Revisiting An Old Favourite – Morphe 35P!

Hey lovelies! Today I’ve found out one of my old eyeshadow palettes which was my holy grail when I first got into makeup and I thought I’d do a review for you!

I absolutely adore my Morphe palettes, if you saw my eyeshadow palette collection you’ll know how much I love them as I have 5 in total! The first Morphe palette I ever picked up was 35P and it is still my favourite one I own, purple eyeshadows used to be my go to shades so this palette was literally perfect for me!

As I’ve got more into makeup and my eyeshadow palette collection has grown I seem to be using my old palettes less and less as I’m always finding new ones which I love. I decided to get this palette back out because I don’t think Morphe palettes are being talked about much anymore and I still think they’re amazing quality and great value for money!


Obviously if you’ve seen any of the ’35’ Morphe palettes you’ll know they all have 35 different shades set up in 5 rows of 7. I’ve swatched each row from left to right, none of the palettes have shade names which is the only thing I dislike about Morphe palettes!

A few of the shades may look a little chalky in the swatches but honestly they’re not like that when you apply them to your eyes at all! As usual my swatches aren’t the best so I’m sorry but I am trying to make them better each post I do!



As you can see from the swatches there’s a great mixture of shimmer and matte shades in this palette, there is also a large range of shades from a pale cream to blend out any edges, to mauve pinks, purples, different brown shades to deepen any look all the way to a matte black!

All of the shades in this palette are amazingly pigmented and the shimmer shades are stunning! The lilac on the end of the top row is one of my favourite eyeshadow shades ever! The shadows do have a little bit of kickback in the pan but that’s probably because of how pigmented they are, however I’ve never experienced any problems with fall out onto my face so this just makes me love the palette even more.

You can create such a huge range of looks with this palette, the light pinks and browns would be perfect for an everyday look and there are then both brighter shades to create gorgeous halo eyes and some darker shades which would be great if you like the smokey eye look!

If you haven’t tried a Morphe palette I definitely recommend them, their shadows are gorgeous, so pigmented and they blend like a dream! They’re also really buildable so you’re able to make your look as vivid as you like!

I created a quick 10 minute eye look with this palette so you can see how the shadows perform!


Overall I absolutely adore this palette and I can’t believe I stopped using it for so long, it’s definitely going to become a firm favourite again!

If purple eyeshadows aren’t for you Morphe do a huge range of these palettes in all different colours so make sure you check them out, they’re amazing value for money retailing at around £23 which for 35 eyeshadows you really can’t complain!

Do you have any Morphe palettes? If you do what’s your favourite or which one would you love to try? Let me know in the comments!



44 thoughts on “Revisiting An Old Favourite – Morphe 35P!

  1. I love the colors of the palette and the look you did! It’s so pretty! I hadn’t heard of Morphe before now, but I’m really curious as to the other colors they have and want to look it up!


  2. I have so many palettes and don’t know if I would get any use from a 35 pan palette. But it’s so tempting for the pigmentation and affordability. Thanks for sharing your old favorite.


  3. My friend has an online shop selling these Morphe palettes, but I always feel like I’d look like a clown whenever I have eyeshadows on. Haha. But you look great, hun! Love the purple look and this whole palette actually has beautiful colours. *heart eyes* xx Ain

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  4. I’ve been going through some of my older products lately too and trying to pull out some bits I used to love but don’t reach for much these days. I still haven’t tried anything (at all) from Morphe and they’re everywhere online these days. I still can’t believe how affordable they are! x



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