Climbing Snowdon! Our Experience & Tips For You!

Hey lovelies! If you follow me on social media you might know that a couple of weeks ago me and my fiancé climbed Mount Snowdon! If you don’t know anything about Snowdon then basically all you need to know is that it is in Snowdonia National Park in Wales and it’s the tallest mountain in all of England and Wales with an elevation of 1085m above sea level!

Our Experience

So if you don’t already know my Fiancé is a member of the armed forces so we decided to climb Snowdon with a couple of his friends as one of them lives not far from there. We left my house at 7am on the Saturday morning and with a stop for breakfast at Chester services it took us until around 11am to arrive at his friends’ house. We then all got into one car (what’s the point in wasting petrol and taking both?) and continued the drive to Snowdon which was about another half an hour. I usually get quite travel sick but luckily my tablets seemed to be working!

When we got to Snowdon the car park was full so we spent a long time driving around looking for somewhere to park, we didn’t actually start walking until around 12.45pm because of this! There are lots of different paths to walk up Snowdon, some for beginners and some for more experienced walkers so you need to know which path you want to take in order to get to the right car park to begin!

Obviously being with 3 boys from the army they were never going to pick the easy route! So we went for the ‘Pyg Track’ and let me tell you that was just about hard enough for me to handle! I spent a lot of the time holding on to my Fiancé for support to get over and around some of the rocks, it wasn’t an easy path at all! As we approached the summit there was still a lot of snow covering the path which meant it was more like every man for himself and you had to choose your own way up! This was the point I thought I would have to turn around and come back! I was so close but I just couldn’t get up one sheer incline that was covered in snow but with the help of the boys (bless them they were so patient with me) we made it to the summit!

I was lucky to have such supportive people with me and to be clever enough to wear the right walking gear! There was one lady who had gone up their in trainers who was literally crying because she couldn’t get down because of all the snow and two girls were sliding down the snow on their bums which seems like a great idea until you realise they were making it like a sheet of ice for everyone else!

Because of how bad the path was I was dreading getting back down as I knew I would struggle (I’m like Bambi on ice when the weather is bad) but luckily the lads chose to come down the Llanberis Path as this is a lot easier and I would recommend this one to inexperienced walkers! The only problem with this was the ending to this path was around two miles away from the car so we then had to walk all that way back!

Overall I walked around 38,000 steps this day but even though the weather wasn’t the best and I struggled with some parts I really enjoyed myself! After we finished we went for tea at a nice hotel/pub called ‘The Royal Oak’ in Betws-y-coed the food was delicious and reasonably priced so I’d definitely recommend it there!

By the time we had driven back home it was 12.35am and after leaving at 7am it’s safe to say I was shattered and couldn’t wait to get into bed but it was such an amazing experience!


Tips if you’re planning on climbing Snowdon!

  • Take lots of layers! – it might seem warm when you start walking and on your way up there you will get warm but let me tell you at the summit and on the way back down it does get cold so taking lots of layers that you can put on/take off as you need to is the best idea! I had a thermal top and a fleece and then my waterproof jacket on and a body warmer in my bag!
  • Walking boots & a waterproof are a must! – Waterproof trousers aren’t necessarily needed I just wore normal walking trousers but with the Welsh weather being even more unpredictable than here in England you definitely need a waterproof coat and decent walking shoes! If you don’t have a waterproof coat once all your clothes get wet you won’t be able to warm back up and it’ll be a nightmare!
  • Get there early! – as I mentioned we struggled for parking so I’d suggest getting there early around 10am-11am to ensure getting a space on the car park.
  • Research different routes! – again as I mentioned there are lots of different paths to get to the Snowdon summit so do your research to see which one is best for your ability! If you’re a beginner the Miners Trail or Llanberis path will be easiest for you!
  • Don’t expect a good view! – by the time we got to the summit you literally couldn’t see a thing because of how low the clouds were so don’t climb it expecting to get beautiful pictures of the scenery as it’s likely you won’t get any!
  • Take plenty of water! – we drank around a litre of water each and that was when it was cold and raining so if you’re doing it in the summer when it’s going to be warmer make sure you pack enough water to keep you going!
  • Your legs will ache! – on the descent it will hurt your knees but this happens to everyone and there isn’t much you can do to stop it! Also your legs will ache for a good few days after but what can you expect when you’ve climbed a mountain?!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that these tips were helpful if you’re considering climbing Snowdon! I’m hoping to climb Ben Nevis next! Let me know if you’ve ever climbed Snowdon I’d love to hear your experiences! 



28 thoughts on “Climbing Snowdon! Our Experience & Tips For You!

  1. Wow such an accomplishment! It’s so true about the don’t expect a good view, we hiked rainbow mountain in Peru in November and it was beautiful, but our tour group went the next day it everything was foggy.

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  2. That sounds like such an amazing experience! I tried to walk up a hill near me that really isn’t that small and felt like death halfway up, I certainly couldn’t have done that 🙈 well done to you for doing it!


  3. That view is so beautiful! I don’t know how I managed to miss this post. Well done on making it to the top, i’m not sure I could without doing some preparation before!


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