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The Pressures of Looking ‘Beautiful’

Hey lovelies! Bit of a chatty post today, whilst reading ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ last week (you can see my review here) I came across a quote which really hit home with me! It said ‘people seem to like me better with makeup on for some reason’ I completely agree with this, in my experience it seems to be true anyway so I thought I’d write a post on the pressures of looking good in today’s society!

I genuinely feel so sorry for teenage girls now! I remember starting secondary school and feeling really ugly compared to other girls, my mom would never let me wear makeup when I was in Year 7/8 (11 /12years old) even though I used to wear it for dance shows and competitions at weekends as my school had strict ‘no makeup’ rules. I used to take my makeup with me in my bag and sit applying it in my registration before classes started just to make myself feel less self-conscious compared to other people my age!

This was back in 2007 where we would spend our evenings on MSN and Bebo! Instagram was never even heard of back then and Youtube definitely wasn’t full of makeup tutorials!

Teenage girls now have all of these people on the internet they look up to (I’m not saying this is a bad thing we should all have idols) however, these beauty gurus always look stunning, they have the best beauty products on the market and are able to apply them in ways most of us will never be capable of! I can imagine if I was at school now I would be waking up an hour earlier every morning to make sure I looked my best for school so that I was a bit more confident and felt a bit prettier! We all compare ourselves to other people especially when we’re younger and I would not like to be walking round school bare faced when there are girls aged 14 now who could pass for 19 and look absolutely stunning with all the products they apply!

Lets face it at school there are definitely cliques and if high school is anything like it was when I was there all the ‘pretty girls’ stick together and anyone who isn’t ‘pretty enough’ definitely doesn’t get to be in their ‘group’ no matter how nice, kind or clever they may be! This is completely wrong, but unfortunately this is how it is sometimes! ‘Beauty is only skin deep’ but people often don’t remember this when choosing their friends!

As much as I love makeup and how it is able to transform my face into something I am semi-happy with I wish there wasn’t such a big deal about it in society! Teenage girls (and boys for that matter) have enough pressures at school with exams, revision and kids just not being nice in general without feeling pressured to wear a full face of makeup just to sit in a classroom to add that little bit of confidence/to stop people from bullying them so much!

So yes, if you’re reading this and you feel pressured to get up and put makeup on in the morning even though you can’t be bothered half the time I implore you to stop trying to make yourself look good for others! Yes it is hard but as you get older you stop caring what people think so much (it might still be there in the back of your mind, I don’t think I’ll ever stop comparing myself to others and thinking about how I wish I could look like them but it’s definitely no where near as bad as when I was younger!) If you’d rather have an extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning then change that alarm and go out bare faced!

Obviously I am not telling people to stop wearing makeup if they love it, I’m a beauty blogger, I own so many beauty products that I don’t have enough space to store them! Makeup definitely gives me more confidence in the way I look, it can do an amazing job sometimes, you’ll probably never see a selfie of me with no makeup on and would I go out for date night with none on? Definitely not! But this is because I like wearing makeup and the confidence boost it gives me!

The point I am trying to get across is that some people don’t like wearing makeup everyday and they only do so because of the pressure they feel in society to look ‘beautiful!’ Well let me tell you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL with or without makeup! Each and every one of you is beautiful and you do not need makeup to tell you this!!!


Do you feel pressured to wear makeup everyday? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments! 



57 thoughts on “The Pressures of Looking ‘Beautiful’

  1. Totally can relate to everything you wrote in this post 💯💯
    Few years ago when i started to have an interest in makeup, my ex boyfriend said that I wasn’t as pretty as others eventhough i’ve put on my makeup. And since that day i swore to myself to never wear makeup just to please others/just so people think i’m pretty.

