My Favourite UK Holiday Destinations

Hey lovelies, we’ve recently been going on a few day trips to Wales and when I was younger we always holidayed in the UK before we started going abroad so I thought I’d do a travel based post for a change and tell you my favourite places to visit in the UK, this can be for anything from a day trip to a full week away!

I’d been planning this post for a while now but after reading the lovely Tasha’s post from Ridiculously Ordinary I thought this would be the best time to do it as her post links great with this! She wrote about why a Caravan holiday is a great option and seen as most of these destinations have great Caravan parks close by I thought I’d link her post for you guys. You can read it here.

Some people turn their noses up at Caravan holidays but honestly they can be amazing! We’ve had some of the best holidays at Caravan parks as they are a great base to go out and explore a number of different places and although we like to eat out a lot they can be a cheaper option for those of you who want to cook meals at your accommodation!

Anyway onto my favourite places I think everyone should visit in the UK!


I’ve been visiting Aberystwyth for as long as I can remember on separate occasions with both my Mom and Dad. Aberystwyth is a great seaside town in West Wales, it has a popular university so the town has quite a good range of shops you’d see on most high streets so you can get everything you need whilst on holiday.

I love going to Aberystwyth as it’s a great base to explore a lot of places in Wales! There’s a lot of seaside towns around here such as Aberaeron, New Quay and Borth; so if you’re staying for a week there are plenty of places to visit without you finding yourselves bored after a few days.

Some days apparently if you’re lucky enough you can see the dolphins swimming in the sea from Cardigan Bay in New Quay, they also do dolphin watching boat trips from here but unfortunately I get sea sick so I’m never able to go on one!

Aberystwyth is right on the coastal path so if you like walking it is perfectly easy to walk from here to the next seaside towns along and I can’t wait to go back and do this! There are lots of other places to visit close to Aberystwyth as well though such as a Red Kite feeding centre which has some great walking and mountain bike tracks, and Devil’s Bridge which has some really pretty waterfalls! You can read more about these in my Bank Holiday Adventures post!

On the way home from Aberystwyth my Dad always takes a detour to drive through the Elan Valley it basically has 6 river dams but it has the most stunning scenery ever and this is another great place for walking and mountain biking, it’s absolutely gorgeous and I recommend that everyone visits here!

St. Ives

I cannot believe I’d lived almost 22 years on this Earth before I visited Cornwall and got to be amazed at how beautiful it is! Last year we took a Sun holiday to Cornwall as me and Ash had both wanted to go for a long time but never had the chance, we stayed in Holywell Bay which was close to Newquay but my favourite place we visited was definitely St Ives!

As soon as I visited St Ives I fell in love and I really want to go back soon, it’s got a small town with some really cute tourist shops from what I remember and then the beaches and harbour are absolutely gorgeous! It was so windy the day we went but me and Ash still spent hours walking along the beach admiring the views, it definitely stole my heart!

I only got my DSLR this year so I don’t have many nice pictures from here but we spent absolutely ages taking pictures of the views from up on a hill by the beach, (my phone memory card then broke so I have 0 pictures from here how annoying!) There was a really cute little café next to loads of beach huts and it’s just the perfect seaside town, if you haven’t visited you really need to!

Picture credit – The Times

Be WARNED! Eating outside in St. Ives is a big no go! The seagulls there are literally crazy they’ll dive bomb you and snatch the food straight from your hands! While we were there we saw a woman get her pasty stole from the paper bag just as she went to put it in her mouth! We were sensible and took our fish and chips back to the car haha!

Newborough Beach

Me and Ash recently visited Newborough for a day trip after I found out about it on the lovely Abbie’s blog where she wrote a North Wales Bucket List, I’ll link her post here if you’re interested! This has now become our favourite beach in Wales after just one visit!

I’ve been to Wales so many times but I’d never heard of this place so I was really intrigued, what drew me in about this is that it’s like a forest to begin with and as you walk through the forest you’re then greeted by the sand dunes and you can walk onto a beautiful beach which stretches for miles and in the background all you can see is the mountains (including Snowdon).

Because of the forest here there were lots of people with mountain bikes, I’d love to go again and take our bikes so we can go for a long ride through the forest, have a picnic then relax on the beach it would be perfect!

