Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Hey lovelies! With Valentine’s day right around the corner I thought I’d do a post which might help you choose what to get your loved one. Personally I think Valentine’s day is so commercialised now, it is all about how retailers can make more money from exploiting how much you love your partner. Some people expect big, expensive gifts whereas I think a gift that means something to the two of you is worth so much more than something which may cost £50 from a shop just because they ‘needed to get you something’.

Date Night

Instead of spending £20 on a gift for each other this Valentine’s day why not do something together, this could be anything from going to the cinema, going to your favourite restaurant or doing something you’ve always wanted to do together for example ice skating or indoor rock climbing. I’m sure the memories of doing something like this will be much more precious than any gift you could ever buy.

A great idea is to book something for you and your partner but keep it as a surprise and tell them ‘you need to be ready for a certain time but I’m not telling you where we are going.’ The suspense of this will add to the surprise and could make them love it even more!


Being with someone who is in the military I understand that it is not always easy to just plan a ‘date night’ something may come up and your partner might not be able to make it at the last minute. If you aren’t going to see your partner on Valentine’s Day an alternative to ‘date night’ is to buy a voucher for something you can both do together at a later date.

So many different places have vouchers now which you can pick up from a number of shops, if you have a restaurant you love pick up a voucher so you can book a table there, if you like to try new places pick up a ‘Restaurant Choice’ gift card and let your partner choose where they would like to eat.

You can also check out ‘Buy A Gift’ and get something for the two of you to do together, they do anything from Afternoon Tea to spa days and days out in London to helicopter tours and Segway rides. Trust me you’ll be stuck for choice and they are a great way to make new memories together!

Make Something

A few years ago as a Christmas present I bought my partner a scrapbook from ebay similar to this which I filled with pictures of the two of us and wrote little captions for each picture whether it was a memory or just when the photo was taken. My Fiancé absolutely loved this gift! He spent ages looking through all the pictures and reading what I had written.

Another idea would be to buy a memory box and fill it with things that mean something to the two of you, this could be old tickets or souvenirs from places you have been together, photos of the two of you or letters and cards you have wrote to each other.

Presents like this which take time, effort and require you to put some work into them are so much more meaningful and I’m sure your partner will appreciate them a lot more!

Something they want

Ok so although I’m not into buying a gift ‘just because it’s Valentine’s Day’ if your partner has been dropping hints about something they love for a long time or they want to buy themselves something but can’t afford/justify it and you want to spoil them then go for it!

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your partner how much they mean to you (which you should do everyday anyway) so if they really do want something and you can afford it then go out and get it, you might also score extra brownie points for showing that you were listening to them ha!

This year me and my partner will probably just go out for a nice meal when he’s home, I’d much rather save my money and get him something when he actually wants it instead of running around shops stressing about whether he is going to like what I choose.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? No matter what you’re doing I hope you have a great day and I hope some of these ideas were helpful! 



20 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. My bf and I are not big on Valentine’s Day but we would gladly go on a date night. Also, we would do something the other wants to do and vice versa xx corinne


  2. Great suggestions! I love the idea of the scrap book – I bought one a few years ago and started making it for my boyfriend but I haven’t had the time to finish it yet. I really should because they are so lovely to look through! It’s also very busy on Valentine’s day so there’s nothing wrong with going out on another day so you can enjoy it much more with it being less busy 🙂



  3. I really loved this post, and I agree, the gifts that are personal and mean something to you both are definitely the best! For me that’s what I would prefer, it shows you though about them!

    Ashley |


  4. I love this! Valentine’s Day is pretty commercialised but it is nice to show your loved one you appreciate them. We usually go see the latest marvel movie and this year I think I’ll be creating a box with all his favourite sweets and things in it!


  5. Love the scrap book idea! I’ve actually been making one for the past year just as a keep-sake for myself to look back on and I’m enjoying it so much, some lovely ideas in this post Xxxx


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