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  2. I feel as though so many teenage girls feel pressured to wear makeup every single day and i can see where that pressure comes from. But for me, i dont feel pressured at all. That might be because i go to college where, for me, it’s so much different and its not like high school with ‘popular people’ and all that bullshit. I do feel like i dont like the way i look some days but it doesnt pressure me into wearing makeup because i know that my friends and everyone around me really dont care whether i wear makeup or not. I like to wear it for me and im really glad i dont feel pressure to wear it everyday!x

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  3. I relate to this so much! I wear makeup because I feel better and more motivated but I’ve grown up learning that make-up “makes you prettier”, it doesn’t mean that at all. It may alter your appearance but thats down to the individual if they feel that way.

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  4. Loved this post! I miss MSN & bebo soooooo much (the good old days). Yeah I feel majorly pressured to wear make up, especially when going to university, whenever I skip it and I go to a lecture/seminar I feel so inferior to everyone else around me who decided to get up earlier to paint their face on. This was an excellent post & definitely resonated with me.

    Charlene McElhinney (@blogabtnothing1)

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  5. I relate to this so much! I’m 23 so social media was only really becoming a big thing as I was leaving secondary school so I always feel so sorry for teenagers now! The pressure is unbelievable! I used to be so self conscious without makeup. Thankfully that’s changed in the last couple of years but it’s no wonder why some people feel that way. I loved reading this x


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  6. I think the pressure for teenage girls these days is awful! And I also feel sorry for the parents. All teenagers see is famous beauty gurus with all really expensive products and then teenagers want their parents to buy this for them so that they ‘fit in’. I left school in 2008 and I’m glad I did because I would hate to have to try and ‘fit in’ now!
    Great post! xx

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    1. I didn’t leave sixth form until 2013 but I feel like it’s got even worse since then! If I asked my mom to buy be a £40 eyeshadow palette at the age of 14 I know what the answer would have been because she hates that I spend that much money now when I earn it for myself! Teenagers shouldn’t have to be under so much pressure! Thanks for reading xx


  7. This really hits home today. I’ve been in a really bad headspace all weekend after injuring myself during a run on Saturday, and just haven’t had the energy to put on makeup or nice clothes. I’m surprised I’m even wearing perfume and a bra! I’ve been apologising to my partner all weekend for the way I look and he’s just shook his head at me, bewildered. We put too much pressure on ourselves sometimes, I think.

    Abbey |

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    1. Aw hun I hope you feel better soon and that injury gets better! I’ve hardly done anything this weekend and definitely haven’t had the energy to put on any makeup! We definitely put too much pressure on ourselves but I think that comes with how much pressure there is in society! At least you have a great partner who sees your beauty!xx


  8. Fantastic post lovely❤️ I have never been much of a make up wearer but my teenage daughter is and it’s really hard to see the pressure put on teens nowadays in every aspect of their life not just make up. It’s so hard being young now as everything is under the microscope . I’m always telling my eldest daughter she doesn’t NEED to wear makeup and that she is beautiful any way.

    Melanie |

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    1. Thank you so much! I definitely feel sorry for young people these days and I’m only 22 myself but I can see how much society keeps changing! I’m glad you portray such a good message to your daughter I think all young girls should have a mom like you!xx


  9. I absolutely love this post! I don’t wear makeup everyday but I love wearing it when I want to spoil myself. I also wish that society wasn’t as focused on looks as it is.

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  10. I’ve never really felt pressured to wear makeup before. I used to wear only lipstick and eyeshadows, but since I’ve started wearing foundation, it’s become a bit more addictive to feel like I have to wear makeup. On the other hand, I’ve been living in a hostel for a year now, so I’ve gotten used to coming across people I don’t know at any time of the day. Be it in my pajamas, or at breakfast, or coming out of the shower, I try to be more confident and not care if my looks isn’t ‘on point’. Because in the end, most of the time I feel like I must wear makeup to go outside, whilst I shouldn’t (especially since even inside, in the hostel, I meet people).

    I agree makeup as become such a big deal ever since beauty vloggers have emerged on the internet. And we should definitely fight the diktat of society as regards to it.