There is also a little island to the far side of the beach which has a lighthouse and some ruins of a chapel! Also if you’re lucky like we were, you might see some seals in one of the little cove parts of the sea just off the island!

Newborough is in a tiny town so it is only somewhere for a day trip really but there are some great towns not far from there such as Bangor, Llandudno (which is perfect for a few days holiday) and Conwy which is another place I want to visit!

DSC_0247 (1)


Lake District

The last place in the UK I love to visit is the Lake District, I really struggled to choose one place in particular to include as we’ve been to a few different towns here and I liked them all!

The Lake District is absolutely beautiful and because we love walking so much I do enjoy going here, I’ve stayed in Coniston and Windermere but it’s huge and the tourist information centres in every town will have little leaflets with instructions of around 5 different walking routes starting from that town.

There are lots of lovely places to visit in the Lake District, for example close to Windermere there is the Beatrix Potter house so if Peter Rabbit was your thing when you were little you might love it here! Everytime I go I also walk up Aira Force which is a waterfall but it’s so pretty I love going, if you stay in Windermere it’s only around a 35 minute drive here so it’s well worth going!

If you’re thinking about a holiday to the Lake District it is worth looking at getting a National Trust membership as a lot of the places there do belong to the National Trust so even if you just want to walk around the grounds and not go into the houses parking can still be pricey whereas if you’re a member you can park for free!

I feel like this post has gone on forever so sorry if it’s been a bit long! Have you visited any of these places or are any of them on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments, I love to hear from you!



31 thoughts on “My Favourite UK Holiday Destinations

  1. Thank you so much for linking my post 😊 I loved reading this, so many fabulous places to visit and I’ve hardly been to any of them! We did have a caravan holiday in New Quay a few years ago and really enjoyed it, lovely beaches! Dying to visit Lake District and Cornwall though as have never really been to those parts of the UK!


  2. Your posts remind me think how many nice places the UK actually has! The Lake District is such a gorgeous part of the UK to visit. Ullswater in the Lakes is also stunning with lots of great walks, just a bit of a quieter place to stay. I really need to visit Cornwall at some point!


  3. My grandparents used to have a caravan up in Grange so I spent a lot of my childhood holidays in the Lake District. Windermere and Cartmel are the places I remember visiting the most, as well as the National Trust property Holker Hall. I’d like to go and experience other places though because there’s so much to explore. I actually feel rather stupid because when I was at uni, the Lake District was right on my doorstep yet I never took the time to go.

    In terms of other locations in the UK, I really want to visit the Yorkshire Dales. I’ve been a few times for school geography trips and it’s just such a gorgeous area of the North which is only a couple of hours drive from me.


  4. Loved this post! I agree that a lot of people turn their noses up at caravan holidays, but some of my favourite family holidays have been while staying in a caravan! I went to St Ives last summer and loved it! x


      1. Ah yeah that would be amazing! It was so beautiful, definitely need to go back to Cornwall soon! X


  5. It’s so cool that you’ve been to all of these places! I haven’t heard of Aberystwyth before – it looks like a really gorgeous and peaceful place. I am a total fan of Newborough Beach! It looks great and the ruins look really historic. Oh man, the waterfall at Lake District is breathtaking!!

    Nancy ♥


  6. Now I want to go to the UK even more than I did! Although, I would want to see the ordinary tourist things, I like to see the lesser known spots like these too! St. Ives sounds heavenly!

    Great post!


  7. You have some lovely photos here. I love Cornwall and although I haven’t been to St Ives yet, I know what you mean about the seagulls! And I had no idea you could see dolphins in/from Wales, that’s amazing. I love Dundee in Scotland too: it’s got beaches, museums restaurants, city life, country life and the people are so lovely. Highly recommended. And thank you for sharing your favourites, it was a great post xx

    Lisa |


    1. We’ve always wanted to go to Scotland but I don’t travel well and it’s like at least 6 hours drive from us but we’re definitely planning on going because we want to climb Ben Nevis, thanks for the recommendation! St Ives is so beautiful you should definitely visit even just for a day trip if you’re staying somewhere else fairly close! xx


  8. I have been to Wales a few times and Conwy is a fave! It was a while ago when I went but I LOVED it especially Conwy Castle. I have been to Bangor and Llandudno too! I don’t think I have been to Newborough Beach though! I have heard so many great things about St Ives! I really want to go there!


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