Cineworld Unlimited – every film lovers’ dream!

Hey lovelies! I thought I’d do a different kind of post for you today, me and my fiancé used to be in the cinemas nearly every weekend, sometimes more than once each week so we finally took the plunge and signed up for a Cineworld Unlimited card!

Our Cineworld Unlimited costs £17.90 a month each but with the price of a cinema ticket being more than £10 a time you only have to go twice a month and you’ve made your money back. If there isn’t a Cineworld close to where you live I know Odeon do a similar type of card so if you think you’d like one check out what they offer!

For the monthly cost you also get 10% off food and drinks purchased in the cinema which increases to 25% after you have had your card for a year. You also get 25% off food in some major chain restaurants such as Chiquitos and Frankie and Benny’s. Other shops which are local to our Cineworld also offer exclusive benefits so depending on where you live you’ll be eligible for different discounts so make sure you check these out on the website!

With your unlimited card there is absolutely no limit on how many times you can see a certain film, if you love a film and wanted to watch it every day for a month (like I would with The Greatest Showman) you could, all for this one monthly cost. We have gone twice in one day a few times and recently watched three films in one day! There are also extra perks such as ‘Unlimited Screenings’ where you get to see a film before it is released to the general public.

Lets crunch numbers – 

Ok so as I mentioned Cineworld Unlimited costs £17.90 a month so that works out at £214.80 each for the year. Me and my fiancé have had our cards for 10 months now and have watched at least 37 films, the average price of a ticket in our local cinema is £10.20 so for all the films we have watched it would have cost us £377.40 each!

As you can see we have already made our money back and extra with all the films we have seen and we still have two months of our subscription left!

Cineworld also offer a recommend a friend for Unlimited so if you recommend someone you will both get a free month after their original 12 month subscription is up!


  • Watch as many films as you like all year round
  • Discount on food and drink in the cinema
  • Discount on food at some major restaurants
  • Previews of films before their release date
  • Only have to watch two films a month to make your money back
  • Recommend up to 12 people for 12 free months.


  • It is a 12 month subscription so if you don’t use it you still have to pay for 12 months


As you can see our Cineworld Unlimited cards are very well used and if you have a cinema local to you which offers a service similar to this and you are a bit of a film buff who finds themselves in the cinema quite frequently I would definitely recommend it!

There are so many good films due to be released this year that if you were even contemplating getting one I would say just take the plunge and do it!

Hope you enjoyed this one, what’s your favourite film in cinemas at the minute?


22 thoughts on “Cineworld Unlimited – every film lovers’ dream!

  1. I love watching movies and when I’m at the cinema, I do love it but it’s becoming so expensive I rarely go now – this does sound like a pretty decent offer, sadly there isn’t a Cineworld near me! The last thing I saw at the cinema was the latest Pirates of the Caribbean but I really need to go see The Darkest Hour as I am also a big WW2 history nerd!! (Hence my blog name haha!)

    Ellyn xxx | Life Of A Beauty Nerd


    1. It’s such a shame there isn’t one close to you, is there not an Odeon either as they do a similar type of thing called ‘limitless’. We saw The Darkest Hour and it is so good! Gary Oldman does an absolutely fantastic job as Churchill you really need to see it, I don’t know much about history and I loved it so I’m sure you will too! xx


  2. Seems as though you make some amazing savings with this card. Unfortunately I live in an area that has neither an odeon or cineworld (boo!) But my friends and I often go to see films but reserve it for “cheap Tuesdays” or use our student cards which takes the cost down to £5.75. I’d definitely invest in a card if I was paying full price though because the cost of cinema tickets & food is ridiculous. Great, insightful post!
    Luce xo

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    1. Thankyou so much for reading! That’s such a shame that there isn’t one close to you but student discount definitely helps as it gets it to nearly half the price as what an adult ticket costs now! I love the cinema but if we had to pay full price we wouldn’t go half as much it’s extortionate! xx


  3. I got one when guardians of the galaxy came out as I knew I wanted to see it again, I ended up watching it 7 times in the cinema!

    If you like movies it really is a no brainer! I just need to remind myself to use it, think I’ll probably be seeing black panther again soon!

    Hoodsie xx

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  4. Such a good post. I’ve had my Unlimited card for 7 years now. I go to the cinema at least once a week and it’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. x

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