    Giulia x

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  11. I totally agree with the idea that people respond differently when i do my make up. But i have to admit i feel more productive in myself too. I do feel bad for teenage girls though who learn how to highlight perfectly and will never have a blue mascara faux pas x

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  12. I always felt the least pretty out of my friends but over the years I’ve started to embrace who I am and what makeup I like to wear, and not what Makeup I NEED to wear!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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  13. I loved reading this post. Well done on creating such a great post! I can 100% relate to what you are saying. when I was in school, I didn’t wear a lot of makeup but since leaving school, I wear makeup a lot- I think this is partly because times have changed. I am so happy that I grew up in a time, where girls ages 14/15 didn’t really care about makeup and there was other important things, but like you said, you see girls now around that age and they look about 19/20. You even see girls that are under age getting into nightclubs, even if you know that they are underage, just because of the way the makeup makes them look. I love makeup, it is my hobby, my passion and part of my job, it definitely makes me feel better and more confident. I love everything about makeup, however, I don’t think it is as important as some younger girls think it is. Fair enough, if you are younger and are going through the stage of puberty or something and you want makeup to help your skin- FAIR ENOUGH. but now, a lot of older people I think can see past it and know that it isn’t all about makeup. I love having no makeup days because having the best skin you can possibly have is even MORE important then having great makeup.

    Great post!


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  14. A brilliant post! I agree, there is an air of pressure out there to wear makeup which I did conform to for quite a while. Eventually I discovered that the majority of people do not care how you look and the minority that did were irrelevant. There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup or not wearing makeup, but it is wrong to pressure people either way!

    Elise //

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    1. Thanks for reading lovely! I have no issues with people wearing/not wearing makeup it’s the pressure and bullying that can come with it that upsets me! Makeup should be a way to express yourself without worrying what others may say about you!xx


  15. Loved this post! I too started wearing makeup behind my mom’s back. I remember being soooo self-conscious about my skin which was the main reason I wore and even now I still feel a bit more comfortable when I have it on though definitely not like I need it. Now I go to the gym in the middle of the day and it really just doesn’t make any sense. Also as lame as it might be my boyfriends reassure really helped. He prefer that I don’t and that really affirms my no makeup life.

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    1. I never used to wear mine to the gym I don’t see the point when you’re only going to sweat it off but there were always girls with a full face of makeup on in there! My partner is also the same and much prefers me with no makeup!


  16. I get what you mean with the pressure thing on teens, i was in school in the 90’s and it was just as bad before any of the online stuff too. I mudt adm7t though, I love my makeup and feel so much better when I have my face on xx

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      1. Omg I love that! Bless them x Kids are so honest though sometimes it hurts my Boyfriends nephew has told me that makeup is like a mask and I shouldn’t play dress up all the time… he’s 8… x

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  17. yes even i started loving make up but then I realised that there is too much dependence on make up and less confidence or no confidence without make-up but then I took it as a challenge to give up the urge of doing make-up every time. This worked for me and also my husband’s love and support.I still love make up but now I am not dependent on it.
    Here is link to my poem how our flaws can be gorgeous too
    If you like then please follow.Thanks in advance.

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  18. My school had a strict no makeup rule where teachers would carry around makeup wipes, was a bit ridiculous! But at the same time i feel like it did our year group good because we were all going to school with no makeup on and there was no pressure between groups of girls who wore makeup and those who didnt. Of course you still end up comparing yourself with other girls in your year and Instagram was just becoming a big thing when i was in high school (i started in 2010) so of course there was that pressure too. But in about year 10 all the girls would start filling in their eyebrows, clearing wearing makeup and thats when the pressure definitely started a lot more. No matter how many times they’d get told off, they’d still come to school everyday with glossy lips and extreme dark eyebrows and then there’s that whole pressure of wearing makeup now girls your age and in your year and starting to do it and rebelling against the teachers, you think you need to follow and you think that because the popular girls are wearing makeup then you need to wear it too and it becomes so toxic and i 100% blame all of this on the images we see on social media, such a well written post x


    1. Thankyou so much for reading and for your lovely comment! Our teachers had makeup wipes too and they had little bags to put in any piercings you weren’t meant to have it was so excessive! I definitely blame social media for how much girls rely on makeup these days though!

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