My Evening Skincare Routine

Hey lovelies!

Quick story: I was so lucky as a teenager, I didn’t suffer from breakouts/acne like most people do whilst in secondary school (I know you’re probably thinking lucky b*tch) but that led to me becoming so lazy with skincare and I’d often sleep in my makeup without batting an eyelid (now you’re probably thinking eww). Recently I’ve actually started struggling with spots more so I take my makeup off every night and I’m trying to get into a routine with skincare!

I’m absolutely loving the products in The Body Shop Tea Tree range, first if I’ve been wearing makeup that day I’ll use the ‘squeaky clean scrub’ to wash the majority of makeup off. I love the face scrub as you can feel it exfoliating but it isn’t so bad that it feels like it’s ripping your skin off like some do. I don’t like to exfoliate everyday so on days when I haven’t been wearing much/any makeup I’ll use the facial wash instead or I’ll just skip straight onto the next step.

After washing my face I look like a panda with mascara all down my cheeks haha! I’ll then use a baby wipe or some micellar water to remove the rest of the makeup. After my face is clean I use the toner from the tea tree range and put this on a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face (avoiding the under eye area as it is sensitive). I love this toner as you can feel it working and it really helps to reduce my spots quickly!

To finish off I’ll then moisturise my face with the Clean and Clear ‘Dual Action Moisturiser’ as this claims to help prevent spots and blemishes. I use this as the last moisturiser I used actually made me breakout more but I don’t feel this does a lot for my skin so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them!!


Just before bed I’ll add some Palmers lip butter to try and get rid of any dry skin on my lips, I wrote a full post about my top products for this here and I’ve also just started adding Soap and Glory Hand Food to my routine as my hands are feeling really dry from this horrible weather we’re having!

Do you have any favourite products that you use every night? Let me know in the comments I’d love to hear from you!






43 thoughts on “My Evening Skincare Routine

  1. I know a few people like this who don’t have a skincare routine because they never felt like they needed one when they were younger. I find that really interesting because having better skin when I was young is what made me want to look after it in the long run. It’s great that you’re figuring out your routine now though x



  2. I love the Tea Tree range! In winter, my skin gets a little too dry to use it but I love to use the face wash and toner in the summer time. Great post, love hearing about your routine with these products!


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