! A parcel came for me this morning which means you get an extra post from me this week as I was too excited about it to wait to post about them! I ordered the Spectrum x Disney Little Mermaid brushes (the Ariel set obviously although the Ursula ones are stunning too) last weekend... Continue Reading →

Do We Have To Break The Bank To Look Good?

Hey lovelies! Recently I've done two blog posts which have led to me writing this post, they were Full face using my cheapest products and then full face using my most expensive products. Honestly I couldn't believe the price differences in these two make up looks so the question is 'do we really have to break the bank to... Continue Reading →

What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag?!

Hey lovelies! If you've read some of my recent posts you'll probably know that I'm off to London for some early birthday celebrations TODAY! Yes I'm that dedicated to the blog that I've woke up early to get this post written before we head off even though I haven't packed a single thing yet... woops!... Continue Reading →

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