Disney Classics This or That?

Hey lovelies! I first saw this post on Lize’s blog and thought I’d steal her idea as I always love hearing other people’s opinions on the best Disney films! You can check out Lize’s post hereI have most of the Disney classics on blu-ray but I haven’t seen all of them so I didn’t do every film as it would be pointless to comment if I hadn’t seen them! I wrote down the numbers of all the ones I have watched and then picked two a time at random to choose a favourite!

Cinderella vs Tarzan: I don’t have a huge love for either of these films, don’t get me wrong they’re both good but neither are in my favourite Disney films! I’m going to choose Cinderella just because it’s a Princess film and I think Gus Gus and Jaq are super cute!

Alice in Wonderland vs Beauty and the Beast: oh god! This is only the second one and I’m already struggling to choose! I love both of these films, they both have a lot of amazing characters but I’m going to choose Beauty and the Beast because it has a special place in my heart and Belle is one of my favourite princesses!

The Lion King vs Bambi: sorry Thumper but there is no competition here, Lion King wins! As much as I love Thumper I’m not keen on Bambi at all and Lion King is fab especially the soundtrack! Also Ash would kill me if I didn’t pick this as it’s his favourite Disney film ever!

Snow White vs Big Hero 6: Big Hero 6!!! I love this film and my dream is to meet Baymax! I think it’s so underrated for a recent Disney film too, like how do Frozen and Moana get so much attention but this gets completely overlooked?!

Aladdin vs Tangled: Obviously I’m picking Tangled! Rapunzel is another one of my favourite princesses and although I love the Genie that’s about as far as my love for Aladdin goes! Tangled has it all, amazing characters, amazing soundtrack, what’s not to love?!

The Princess and the Frog vs The Sword in the Stone: Princess and the Frog takes this one for me! I think it’s a great film which sends such a positive message about working hard to achieve your dreams. Tiana is one of the most underrated Princesses in my opinion.

Mulan vs Oliver and Company: this one is quite difficult for me as I quite like both but again neither are in my favourite films. If I had to choose between them to watch one though I’d probably choose Oliver and Company so I’m going to go with that especially because of ‘Street Savoir Faire’ I love that song!

Atlantis vs The Little Mermaid: no matter what I drew against The Little Mermaid that would always win! It’s been my favourite Disney film for as long as I can remember, it’s another one where I absolutely adore the soundtrack and I just have so many good memories of that film and the songs! I do actually quite like Atlantis as well though I enjoyed it when I saw it!

Basil the Great Mouse Detective vs Hercules: Hercules win this one! Everyone seems to love Hercules now so I can’t even say it’s underrated but it definitely is when it comes to merch! It’s very rare that you see any Hercules merch and it’s such a shame because it’s a great film and it’s definitely well loved within the Disney community!

Sleeping Beauty vs The Jungle Book: this is another one I’ve really struggled with as I like both films for very different reasons but if I had to choose one to watch I’m more likely to reach for The Jungle Book I think!

Winnie the Pooh vs The Hunchback of Notre Dame: HUNCHBACK!!!! This is one of my favourite Disney films and it is so underrated! Why do more people not see why this film is so amazing?!

Pinocchio vs Moana: I’m not keen on Pinocchio and I adore Moana so that obviously wins! Disney always has the best soundtracks and Moana is no different, the music definitely makes the film and it gives me all the feels! Such a great movie, I think I even like it a little more than Frozen (don’t shoot me!)

Frozen vs Pocahontas:  I have watched Pocahontas but I don’t remember much about it, obviously Frozen is one of the most loved Disney films ever and I completely agree with the majority of the population! The Frozen soundtrack is another one that’s amazing, it’s a great story and I adore Olaf I wish I could have my own little snowman like him! I really want to see Frozen the musical so hopefully it’ll come to the UK soon!

