Makeup Revolution Flawless 4 Palette Review

Hey lovelies! As you can probably tell from the title I’ll be reviewing the Makeup Revolution palette ‘Flawless 4’ today! If you saw my ‘Smallest Ever Haul’ post last week you’ll have seen that I picked this up in Superdrug when it was a ‘Star Buy’ for a bargain of £5! If not you can read this post here.

The first Makeup Revolution palette I ever purchased was the ‘Sophdoesnails’ one, MUR had been on the market for a long time by this point and I always loved the look of their palettes but was a little dubious that the palettes would be good quality due to how cheap they were! Spoiler alert – I was wrong! This palette has completely changed my mind and I’ll definitely be purchasing more of their products in the future!

Soph’s palette with Makeup Revolution is one of my most used palettes and I often find myself reaching for this over some of my high-end palettes (I included it in my 2017 favourites which you can see here.) so when I saw that Flawless 4 was reduced to just £5 I thought I’d give it a try and see if the quality is the same as in my Soph palette.

Flawless 4 comes in the standard Makeup Revolution plastic packaging with a beautiful rose gold lid, the packaging is very sturdy and it also contains a large mirror which makes the palette perfect for travelling! The palette usually costs £8 so for 32 shades it costs just 25 pence per shade which is ridiculously cheap!


The palette is gorgeous! It includes lots of red, orange, pink and purple shades as you can tell from the picture and I can assure you that no two colours are the same. It also contains some lighter colours which are perfect to be used as transition shades and for blending out your crease colour. The palette contains a great mixture of matte shades and shimmer shades, 16 of each to be precise, my favourite shimmer shade by far has got to be the purple in ‘Not Today’.


I used this warm toned palette to create an eyeshadow look this weekend and I was so impressed with the quality! The shades are so pigmented it is unreal, they do take a little bit of building compared to some high-end palettes I own however, I actually prefer this as you are in control of how bold the colours are! It is so much easier to build up a colour than to put some on and realise there is way too much and then have to try and blend it out!

I was shocked to find that the look I created in the end looked so similar to looks that I can create with a palette which costs at least 5x the price of the Makeup Revolution one! The shades were beautiful, buildable and blendable! I didn’t struggle to blend the colours together at all, in fact it was quite easy to blend the colours together so that I had no harsh lines and the pigment of the shimmer shades is amazing!

This is the look I created here:


I used the shades ‘Cerise’ and ‘Hair Down’ in the crease, then using ‘Garnet’ on my inner and outer corners to deepen the colour, finally finishing off with ‘Muted’ which is a gorgeous gold shimmer that I used in the centre of my lid to create a ‘halo eye’.

If you’re looking for a warm-toned palette at drugstore prices I would highly recommend getting your hands on this one. Eyeshadow palettes used to be one of the only high-end products I would treat myself to and the cheapest palettes I bought used to be Morphe which cost a lot more than the MUR ones at £23, but this palette has definitely changed my perception of drugstore eyeshadows!

You can purchase the Makeup Revolution Flawless 4 palette on the TAM Beauty website or from Superdrug both in store and online. I’ve linked the palette on both websites so you can check it out!

Have you got this palette? Let me know your thoughts on it if you have or tell me what your favourite Makeup Revolution palette is and maybe I’ll get my hands on them to try!


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