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Payday Haul!

Hey lovelies, I know I know I’m meant to be saving money this year but I did a few extra hours at work last month so I picked up more than I usually would so why not treat myself to a few things? Seriously though, this money could be going towards our house/spending money for DLP in December, I really need to stop!

I’ve been shopping twice since I got paid, once on Wednesday last week with mom which was my actual payday and then we braved the snow on Saturday to go to our closest shopping ‘mall’ so these are things I picked up from the two trips.

Disney Pieces:

I’ve treated myself to quite a few Disney things this month but most of them are things which have been on my wishlist for a while! Firstly if you saw my Disney Store Wishlist post you’ll know I really wanted this matching bowl and cup! I’m so happy that I finally got it, I had my porridge for breakfast in the bowl this morning and I’m just so in love with it! I also picked up a shopping bag from the Disney Store (as if I don’t have enough but I always forget to take them out with me) I got the cute Minnie Rock The Dots one anyway which I think was £3. I used my 20% off voucher too, it’s always a bonus to get money off things you love!


I got two Disney things from Primark, first was the stripey Minnie Mouse top which was £8, I did think this was a bit expensive for Primark for just a t-shirt but I’ve seen it a few times and walked away from temptation but I have so many cute outfit ideas for it and my mom pointed out how nice it was so I picked it up anyway!

Secondly was this Thumper poncho! I’m sure from my last few posts you’ll know how much I am loving Thumper merch at the minute! I didn’t even hesitate when I saw this in the shop it jumped straight into my basket! This has been an absolute lifesaver in this awful weather we’ve been having, it’s so cosy and paired with my Thumper hot water bottle it’s done a great job of keeping me warm!

The photo doesn’t do this justice! It’s from the sleepwear range if you’re interested though.

The last two Disney bits I’ve bought were from HMV where I had an absolute nightmare in the shop and am waiting for a reply to my complaint email from their membership scheme thing but anyway that’s a completely different story! I got a Merida Pop Vinyl which I’ve seen a few times and totally fell in love with! The other thing I got was ‘Descendants’ on DVD as I’d never actually seen it and everyone on Twitter was telling me how good it was! I’m so glad I picked up this film, yes it’s super cheesy but I really enjoyed it!



I’m trying not to spend so much money on makeup recently as I hardly ever wear it and I have so much that I don’t need to keep getting more for it to sit in my drawer only to get used once a week. However, I saw these two Makeup Obsession eyeshadows in a Boots store a few weeks back and swatched them and they were beautiful! They didn’t have them in stock though so I noted the shade names and picked them up this week when they’d finally restocked them in my local store! They’re gorgeous purple and pinky red shimmer shades and the pigment is amazing!

Top shade: Mulberry Bottom Shade: Crimson

I picked up 3 books from ‘The Works’ in their ‘3 for £5’ deal. The first book ‘Local Girl Missing’ was on my Kindle wishlist but priced at £3.99 so I thought it was a bargain to get it in with this deal, I also got ‘The Chemist’ by Stephenie Meyer (the author of Twilight) and ‘The Gift’ by Louise Jensen. I’ve got so many books on my TBR pile that I don’t know when I’ll get round to these but they were too good an offer to miss!


Lastly I got this stunning rose gold candle holder from ‘Home Bargains’ I think it was £3.99 which is SO cheap for something which looks so pretty and it is the perfect fit for the larger size tealight candles which I love so much from Ikea!


That’s it for this haul lovelies! Hope you’ve enjoyed it! Do you have any of these items or have you read any of the books I picked up? Will you be venturing out to purchase any of the things I’ve mentioned? Let me know in the comments I love to hear from you!




33 thoughts on “Payday Haul!

  1. Looks like you had some fun shopping! Putting in those extra hours deserves a treat! I’m thinking I might have to pick up the descendents dvd as I have wanted to watch it for so long!!


  2. Love this haul, the disney bits you picked up are adorable, especially the Thumper poncho! ♥
    Ooh I’ve been really curious about The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer, would love to hear your thoughts when you’ve read it 🙂

    Jessica xo /

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love all of the things that you have bought! The rose gold candle, stripey Minnie top, and bowl and mug are my fave. ♥️


  4. These are quite a lovely bundle. I simply ADORE Disney so I got super excited when I saw your list. My mug for work broke and I’ve been on the hunt for a new one and I think this is actually a really nice one to consider so thank you! Also I love that little poncho & I really want to read Local Girl Missing & The Chemist ☺☺

    xx Lena |


    1. Thanks so much for reading! Yeah I love my mug but Disney do loads of amazing ones you should check them out if you need a new one! The poncho is super comfy and I’ll probably write reviews when I get round to reading the books!xx


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