Zootropolis vs Lilo and Stitch: Zootropolis takes this one for me! I do like Lilo and Stitch but I enjoyed Zootropolis so much, it’s another one about following your dreams but it’s quite light-hearted and the sloth’s make me laugh so much!

Treasure Planet vs Lady and the Tramp: Lady and the Tramp is one of my favourite ‘animal’ Disney films so that obviously wins but Treasure Planet is a really good film!

Fantasia vs The Rescuers: I’ve only seen The Rescuers once but I’m choosing that because I’ve tried to watch Fantasia like three times now and I just cannot get into it! I know it’s supposed to be amazing but I just don’t get it at all!

The Aristocats vs Meet the Robinsons: I’m not overly fond of the Aristocats like some people are and when I watched Meet the Robinsons I was pleasantly surprised so I’m going to choose that!

Robin Hood vs Dumbo: Dumbo is a really good film but I have to choose Robin Hood I love that film so much!

Peter Pan vs The Fox and the Hound: these are both great films! I love the Fox and the Hound so much and I’m sure I sobbed at one point of it but Peter Pan is another one of my favourite Disney films ever so Peter Pan wins, I’d love to be able to take a trip to Neverland! Also Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the best rides ever!

Wreck It Ralph vs 101 Dalmatians: Wreck It Ralph would have won no matter what it came up against! Other than Hunchback this is my most underrated Disney film! I love the whole concept of the video game characters and his friendship he builds with Vanellope is beautiful! Ralph is one of my go-to Disney films when I can’t decide what to watch I love it so much I think Ash is getting sick of watching it with me!

That’s all for this post lovelies! Hope you enjoyed reading my answers I’d love to know if you agreed with the ones I chose or if you have other favourites! Leave me a comment about your favourite Disney film!



45 thoughts on “Disney Classics This or That?

  1. Awww I absolutely loved reading through this post and all of your answers!! I love Disney films so much and it’s always fun to hear people’s favorites. I might think of doing a post like this if that’s okay!! 🙂 🙂


    1. Thanks for reading! See this is why I love Disney, each film has a great storyline which appeals to different people, I didn’t pick either of those but you love them and that’s why I like hearing other people’s opinions because they’re always so different!x

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  2. This is so great! I do themed Christmas rooms and every year one of them is always a Disney movie. I have done Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White….this year I am doing The Little Mermaid.


  3. This is such a fun post Jess! 💖 It’s made me realise how many films I haven’t actually seen though ha ha 🙈. I seriously need to watch more Disney. You can’t beat the classics like The Lion King and Jungle Book though 😍. Fab post girl 😘 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


  4. Love this post and your favourites are so similar to mine! I love Big Hero 6 and I think Meet the Robinson’s is definitely underated, it’s definitely one of my favourites! Pinocchio scared me when I was little and I could never get into Fantasia either!


  5. What a lovely idea for a post! I love the colour grading of the Disney DVD covers. Looks amazing, I wish I owned that many Disney films. Little Mermaid and Mulan are my favourite Disney films!!


  6. This is an awesome idea! Little mermaid is one of my fave too, even though she gave me such an unrealistic idea of underwater hair haha, i might have to do this post because it is amazing!


  7. Thank you for this post. I really enjoyed seeing some comparisons. A great an interesting read. Most interesting was the ‘Zootropolis’, in Australia it is called Zootopia. Thank you for hus


  8. Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite. I remember watching it when I was little and thinking, “Belle reads and I want to be like her. So I’ll start reading too.” And that was how my love for reading was born. LOL

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  9. I’ve just come across your blog & this particular post really caught my eye. I love it!! My daughter read it with me & we were both answering each one ourselves as we went along. Love love love Disney 💕💕


    1. Aw thankyou so much feel free to do this post yourself and just tag me so I can read your answers I’d love that! You could even include your daughters answers too if you disagree with her on some! Just check the whole classics list first because i didn’t include the ones i haven’t seen so you may be able to add more or swap some!x

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