Subculture Dupe?

Hey lovelies! I posted on my twitter (here) that I’d managed to pick up the Makeup Revolution Iconic Division palette which reminded me a lot of subculture so asked if you’d like a dupe post and a few of you said yes so here it is!

I was one of the unlucky few who bought Subculture as soon as it came out because of my love for the Modern Renaissance palette and I thought the shades in this were stunning! Is it as bad as everybody made out online? NO! Yes there is a lot of fallout but this also happens with my Modern Renaissance and I deal with it because I love the shades and how they blend, but I don’t find these as easy to blend and the colours just don’t inspire me as much!

The Swatches

The Makeup Revolution palette has 15 shades as opposed to the Subculture which has 14, all the Revolution one has is a dark grey/black at the end of the palette, all of the other colours look practically the same as Subculture!

I’ve done the swatches by each row of the Revolution palette so 5 shades at a time, left to right each picture is the Subculture shade then the Revolution shade to match:

First Row:

Ok so we can hardly see the shade ‘Cube’ and it’s dupe next to it, then it goes ‘Dawn’, ‘Destiny’, ‘Adorn’ and ‘Mercury’. 20180208_101122

Second Row:

On this row we have ‘Axis’, ‘All Star’, ‘Roxy’, ‘Electric’ and then ‘Fudge’ and their dupes next to them.


Final Row:

This row has the shades ‘New Wave’, ‘Edge’, ‘Untamed’, ‘Rowdy’ and then finally the extra Makeup Revolution shade.


So are they a dupe?

As you can see from the swatches (hopefully, these are the first swatches I’ve ever done I know they’re not the best but I tried) the shades are very similar! They might not be a complete dupe just because the Subculture ones are slightly more pigmented but they are definitely similar colours!

I did try to create an eye look to compare the shades but I haven’t included a picture as it was a quick 10 minute test and it looked so bad ha! When using ‘Dawn’ and it’s dupe as a transition shade you honestly couldn’t tell the difference. The khaki shade ‘Destiny’ from subculture blends out into a horrible grey colour so although the MUR dupe isn’t as pigmented I actually prefer it as it held its green tint a little more! The dupe for ‘Fudge’ isn’t as pigmented when you apply it to your eyes but it is easily buildable to get a similar shade. Finally, the equivalent for the shade ‘Edge’ it is a much lighter yellow in the MUR palette compared to Subculture where it has more of an orange tint to it!

Would I have been able to go out and wear the look on my eyes without people knowing I had different eyeshadow palettes on? No definitely not from the shades I used, but I haven’t tested all of them yet and they were very similar, it was just that the Subculture shades looked a lot darker!

Positives of Makeup Revolution Iconic Division

  • The palette retails for £4! Such a bargain for 15 shades
  • The shades are so easy to build!
  • The shades blend nicely
  • The pans in this palette are larger and there isn’t as much fallout


  • No shade names
  • Shimmers not as pigmented
  • Some of the darker shades aren’t as pigmented

Subculture Positives

  • The shades are SO pigmented!
  • The shimmer shades are beautiful!
  • This palette has shade names which is easier when doing makeup tutorials etc.


  • So much fallout!
  • Expensive palette at £43 for something that has so much controversy surrounding it
  • Not easily blendable

Final Verdict:

If you were looking to try a palette which includes shades like the ones in Subculture I would definitely recommend saving your pennies and trying the Makeup Revolution one first! As much as I love the ABH brand, Subculture just didn’t live up to my expectations and I wish I would have saved my money! The shimmer shades may not be as pigmented in the Iconic Division palette but what can we expect for £4?? I still think it is a great palette for the price!

You can pick up the Makeup Revolution Iconic Division palette from the TAMBeauty website here or from the Superdrug website here. You can pick up Subculture from Beauty Bay here.

Do you have either of these palettes? If you do what are your thoughts on them? Please let me know any feedback from this review as it’s the first comparison I’ve done and I’d love to do more if you enjoyed it!





22 thoughts on “Subculture Dupe?

  1. It’s so good to find a good dupe for the high end palettes even if the shade payoff isn’t quite as good as the original! I owned a couple dupes from MUA of the Naked Palettes for a while and loved them both! Then again, I have two of the Naked Palettes now and I do adore them!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd


  2. loved how you explained in a short and sweet detail and still stayed to the point. Good job on the comparison! I’d always wondered how good the subculture palette was and this post helped me understand better! :*


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