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April Favourites!

Hey lovelies! I cannot believe another month of the year has passed us by already! Unfortunately this post isn’t going to be a very long one as it feels like April has been over within the blink of an eye so I don’t have many favourites to report from this month! I changed up the format of my favourites post last month and you guys seemed to like it so I’m going to stick with that.. let me know any feedback!

Beauty Favourites

Ok so I have two beauty favourites for this month, as I’ve said in many of my previous posts I hardly ever wear makeup Monday-Friday as I don’t really need it for work and I’d much rather have an extra 15 minutes in bed every morning so this only leaves a few days throughout the month where I can actually test new products. However, I have tested quite a few this month and I am loving some of my new purchases!

First is the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink liquid lipstick! I’ve written a full review on this product which you can read here if you’re interested but let me tell you this is my favourite ever drugstore liquid lipstick formula! It lasted absolutely forever without needing to be topped up and it was so moisturising I didn’t have the problem of dry lips whilst wearing it or the next day! Amazing!


My other beauty favourite was also included in my most recent post and that’s the new Revolution Pro Contour Refill Pack in the shade ‘light’. I’ll link my post here if you want to know more about it, but it is fast becoming a staple product in my makeup routine! The contour shade is so pigmented, a little product really does go a long way so I can see it lasting forever and it is super blendable so even if you put too much product on to begin with you don’t end up looking like a muddy mess! I don’t really see much point in the banana powder but it is light enough for my pale skin and the highlighter is simply stunning!

Polar M400

If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll probably know that I’ve started going running again this month. I used to really love running but I lost all my motivation so I stopped going for a very long time, I made it my goal to try to go at least twice a week (which I have done every week except last week when I only made one) and I’ve fallen back in love with it!

My Polar M400 GPS watch is one of my best purchases ever! It really helps to keep me motivated when it comes to running as it tracks my runs so I can see how far I have gone and then I can look back on previous days and compare them to see how much I have improved! It’s really helpful as you can check it whilst you are running and not only does it show your distance and time it also shows your pace.

The longest run I’ve managed this month is 5.73 miles which was a real achievement for me and I was super proud (even if I did feel really ill when I got home) but I definitely would have cut my run short if it wasn’t for my watch showing me how much I’d done as it was pushing me to keep going, I love this little piece of tech!

TV Shows

I have to include Chicago Fire in this months’ favourites post! Me and my Fiancé started watching it at the beginning of April and literally every weekend when he’s home all we do is sit and binge watch it! We’re already halfway through season 3 which I think is pretty good considering we only get to watch like two days a week! I already watch Chicago Med myself so I wanted to start this and I’m so glad I did it’s AMAZING!

I have such a love/hate relationship with Grey’s Anatomy! Around a year ago I started watching it and completely binged the first few seasons in a few weeks but then I stopped watching as I felt like I’d never get to the end of it. When we climbed Snowdon Ash’s friends were talking about it and they made me want to start watching again so I picked up where I left off and fell back in love with it until I got to the season 5 finale and I was like ‘what just happened?!’ so now I’ve given up again! I still had to include it in this post though as I did watch it quite a lot this month!

Book of the Month

I haven’t hit my reading target for this month but that’s ok cause I’ve been quite busy! I’ve still read some really good books though and my favourite by far has to be ‘Local Girl Missing’ by Claire Douglas. I picked this up on 3 for £5 in The Works, I often find they have some of the best books on these deals so they work out really cheap!

The book basically follows Francesca whose best friend Sophie went missing twenty years ago, Francesca left their home town shortly after the incident but returns to try and find out what truly happened to Sophie! This novel was such a page turner I read the last 200 pages in less than 24 hours because I loved it so much! It was full of plot twists and it definitely kept me on my toes! I recommend this to anyone! 5* out of 5 from me!

Blogger of the Month

If you didn’t know, I’m choosing a blogger to include in my favourites posts who I’ve been loving that month! This month it’s Megan from Megan Says she’s a beauty, lifestyle and mental health blogger and her content is fab! She also writes posts with tips for fellow bloggers from how to use different apps to help your blog to how to structure the perfect post! Megan’s twitter handle is @MsMegan91 and if you’re not already following her then why not?! She’s so supportive of other bloggers and is so friendly go check her out!

Screenshot 2018-04-30 at 20.18.45.png

That’s all for this month lovelies! What have you been loving in April? Let me know in the comments! 



7 thoughts on “April Favourites!

  1. Wow, 5.7 miles is incredible, go girl! 💖 The watch looks like a really cool piece of technology 😍. I agree, you can always find some great book bargains in The Works, I love that shop! Thanks for the book recommendation and blogger of the month is such a sweet & supportive idea. Fab post Jess! 😘 xx

    Bexa |


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