Testing New Drugstore Beauty Buys!

Hey lovelies! I’ve picked up quite a few new beauty products recently but nothing really big enough to do a full review of on their own so I though I’d throw them altogether in one big review! I know Urban Decay is definitely not a drugstore brand but everything else is from the drugstore! I hope you enjoy this post, please let me know if there’s any posts you’d like to see me do, I’m always open to suggestions!

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

I’ve wanted to try this foundation for so long but I’m always nervous approaching beauty counters so I haven’t had chance to yet. I finally got the courage to ask for a sample a couple of weeks back whilst shopping so I got a little bottle of the lightest shade ‘0.5’ to test out!

I applied this foundation with a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and it applied perfectly! I was a little worried when I first started applying it as I thought it was going to be too pale (yes too pale for me, who has heard of such a thing?) but BE CAREFUL! This foundation oxidised so bad that after thinking it looked too pale when applying it was actually a little darker than my skin tone in the end, always get a sample before you buy a full bottle of this and test the shades!

I was super happy with the coverage of this foundation, it’s definitely FULL coverage, I still applied concealer under my eyes but didn’t need to add any to cover up my blemishes. I can see why it’s called ‘All Nighter’ as the foundation definitely has great longevity! The only place I struggled with was my nose which I do sometimes have issues but not as bad as this it didn’t last very long at all even with concealer too!

Also, I don’t have much dry skin at all but I felt like this foundation emphasised a couple of dry patches I had and actually made my skin look quite dry and flaky even though it’s not! I’m glad I didn’t spend £29.50 on this I’d have been so disappointed, definitely won’t be purchasing a full size!

L’Oreal Back To Bronze Matte Bronzing Powder

I’m always super wary when it comes to buying bronzers because of how pale I am, I’ll often be left looking like a complete muddy mess if it’s just a tiny bit too dark for my milk bottle skin but after seeing a few reviews of this I finally decided to take the plunge!

This bronzer retails at £8.99 which is at the higher end of drugstore prices for bronzers but I got it on a 3 for 2 deal so it worked out better value for money and I’m glad I purchased it! In the pan the bronzer looks super dark but I went in with a really light hand and it actually gave me a really nice sunkissed look! I’ll definitely be reaching for this more often.


L’Oreal Life’s A Peach Blusher

I picked this blush up at the same time as the bronzer and I wouldn’t usually go for this shade of blush I’m more of a pink/no blush type of girl but I thought I’d give this a go!

Again I went in with a really light hand with this product as I didn’t want my cheeks to look too orange but I actually found myself building this up!  I’m not usually a fan of blusher but I loved how this looked on me, it was a really nice colour that will be perfect for more natural makeup looks over the summer! This is another product that’s going to become a staple in my makeup routine over the next few months!

MUA Pro Base Eyeshadow Primer

I purchased this eyeshadow primer after seeing Ellie who blogs at The Diary of Ellie raving about it! When she said it was better than the Urban Decay Primer Potion in her opinion I knew it was worth a try, at £2.50 a tube there’s really no contest!

This product was super easy to apply, it has a doe foot applicator meaning you can just put some straight onto your eyelids and then blend. I just dabbed mine into the lid with my finger tips and the consistency reminded me of a concealer like Collection Lasting Perfection. After leaving it to dry for a few minutes I then applied my eyeshadow.

I’m super happy with this primer and so glad Ellie recommended it! I didn’t have any issues with my eyeshadow creasing and it definitely helped it to last a long time! Towards the end of the night when the colour would usually be fading a little my eyeshadow still looked just as vibrant as when I applied it! This is a great product especially for the price!

Soph Does Nails Extra Spice Palette and Lipstick

If you saw my most recent post you’ll know I picked up the new ‘sophdoesnails’ Extra Spice palette and two of her lipsticks from Revolution Beauty when they launched on Wednesday!

I’m not going to go into too much detail about these products as you can read a full review/first impressions on them hereBut I’d definitely recommend them! The eyeshadows are stunning, some everyday shades with brighter pops of colour to draw you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to be more creative! There’s a good mixture of both mattes and shimmers and they’re both really pigmented, blendable and buildable!

