January Favourites

Hey lovelies! As we’re coming to the end of the longest, most depressing month of the year I thought I’d share a few products with you that I’ve been loving this month! I know these posts are quite popular, I won’t just be sharing beauty favourites there will be a bit of everything included!

Let’s start with my ‘best of beauty’

Naked Heat Palette

I bought the Naked Heat palette months ago and played around with it a couple of times creating looks that I wasn’t too keen on so it went in my drawer and I stopped reaching for it. However I decided I’d give it another try and I managed to create a beautiful look which I was so happy with! The shimmers in the palette are so pigmented and I got the shades to blend together seamlessly! All of the colours are so perfectly matched that you could literally pick any of them to create a look and they’d still be great together!

Mac Studio Fix Foundation

I hadn’t tried a high end foundation before, I’m much more of a drugstore girl but I got a foundation match at MAC before Christmas and my mom bought me a bottle of Studio Fix as a present. The lovely guy who did my foundation match gave me a sample pot and it has lasted me about 4 or 5 wears, he filled it to the brim!

The foundation doesn’t have the best smell, it is very chemically but I can get over this fact as the coverage and finish of the foundation is stunning! I love a good full coverage foundation and this is definitely that, you can build it up to give any finish from medium-full without it looking cakey!

Whenever I wear this foundation I always get compliments that it looks nice or people ask me what I’m wearing on my face so yeah I’m definitely impressed with my first high-end foundation!


Spectrum Brushes

If you’ve read some of my beauty posts in the past you’ll know that I love Spectrum brushes! I was gifted the Spectrum x Mean Girls set for Christmas so as well as my 8 piece eye blending set and a few others I’ve bought as singles I have quite the collection!

Now that I’ve got a few more of their brushes I use them for nearly every product I apply, it is very rare you will see me reaching for anything other than a Spectrum brush now! They’re perfectly fluffy and do a great job of applying make up and blending it out! I’ve written a full review on the Mean Girls collection which you can read here.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in ‘Stripped’ 

Another Christmas gift I received was the Anastasia Beverly Hills 6 piece liquid lipstick set, I’ve tried a couple of the lipsticks so far from this set and my favourite is definitely ‘stripped’, it is a pinky nude tone which goes perfect with my pale skin!

The lipsticks have such a great formula, they dry down completely matte but they aren’t super drying on the lips, I can wear them all day and they don’t feel uncomfortable at all! This is amazing as I really suffer with dry lips! One problem I find with liquid lipsticks is they always come off whilst eating and while I know this happens with most lip products, the ABH ones hold up very well compared to others I have tried!

These are some of my favourite liquid lipsticks I have ever tried just because I love the formula so much! If you haven’t tried any I would definitely recommend getting one and giving them a go if they’re the type of lip product you like.



The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

If you haven’t seen ‘The Greatest Showman’ yet then I strongly suggest you go and watch it as soon as you get a chance, it is by far my favourite film at the moment and I’m sure it’s going to be one of the best films of the year and we’re only in January!

Yes it is a musical but even if you’re not a fan of musicals I’m 99% sure you’ll still love it! The soundtrack is amazing, every song is unique and is sung with a passion you’ve never heard before. The story of the film follows P.T Barnum who is struggling to support his family after losing his job so he decides to open a museum and then creates what we now know to be ‘the circus’.

I’m not going to give anything away in case you haven’t seen it but the main theme in the film is finding a sense of belonging in a world you thought would never accept you and it is truly beautiful!

We’ve seen the film twice and my Fiancé very kindly bought the soundtrack for us not long after we went to see it as we couldn’t stop singing the songs and we’ve had it on repeat in the car ever since!

Sweet Little Lies by Caz Frear

I’ve only read two books this month so far and ‘Sweet Little Lies’ was definitely my favourite! I bought it on my Kindle after seeing it in a Youtuber’s ‘what I got for Christmas’ video as it sounded just the type of book I’d enjoy and it did not disappoint!

Sweet Little Lies follows the story of Cat Kinsella who doesn’t trust her father after he lied to the police eighteen years ago about a girl ‘Maryanne Doyle’ who went missing. Now a police officer, Cat is called to a murder scene which is right by the pub her father runs, when evidence is found which links this girl to ‘Maryanne Doyle’ she then begins to question whether her father could have had anything to do with it.

This was the best crime novel I have read in a long time, the story flicks from the present day Cat trying to solve the murder case back to her childhood where she is reminiscing about what she remembers from the time when Maryanne Doyle went missing. As the story unfolds you begin to try to piece it together like you are the detective, however it keeps you on the edge of your chair and guessing until the very end!

The story is completely unpredictable unlike some crime novels where you can tell what is going to happen halfway through the book! Sweet Little Lies was a great way to kick start my 2018 reading challenge (I’m aiming for a small 30 this year) and I’d definitely recommend it!

What are your January favourites? Do you have any beauty products that have really stood out to you? Have you rediscovered an old favourite? Or do you have any book recommendations for me? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 



25 thoughts on “January Favourites

  1. I’m really going to have to see this Greatest Showman aren’t I?! I have never heard so much buzz around a movie, it’s insane! I know people who have gone to see it 3 times in one day…Wow! I haven’t even listened to the soundtrack but I’m not a huge soundtrack person in general.
    Dying to try some Spectrum brushes too. I’ve been in desperate need for new makeup brushes for years practically but just can’t afford to splurge on them just yet. It’s nice to hear such a great company getting good reviews and stuff though. Doesn’t hurt that they are cute aswell eh? haha


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Everyone’s been talking about The Greatest Showman but I’ve yet to see it, will have to take myself out if it’s as good as people are saying 🙂 Love the Naked Heat palette, such a gorgeous selection of autumnal shades.
    Jessica ♡


  3. I’ve heard so much about The Greatest Showman, everyone seems to be raving about it on my social media feeds. I don’t live near a cinema so I’ll probably have to wait for a DVD release to see it. And I’m sure I’ve heard about Sweet Little Lies before – the plot sounds familiar to me so I’ll keep a look out for it. I’m not sure what type of books you’re into but one I will recommend is “How To Be Champion” by Sarah Millican. It’s such a funny book, very rude but just brilliant!


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