Bank Holiday Adventures #2

Hey lovelies! I mentioned in my last post that I was splitting my bank holiday trip report into two posts as it was getting pretty long, if you missed it Part One is hereThis one will be covering everything we got up to on Sunday and a little bit of Monday too!

Sunday Morning

We had another early start on Sunday, usually I’m not a morning person but when I go away I like to wake up early to really make the most of our day! Check out of our accommodation was at 10am but we wanted to leave by 9 so that meant I was up before 8 to make sure I was ready in time (this may not seem early to some of you but I love a lie in at the weekends!)

My Mom and her husband have a caravan on a park in Wales not far from where we were staying so we arranged to go to them for breakfast, after checking out and speaking to our accommodation host for a good 20 minutes we finally arrived at their park around 10.30am. After a bacon sandwich and a quick catch up about the previous days adventures it was time for our first adventure of the day!

Devil’s Bridge Falls

My Mom had mentioned that she has wanted to walk down Devil’s Bridge Falls for a while now but her husband wasn’t too keen on the idea so me and Ash decided we would do it with her. Devil’s Bridge is a tiny village in Wales which has a nature trail that allows you to see the waterfalls and the three bridges, the nature trail walk only costs £3.75 per adult and it takes a good hour so I think it was definitely worth the money especially for the amazing views we got!

The walk at Devil’s Bridge takes you down some really steep steps which I ended up going down on my bum, I might have looked stupid but there was only us around and I’m not good with stairs at the best of times so I didn’t fancy falling down them. It isn’t a difficult walk but we did have to stop for a rest a couple of times because of the heat and the incline back to the top was quite hard going!

I definitely recommend going here if you’re visiting anywhere near Aberystwyth, there were some great spots that gave really beautiful views and I enjoyed it as I got to take my camera and play around with all the settings to get some half decent pictures!

Mom managed to snap this cheeky picture of me when I was too busy messing with my camera & didn’t see her!

When we got back to the car we went into the little café to get a drink but I couldn’t resist the pieces of cake they had on offer. I had a slice of Victoria Sponge while mom had carrot cake and Ash had a scone which came with clotted cream and jam. They were absolutely delicious, very reasonably priced and the perfect refuel after the long walk!


Bwlch Nant yr Arian

The next stop on our agenda for Sunday was Bwlch Nant yr Arian (don’t ask me what it means I couldn’t tell you) I’ve visited before but Ash had never been, it’s basically a huge forest with a visitor centre which is the starting point for lots of walks, mountain bike trails and horse riding trails but the main reason we visited is because it is also a Red Kite feeding centre.


As much as I loved the weather this weekend I do wish it had been a little cooler as I’d love to have done one of the longer walks around the forest! Unfortunately we didn’t manage one as it was far too hot and I was already burnt from Saturday so I didn’t want to risk it again! We did have a little walk around one of the trails before finding a perfect spot to wait for the Red Kite feeding to begin.

Red Kites are birds of prey that were once nearly extinct but they were saved by a protection programme which is why they now do the feeding at this visitor centre as it was introduced to protect the small number of Red Kites which they did have in Wales at the time.

I’d definitely recommend going here just to see the Red Kites being fed, on a good day you can see up to 200 birds come down, it is truly an amazing experience!




Homeward Bound

After seeing the Red Kites being fed we decided to begin heading home thinking that we would just find a place to eat on the way back. We ended up at one of our favourite pub restaurants where Ash absolutely adores the mixed grill they do and I had my usual BBQ chicken melt with a side of cheesy garlic bread YUM!

Although we love the food in this pub the desserts aren’t that fab so we decided against having one, however on the way home we decided to make a detour to visit our local dessert shop to satisfy my sweet tooth! Ash had the red velvet waffle and I had a chocolate cookie dough topped with red velvet cake pieces, unfortunately I don’t have a picture as it was so nice it was gone before I remembered to snap one!

The rest of this evening was spent chilled out in front of the TV before another early night!

Bank Holiday Monday

Bank Holiday Monday would usually be the day I planned to do loads but because we’d had such a busy weekend and I wasn’t actually sure if Ash would be allowed the day off until Friday we didn’t have much planned for the day. Originally we were just going to get some food shopping and then come home and relax but Ash is a huge Wolves fan and they were having a parade in town as they’ve been promoted so we decided to go and see that.

I’m not a big follower of football but I’m always happy to support my local team and I do enjoy going to the match on the rare occasion I do. I wasn’t fussed about seeing the parade but I knew if we didn’t go Ash would be wishing he’d made the effort to go see it so I talked him into going and I’m so glad we did! The atmosphere in the town was absolutely amazing it was estimated there were around 80,000 people there and it was so nice to see everyone so happy including the players when they got on the buses!

I wish I’d managed to get us tickets to the promotion party because if the atmosphere was anything like it was in town it would have been amazing to go and spend the day soaking up the sun in the park!

We spent the rest of our bank holiday in front of the TV binge watching Chicago Fire which was absolutely fine by me I’m so in love with that show!

Hope you all had an amazing bank holiday weekend! Let me know if you have plans for the next one, hopefully the weather will be just as good to us! 



16 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Adventures #2

  1. Wow, your photography is always so stunning Jess! How delicious does that cake look! 😍 I think I would have also gone down the steps at Devil’s Bridge on my bum, I’m not good with steep steps either 😂. It sounds like it was worth it though for the beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing your weekend, really enjoyed reading it 😘 xx

    Bexa |


  2. Oh my god, I love Chicago Fire!! Your picture’s are stunning, sounds like the ideal bank holiday weekend! (And you’re making me really fancy Victoria sponge now haha)

    EllieLilyLouise x //

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I really love it, and it’s crazy that this is what some people do for a living as well! Yesss I want to start PD as well! Ahh I’m not surprised, looked delicious! x


  3. Wow, you had a busy weekend! I don’t blame you coming down those steps on your bum, I’m terrible with heights, I don’t think I’d have even attempted it, haha. And that Red Kite feeding centre looks amazing. We have a few birds of prey centres that’s aren’t too far away from us so now I think I need to plan a visit! Gorgeous photos, so glad you had a lovely BH weekend 🙂 xx

    Lisa |


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