Soph Does Nails x Revolution Extra Spice – First Impressions/Review & Swatches!

Hey lovelies! As most of you will know if you’ve read some of my beauty posts before I absolutely love ‘Sophdoesnails’ she’s the first person I watched on Youtube and she’s probably the only person I still watch! I have her first palette and I absolutely love it so when I saw this release I was super excited and knew I had to have it!

Luckily I didn’t start work until 1pm on Wednesday when the palette was released so I was ready and waiting at 10am when it dropped to order it! I managed to pick up the palette, two of her lipsticks in ‘Cake’ and ‘Syrup’, I didn’t want ‘Fudge’ as I’m not keen on dark lipsticks for my pale skin! I also picked up the Revolution lipstick and lipliner in Chauffeur as I’ve wanted to test it for ages!

I paid for standard delivery so wasn’t expecting my parcel until at least Monday/Tuesday next week so you can imagine my shock when I came home on work on Friday to see it there waiting for me! Thanks so much to Revolution Beauty for their super speedy delivery!

First Impressions

When I saw Soph’s announcement video I was super excited both about the colour range in the palette and the packaging itself and let me tell you it definitely didn’t disappoint! The palette and lipsticks both match in absolutely stunning rose gold and nude packaging, I think Revolution Beauty should make this their standard packaging as it looks amazing!


I know in Soph’s last palette we got 24 shades, Extra Spice only has 18 shades yet it retails for the same price (£10 is still a bargain in my eyes!) but I definitely think it’s still worth it. This packaging looks a lot more luxurious, it still has the HUGE mirror and it has the shade names printed onto the palette so we don’t have to worry about losing the plastic sheet!

Soph said in the announcement video that the lipsticks were all satin finishes instead of matte which I was a little disappointed with at first as I know she loves a matte lip so I presumed that’s what we’d be getting. I still wanted to try them though and I’m glad I picked them up, I love the shades and the packaging and I’ve been struggling with really dry lips the past few days so the formula will be perfect for that!

I wasn’t feeling well on Friday so to come home to this was a great pick me up and as soon as I opened the palette I knew it was going to help me step out of my comfort zone when it comes to eyeshadow colours! Extra Spice still has some neutral brown tones for your everyday look but it has some really bright shades which I wouldn’t usually reach for. All of the shades looked gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to start creating looks with it!


I’ve told you before I’m absolutely terrible at swatches so I’m sorry if they’re not very good but I tried my best! I know Chauffeur is such a well loved shade of Revolution lipstick that I’ve swatched it next to the two lipsticks I picked up so you can see how they compare if you do own Chauffeur!

Left to right: Cake, Syrup, Chauffeur

Cake is definitely my favourite shade out of these! Gotta love a pinky nude!

Onto the palette. I’ve swatched it a row at a time so I’ll insert the pictures top row first to make it easier for you.

Left to right: Everyday, Running Late, Infinity, Cheesecake, Cookie Dough, Dreams
Left to right: Vitamin C, Sweet N Sour, Twenty One, Romance, Enchanted, Lakes
Left to right: Brownies, Chocolate Orange, Mulled Wine, LA Sun, Aurora, Reputation

After swatching them all I knew the middle row of colours had to be my favourite they’re really bold but they’re so pretty! 


I tested out this palette straight away and followed Soph’s ‘sunset eye’ tutorial from the Revolution Beauty channel on Youtube. I’d never usually create a look as bold as this one so I was super excited to see how it turned out, it also allowed me to use some of the brightest shades to see how well they work!

I was SO impressed with the formula of these shadows! I know Revolution always have good formulas but these were amazing, at first I thought I’d applied way too much of the shade ‘Sweet N Sour’ which as you can see is quite a bright orange and I didn’t think I’d be able to save the look but it blended out so well! Revolution shadows are always really buildable so the colour may not be as bold as you’d think when you first apply it but you can keep adding to it instead of it being too bold to begin with and then not being able to blend it out, this results in you ending up looking like you’ve gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson, never a good look I promise!

There was a little bit of fallout in the pan with Sweet N Sour and Twenty One which is to be expected as they are such bright shades but there was literally no fallout on my face so I don’t have a problem with that at all! Every shade I’ve tested so far had great pigment, applied well and blended out seamlessly.

I used the shimmery yellow shade LA Sun over my lid when I’d cut my crease, I didn’t think this would be very pigmented at all being a yellow shade but again I was blown away by the quality of the shadow, I also fell in love with this colour and will be using it a lot more!

I have only tested 6 of the shades so far but from what I’ve seen I absolutely love this palette and it’ll soon become one of my most used palettes ever! My favourite shades right now are: LA Sun, Infinity, Mulled Wine and Sweet N Sour, I also can’t wait to test out Enchanted!

Although I’m not usually a satin lipstick girl I’m super happy with the quality of the lipsticks too! They’re really beautiful colours and so comfortable that you don’t feel like you’re wearing any lipstick at all! I often find with satin lipsticks that they transfer easily and don’t last very long but this seems to be holding up quite well at the minute and I haven’t had to reapply!

Here’s the look I created wearing the ‘Syrup’ lipstick:


I tried to add liner and it didn’t go too well so don’t judge me please!

I’d definitely recommend this palette. 10/10 from me!

I’ll probably do an updated review when I’ve had more time to use all of the shades in the palette and put the lipsticks to the ‘all day wear test’ but I’m so happy with the products so far! Well done to Soph and the team at Revolution for yet another amazing release!

Did you pick up anything from this range or is there anything you want? Let me know in the comments!



43 thoughts on “Soph Does Nails x Revolution Extra Spice – First Impressions/Review & Swatches!

  1. I’m really really trying not to buy new makeup at the moment but aaah I loved the first Soph palette so much that I might have to break my rule and buy this one! I also LOVE Chauffeur – haven’t stopped wearing it since I got it!

    Great review gal x


  2. This palette looks incredible! I’ve seen pictures of it doing the rounds on twitter and now after reading your review, I have to get it! I agree, the shades on the middle row are beaut! Love the look you did with it, too! Xx


  3. I’ve not tried any of her products but I always hear great things and it all looks amazing! The lipstick in the shade ‘cake’ would definitely be my favourite too & I just love how there’s so much variety with the eyeshadows! x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow that eye makeup looks incredible on you! And Syrup looks stunning too. Lovely review, and your swatches really reflect the shade’s I wouldn’t worry about them ‘not being very good’ they perfectly represent the products. I can’t wait to read your follow up post and any future looks you create with the palette.

    Emma x


  5. I purchased the whole collection and received them yesterday and I hadn’t even realised there’s more shades in the first palette! I’ve only tried the Syrup lipstick so far and during a four hour shift I found it ended up going matte anyway 🙂


  6. I’m definitely planning on picking this palette up some time soon. Cake looks like a gorgeous lipstick too! xx


  7. Hi! I just stumbled here because I was precisely looking for a comparison between these three lipstick shades. I just ordered them all! They look like really nice shades and for the price, well… had to get them.
    As for the palette, I have the first one and I really like it. This one looks good, but I already have some similar colors in my collection.
    I have read some of your other posts and I think you have a lovely blog 🙂


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