Payday Haul!

Hey lovelies! If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram you’ll probably know that I went shopping on Tuesday to find a present for my Fiancé as it was our 4 year anniversary this week… However, I ended up finding nothing for him but a few treats for me (why am I not surprised?)

I finished work at lunch time so I had enough time to go home, have lunch and get the tram to Birmingham, usually I find the Primark in Birmingham to be pretty disappointing considering it’s quite a large store but it was so good on Tuesday!! Spoiler alert: everything I bought is Disney related so if you’re not a Disney fan first of all why not? but secondly this probably isn’t going to interest you, sorry!


I have this really big dilemma where I’m obsessed with Disney mugs but I don’t actually like hot drinks except the occasional hot chocolate in winter if I’m absolutely freezing! This means my mom’s cupboards are full of mugs which rarely get used. If you’ve seen some of my other Disney related posts you’ll know I love Thumper merch so when I saw the new Thumper mug from Primark I knew I had to have it!

They had loads of these mugs but I did have to search through them as some of them seemed to be faded in some places so be careful if you’re hoping to pick one up! As I got to the tills I also noticed they’d got the new Chip ‘bubbles’ mug and it was one of the last ones. I do already have the standard Chip mug from Disney Store so I originally bought this thinking that mom would love it but I decided to keep it for myself woops..

I did find a problem to my dilemma that meant I didn’t fill the cupboards with more mugs which won’t get used though! Look how cute these little guys look, they’re perfect for my dressing table and I’m so in love with them!


Thumper Mug – £6. Chip Mug – £5.


If you love Disney pyjamas then I strongly suggest you get yourself down to your local Primark as they had so much new sleepwear in stock! They’d got some short and t shirt separates which you could mix and match, new night shirts and some new trouser pyjama sets!

As I just mentioned I love Thumper merch so when I saw these pyjamas I knew I had to have them. I do already own a pair of Thumper pyjamas which Ash bought me as my Christmas Eve ones but they seem to have shrunk in the wash so I couldn’t resist these new ones!

They had a few new sets of these pyjamas and the trousers are a really thin, lightweight material which will be perfect as the nights get warmer! I also picked up the Thumper cosy socks because I’ve wanted them for ages so why not?


Socks £2.50. Pyjama Set – £10


They had so much homeware it was hard to choose what I wanted! I really love the Thumper bedding but I do think I’m getting a little too old to have Disney bed sheets and luckily they only had it in a single/double so I couldn’t be tempted to pick it up for myself! They had lots of the Aladdin range and some new throws as well as a new hanging mirror and the Bambi notice board.

In the end I decided to pick up the new Chip fleece throw. They did have a Little Mermaid one but although that is my favourite Disney film I wasn’t actually to keen on the pattern whereas I loved the Chip one so I decided to go for that, look how cute it is!

Chip Throw – £6. 

Disney Store

Obviously whilst in Birmingham I also had to visit the Disney Store there as this is the closest one to home for me! I was actually really proud of myself in here as I’ve wanted some of the new Disney Eats range for when I move out since it was released a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t purchase any of it!

I didn’t know that Disney Store were now stocking some other brands which sold Disney products such as the Mad Beauty lip balms etc. but I was so happy they do as I’d been eyeing up this headband on ASOS a few weeks ago and I managed to get my hands on it without having to pay a delivery charge.. winning!

This is basically a towelling headband you can use to push your hair back when you’re applying makeup/washing your makeup off at the end of the day! It has the big red Minnie bow on the front and some little ears on too! For £6 I absolutely love this and I’ll definitely be getting lots of use out of it!


Quick Life Update

As I mentioned at the start of this post it was mine & Ash’s anniversary this week so as this post goes live I’ll actually be going away for the weekend. I’ve booked an Air B&B for one night but we’re going to make a weekend of it and spend two full days away and then we might do something on bank holiday Monday too so I won’t be very active on social media sorry guys! Hope you all have an amazing bank holiday weekend, I’ll catch up on all your posts when I’m back!

Did you treat yourself to anything this payday? What are your plans for Bank Holiday? Let me know in the comments I always love to hear from you!



35 thoughts on “Payday Haul!

  1. Ahh, I love some good Primark haul and I think I’d absolutely buy everything you bought. I mean, Disney’s my favourite too! Haha. Lovely post, hun. I better make my way to my local Primark soon. 😅 x Ain

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