All 3 lipsticks in the collection are ‘satin’ finishes, they’re really pigmented just like the eyeshadows and they’re gorgeous nude shades with one to suit most skin tones! They apply so nicely and last quite well, I’m really impressed with them for £4!


L’Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim

I used to love wearing eyeliner but I used to spend forever trying to get it to look even on both sides so when I started wearing eyeshadow more I stopped wearing eyeliner as every time I tried to correct it my eyeshadow would get ruined and I’d have to start again!

I decided I wanted to give eyeliner another try and I was trying to find a good one so when I saw this on 3 for 2 with the bronzer and blush I had to get it, not really having anything to lose!

This eyeliner is a felt tip applicator which is what I like best, I could never get the hang of those liquid eyeliners with the brush type applicator! The nib is SO thin to help you try to get your wing really precise and the eyeliner super black so you don’t have to worry about having to keep going over it to build up the colour!

Now as I’ve already admitted I’m not the best at applying eyeliner but for my first attempt with this I didn’t do too badly, the thin tip definitely made it easier so I’ll be using this again for sure!

That’s all for now lovelies! Have you picked up any beauty products recently? Let me know in the comments! 




44 thoughts on “Testing New Drugstore Beauty Buys!

  1. Ahh I love makeup samples – I can never commit to a foundation full size because I’m so pale hehe! I’ve been trying a bareminerals one recently – the girls in the store are usually really lovely too – everytime I go in I get to try another product (& if it’s like foundation they’ll apply it and everything to help you find a good shade!) also your backdrop is so super cute! ❤ ❤

    Anne //


  2. I love reading little haul posts like this so I can add new products to my wishlist! It’s so disappointing that the UD foundation wasn’t great, I’ll have to avoid it as I’m sure it would oxidise on me too! I’ve been obsessing over the L’Oréal blush for so long as well so I’ll have to pick it up! And that MUA eye primer sounds amazing as I love the UD one but this is so much cheaper! Xx


  3. Great post lovely, always love seeing mini hauls and what people think on the products! Glad I read this and haven’t picked up the Urban Decay foundation yet as I have quite dry skin, so it wouldn’t of been good for me, it’s ashame though ain’t it as I heard such lovely things about it! Think I am going to have to pick up both the Loreal bronzer and peachy blusher for sure 🙂 hope your having a lovely week so far lovely, take care Chantelle x


    1. Thanks for reading lovely! Maybe go and ask for a sample of the foundation like I did and see how it works for you? They’re free so I suppose it’s worth trying! The bronzer and blush are fab! Hope you’re having a great week too!x


  4. I’ve been thinking of getting the urban decay all nighter foundation for awhile now, but was worried about it looking too cakey and I do have dry skin so I’m not sure if I will purchasing it now! Such a shame cause I have heard great things about it! xx


  5. I really want to try the ‘sophdoesnails’ palette – it has such gorgeous colours in it and I’ve heard such good things about it. Love the colour of the blusher too, it looks so nice! Great review of all the products 🙂



  6. Fab post, definitely did not know you could ask for samples of foundation to try!! Nothing worse than spending tons of money on one only to take it home and find it’s an awful match!


    1. I didn’t know until recently either but it’s such a good idea, I have one from MAC where they tried it on me first did a colour match and everything for free and then this one from Urban Decay but I think Estee Lauder do them too! x


  7. I really like my Soph X Revolution palette too. I haven’t stopped using it! I got the lipstick in shade Cake and it’s so pretty. I’m loving the sound of the peach blush.

    Roxie |


  8. I really want Soph’s palette, I have the first one and its my go to eye palette on most days. I think I’ll be buying that on payday! I’m in need of an eyeshadow primer so I will be trying out the MUA one 100% now so many people recommend it!
    Liz x

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I found that UD foundation way too dark too, even the swatch ran a little too dark for me so I dread to think what colour I would have ended up if I put it all over my face. I need that blush! I’m not really a blush fan either but I love soft peachy shades just to make me look a bit more alive. My favourite right now is by Bobbi Brown so it would be great to save a few pennies on this one x



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