Testing a Full Face of Makeup Revolution/Revolution Pro!

Hey lovelies! I recently picked up some of the new Revolution Pro products and I mentioned in my New In Beauty Haul that I wanted to test a full face of Revolution products so here’s my results! Unfortunately they don’t do a mascara (or my local store didn’t have any) so that’s the only product I didn’t test!

Fast Base Foundation Stick – £5

I’ve done a full review on this foundation stick which you can read here if you’re interested, but let me tell you I absolutely love it! Revolution Pro have brought out some more foundations which I would like to try but with payday being a week away I had to go with a product I already had (sorry guys!)

This foundation is super easy to apply hence the name ‘fast base’ you just swipe as much as you like onto your face and then blend, I use a buffing brush but I’ve heard it works well with a sponge too! It literally takes less than two minutes but what I love about this is that it’s buildable! I wasn’t happy with the coverage after my first layer so I just added a little more and it didn’t look cakey at all, although it still wasn’t full coverage I could happily wear it!

The Fast Base Foundation Stick is not completely matte, it gives quite a dewy finish which is perfect for more natural looks especially in the run up to summer! It is really lightweight too which means I could comfortably wear it in that heatwave last week!


Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer – £4

This is another product that I did a review on quite a while ago because it was so hyped, it was dubbed a ‘Tarte Shape Tape dupe’ so I had to try it! You can see my review where I tested it against my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection here!

This concealer is absolutely fab and it is my new holy grail! I use it under my eyes, on my nose and on any spots I have and it always does a great job! I really struggle with foundations coming off around my nose area first so I always put concealer on too and this one works great, it never happens when I use this!

Conceal and Define comes in an amazing 25 shades now so there is definitely one to suit everyone and at only £4 you cannot complain! The product blends out really easily and gives a great coverage, I don’t have any issues with it creasing anywhere and it lasts really well! I’d definitely recommend this product!

Revolution Pro Pressed Finishing Powder – £4

I’ve always used Rimmel Stay Matte powder it has been my holy grail for as long as I can remember and honestly? I don’t ever see myself loving anything more than that but this new Revolution Pro powder is really good!

The powder is white which means it is perfect for my milk bottle skin as I didn’t have to worry about it being too dark and making me look like a tangerine! It also didn’t leave a white cast on my face which I was a little worried about! Overall it did a really good job of mattifying my foundation base to ensure that it lasted all day and I’ll definitely be using it again!


Revolution Pro Contour Refill Pack – Light – £6

I’ve never purchased a contour kit before as I’ve always worried that the products wouldn’t suit my skin tone but I decided to take the plunge because of how affordable this was! I also picked up the medium empty magnetic palette to store the products in.

This kit contains a banana powder, a contour and a highlight. I’ve never tried a banana powder but I used this under my eyes to set my concealer and was pretty happy with the results, it wasn’t too dark that it made my under eyes look a funny colour and I didn’t experience any creasing in my concealer all day so it did the job right?

I was scared that the contour would be too dark for me even though it was the ‘light’ kit but it was perfect and I love it, I’ll definitely be using this in my everyday makeup routine now! The contour powder is really pigmented so at first I did have a bit too much on my brush because I didn’t expect it to be that good, I could have ended up in a muddy mess but luckily the powder blended out perfectly leaving me with a look I was really happy with!

The highlight in this kit is really pretty and it is quite natural however, it can definitely be built up to be blinding and I loved the finished look of these three products together!

The only issue I had with this product was that when I dipped into the contour some of the powder fell in to the highlighter pan so if you’re storing them in a magnetic palette make sure there is enough space in between them so that they don’t all end up mixed together!


Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion – Taupe – £5

Eyebrow cushions have hit the beauty market recently from some high end brands so when Revolution brought out an affordable version I was super excited to try it! I picked up the shade ‘Taupe’ because my hair is a really dark blonde colour so sometimes the blonde shades don’t work for me but I wish I would have gone for blonde/brown as this shade was way too warm toned for me it reminded me more of an ‘Auburn’ shade even though they also do one in this colour.

This was the only product out of all the ones I tested that I was disappointed with unfortunately! I didn’t like how you didn’t know how hard to press on the cushion in order to get the right amount of product and I just found it really hard to work with! Honestly? I wasn’t happy with my brows when I used this product at all and if it wasn’t for the fact I wanted to test how long the products lasted I’d probably have took it all off purely because my brows looked terrible.

I really wanted this product to work for me but sorry I hated it! Will probably try it again once but if I can’t make it work I won’t be reaching for it again.


Revolution Pro Supreme Lipstick – Rebellious – £5

I picked up two lip products to try so in this post I’ll be reviewing the matte lipstick and then I’ll include the liquid lipstick in another post! I have the shade ‘Rebellious’ which is a peachy nude shade perfect for the summer!

This lipstick was super easy to apply and considering it was matte it felt quite moisturising! I was happy with how pigmented the lipstick was and the longevity was good! I put this on before I had lunch and by the time I’d finished eating it was mostly still intact which I was surprised about!

By the end of the day the lipstick had come off but I’d done an afternoon at work and then been out to visit family, I hadn’t reapplied at all so what can you expect? I was still happy with the product though and my lips didn’t feel dry at all even though I was wearing a matte product which can sometimes cause real problems for me!

I’d definitely purchase more of these lipsticks if they have shades I’d wear so they get a thumbs up from me!


Final Look



On the left is when I first applied the products at around 11am, on the right is the products at the end of the day around 8pm! These products lasted so well considering it was in the heatwave too! Sorry the lighting is completely different in both pictures but it was late when I got home!

Overall Verdict

So without adding in the price of the empty magnetic palette for the contour kit because you don’t technically need it I had this full face of Revolution products for £29 (probably cheaper because I had them on 3 for 2). Considering you can pay that much money for one high end foundation or powder I’m super happy with these products!

The products gave me a really pretty natural look which I’d be happy to wear for work everyday! I had applied them by 10.30am and didn’t take them off until around 8pm so I had them on for well over 8 hours and they didn’t look terrible by the end of the day!

My favourite products are definitely the concealer and the contour kit but I’d recommend them all except the eyebrow cushion! If you’re looking for some affordable makeup products you should pick up some of these to try!

I did pick up an eyeshadow palette to test but I’m going to do a full review on that on its own! Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts!



29 thoughts on “Testing a Full Face of Makeup Revolution/Revolution Pro!

  1. I need to try Revolution Pro! I’ve heard the concealer is really good, so I’m thinking of picking that up. Would you definitely recommend the contour pallette? I’m extremely pale and have never put on contour for fear that I’d look pretty stupid, but would it work on very pale skin? Thanks 😘


  2. I’ve heard a few people in my work saying they were disappointed with the brow product! I’m still in love with my foundation stick – I’d go as far as to say I will definitely think twice about buying another high end foundation!


  3. I’d been debating over picking up the Eyebrow Cushion for ages, and you’re one of the only people I’ve seen to write about it! I’m a little disheartened that it didn’t work for you, because I loved the sound of it, but I don’t think I’ll pick it up after reading this.. 😩


  4. So glad you did a review of the eyebrow set, I was considering trying it out but I don’t think I will now! The setting powder sounds great though, its something i’ve been thinking about adding to my make up routine for a while 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. A friend of mine suggested the Revolution concealer and she worked as a cabin crew and swears by it. I am also curious about the contour kit and might include it on my purchase 😉 great post


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  7. I really wanna try that concealer especially cause it’s said to be a dupe of tarte shape tape!
    Btw is that powder translucent or do they sell more shades in it? I love the Rimmel stay matte as well! xx


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