Revolution Pro Regeneration Eyeshadow Palette Review!

Hey lovelies! I’ve finally got a day where I can sit and write blog posts so I’m coming at you with my first beauty post in a while, sorry I’ve been so quiet but I cannot wait to get back into blogging, I’ve got some great content planned so I hope you like it!

If you saw my Testing Revolution Makeup post you’d know that I picked up an eyeshadow palette a while a go and I was going to do a review for you but I just haven’t got round to it! Superdrug had a few of the ‘Regeneration’ palettes in stock when I picked this up and they all have some gorgeous shades but I picked the palette in ‘Revelation’ as it reminded me so much of Huda Beauty Rose Gold! Anybody else?



I’m really sorry that I’m still not very good at swatches but I’m trying to get better I promise! I swatched one row of the palette at a time so I’ll insert the pictures starting with the top row!

Left to Right: Passion, Relentless, Unruly, Influence, Awaken, Great Minds
Left to Right: Innovate, Good Intention, Rebound, Intervention, Lust, Advocate












Left to Right: Thrill, Breaking Point, Dominate, Fearless, Encore, Deviate


Revolution Pro Regeneration in Revelation has 18 shades in total, 11 matte shades and 7 shimmer shades. It comes in at £8 for the palette compared to £56 for the actual Huda Beauty palette which makes it a seventh of the price! Can you see why I love drugstore makeup?! 

I’ve been using this palette for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it! The Revolution Pro eyeshadow formula reminds me of the original Makeup Revolution palettes and I’ve always thought they were amazing! The matte shades are super pigmented and really easy to apply, they also blend together like a dream and don’t leave any harsh lines!

I’m not disappointed with any of the mattes I’ve tried in this palette yet, Innovate and Good Intention which look really light when swatched are actually perfect to set your eyeshadow base and to blend out your edges!

As always the shimmer shades are STUNNING! Makeup Revolution never disappoint with the shimmers in their palettes, they are great for creating a ‘halo eye’ and work well on a brush or when applied with your finger to give the best pigmentation. ‘Dominate’ seems to have quite chunky glitter so doesn’t apply as easily but all of the other shimmers are gorgeous, my favourite is ‘Fearless’ the bright gold shade on the bottom row, but I cannot wait to use ‘Deviate’ for a dark smoky eye look!

The beautiful shades in this palette give you a great diversity in the looks you can create, the darker shades on the top row are perfect for a dark brown smoky eye or you can throw in a few of the pink/red shades for a brighter look! I’ve used this palette for a natural everyday look and for a more ‘out there’ look and I’ve always been really happy with the looks I’ve created!

Overall Verdict

If you couldn’t already tell I’m so in love with this palette! As much as I love splurging on a high-end palette every now and then there really is no need to spend so much money when you can purchase such a good quality palette for such a reasonable price! 18 shades for £8 who can complain at that?

Would I recommend this palette? ABSOLUTELY! I’d give it like 9/10 overall and I’ll definitely be purchasing more in the future!

Have you tried any of these palettes yet? Have I tempted you to go out and buy one? Let me know in the comments!



59 thoughts on “Revolution Pro Regeneration Eyeshadow Palette Review!

  1. I couldn’t wait to read your review on this when I saw it on your Instagram, it is such a pretty palette and really does resemble the Huda Beauty Palette when you see them side by side. Great review and definitely a palette i’m keeping my eye out for. P.S Love your swatches.

    Emma x

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  2. I really love the shimmer shades you searched! They seem to have a lot of pigment and while I like a good matte shade I find the shimmers always draw me in in the end.


  3. It looks so similar – it’s like they’ve taken the exact colours, but ordered them backwards on their palette! 😂 The colours look gorgeous, a perfect mix of summer and autumn eyeshadow colours, too!

    Great review!

    Beka |


  4. Oh wow this palette is gorgeous and it looks exactly like the Huda one! I love all the shades and glad to know that they’re all very pigmented! Makeup Revolution are definitely bringing out some great products at the minute! Xx


  5. Make up revolution do the best dupes! This looks absolutely amazing and the colours are so pretty, I am glad there are matte shades and shimmers. “Breaking Point” looks so pretty!! x

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  6. Wow, £8 compared to £56, what a fantastic bargain! Those shimmer shades look gorgeous and I love how you get such a range of colours. It’s great that you can create so many different looks from just one palette. Great review Jess! 💖😘 xx

    Bexa |


    1. They do have great dupes of so many palettes and I know it must annoy the high end brands but it just makes it more accessible to everyone including people who can’t afford to spend £40 on every new eyeshadow palette so it’s good in a way!x


  7. Now I’m becoming more and more convinced that I need to buy some Revolution Pro things ✨ do you know where else you can buy them? I haven’t seen them anywhere around recently


  8. I’ve definitely got my eye on this, and I have done for such a long time, like you said, £8 is absolutely incredible?! 😍 I didn’t realise quite how similar the shades are to the Huda palette, they’re almost identical.. 🙊

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