Testing A Full Face of Rimmel Makeup

Hey lovelies! I’ve recently been spending quite a lot of money in my local Boots and Superdrug picking up loads of new beauty bits for different blog posts, I found I had quite a lot of Rimmel makeup so decided to purchase the rest of the products I’d need to do a full face of makeup so I could put them to the test for you!

Base Products


Wake Me Up Foundation £8.99 – I’ve had this foundation for quite a while now but it’s not something I usually reach for because it’s not as full coverage as I’d like but I was actually pleasantly surprised with this product! I applied the foundation with a Real Techniques sponge like I would any other, it blended nicely and I was able to add a little more to build it up to a coverage I was happy with. Most of the time I’d wear a matte foundation but I really liked the finish of this as it wasn’t too dewy, just nice for a natural summer makeup look! I’ll definitely be reaching for this more over the summer! 4∗

Wake Me Up Concealer £6.49 – I actually wanted to try the Match Perfection concealer but they didn’t have it in my shade anywhere so I had to pick this one up instead! I was a bit disappointed with the shade of this concealer, I picked up the lightest one but when I applied it I found it was a little more orange than my foundation, luckily I don’t think you could tell! Again this didn’t have the coverage I’d usually go for but it was still a decent medium coverage concealer and it lasted well throughout the day! 3.5∗

Match Perfection Loose Powder £6.99 – I absolutely adore this powder! I don’t use it as often as my trusty Stay Matte mainly because it makes such a mess on my dresser being a loose powder but I do like it for a night out! This powder sets my base beautifully, couldn’t ask for anything more from this it’s fab! 5∗

Kate Sculpting Kit Coral Glow £6.99 – I remember this product being well loved by a lot of Youtubers yet I’d never took the plunge and bought it, I’m so glad I have now, it’s going to be perfect to keep in my bag or for when I’m travelling! This kit made finishing my base so easy, the bronzer is just the right shade to give me a nice colour to my face without making me look muddy, the blush is a subtle beautiful pink shade and the highlighter is really natural but still so pretty! I absolutely loved this and I can see it becoming one of my favourite products! 5∗



Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit £4.99 – This eyebrow kit was one of the first brow products I bought and it was my go to before I became a pomade girl! I actually quite enjoyed using this again, the powder was really easy to work with and correct if I made any mistakes, I also love that it comes with a little spoolie. I don’t usually use the wax part of this product as I don’t get on with it much but it was good to add some extra colour to parts of my brows which were a bit sparse! Great product overall especially for the price! 4.5∗

Magnif’eyes Smoke Edition £8.99 – I was bought this palette as part of my Christmas gift from my Fiance’s mom last year and on first impressions it reminded me so much of my Naked Smokey palette. This is the first time I’ve used this palette and I have to say I can’t see myself reaching for it again in the near future! The pans are so small that I went to dip into the first shade with quite a large fluffy blending brush and ended up with the next shade all over the brush too so I had to be super cautious all the time.

The shades were quite pigmented but I found them quite hard to blend out, they left a few harsh lines that I really struggled to get rid of and after wearing them for a few hours I felt like most of the shimmer shade I used had come off/lost it’s shimmer so you could hardly see it! I have much better drugstore palettes that cost around the same price, sorry Rimmel this one didn’t work for me! 2.5∗

Wonderfully Real Mascara £7.99 – I’ve spoken about this mascara on my blog before so I’m sure some of you know my thoughts on it already. It’s not terrible I’ve definitely used worse mascaras which cost a hell of a lot more (ahem I’m looking at you Benefit BAD Gal Bang!) but it’s definitely not my favourite! I feel like this gives my lashes a little bit of volume and some length but nothing to write home about! It can transfer quite badly onto your lids when applying and onto your under eyes throughout the day, I’ve just got better drugstore mascaras which are a similar price! 3∗

Lip Products


I did two different lips with this look so you can decide which one you like best! First I went for a really dark vampy lip to match the smokey eye and then I did a nude lip with a gloss over the top!

Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick (Shadow) £5.99  – I first picked this up as I’d wanted to try a grey lipstick for ages after seeing ‘sophdoesnails’ pull one off so well! This shade is actually more blue toned than what I expected and I don’t think I can pull off the colour at all but as most of you know these lipsticks are fab! They’re probably one of the best drugstore liquid lipstick formulas ever, they’re SO comfortable and they dry down completely matte but aren’t drying on the lips! This shade did need a couple of coats to build it up but I’d still recommend it if you like this kind of colour, I’ll probably only use it for Halloween looks in future! 4∗

Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick (Be My Baby) £5.99 – the formula of this one is obviously exactly the same as the other shade I used it just doesn’t need as much building as it’s a nude shade, one or two coats of this works perfectly fine and it lasted most of the day even after I’d eaten it didn’t need to be topped up, amazing quality! 4.5∗

Oh My Gloss! Lipgloss (Crystal Clear) £5.49 – I applied this gloss over the top of the Stay Matte liquid lipstick and I loved the way my lips looked after it, it definitely made my lips look a little more plump and it is the perfect formula, not sticky at all! I could wear this all day and it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest! 4.5∗

The Final Look


After Eight Hours


As you can see the products held up pretty well throughout the day, the only thing I was disappointed with was the eyeshadow palette in terms of longevity! I’d definitely recommend most of the products I tested in this post especially the liquid lipsticks, powder and sculpting kit!

What’s your favourite Rimmel product? Let me know in the comments I always love hearing from you!



42 thoughts on “Testing A Full Face of Rimmel Makeup

  1. I love these kind of posts where people do full faces of specific brands, I love the rimmel london match perfection foundation but i do tend to stay away from rimmel as much as possible just because they do test on animals but overall they do have some nice products x

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  2. Rinmel is one of my favourite high street brands for make up and I’ve used a lot of their foundations especially! A completely agree about it not being super full coverage but it still gives a lovely finish! Love the look you’ve created and so helpful to know what products I should check out!xx

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  3. Jess you’re a beaut! I was looking at the pallets the day before but I’m so anti animal testing and Rimmel used to be the worst for it when I started out using makeup! I’m pretty sure the products are vegan now though so I might have to do some homework and buy more makeup 😂😂

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  4. Been a while since I used Rimmel products – I love your review you gave us the good the bad and the so so:) I like the sound of the sculpting kit, the end result looks great:)

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  5. I love that Rimmel Makeup is on the affordable side and they’re great overall! It’s a bummer that the concealer didn’t last all that long. Love the look you’ve pulled off! You still look great at the end of the day :)!

    Nancy ♥

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  6. I’m obsessed with the sculpting kit! The contour/bronze is my fave and the highlighter impressed me. The blush wasn’t my fave but the palette is so handy to have for trips xx

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  7. My fav product from Rimmel would definitely be the Rimmel stay matte powder as I have not tried many other of their products. Kind of bummed the wake me up concealer did not work for you as I have heard some good things about it, I really love the end look though and that bold lip looks amazing! xx

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  8. Oooooh I love the brand Rimmel! I would be really interested in trying the powder you mentioned, and the matte lipsticks look gorgeous on you! I’ve seen the eyeshadow palette floating around for a while and wondered if it was good, and now I’m interested to try it. Thank you for sharing

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  9. I love the * rating at the end of each product review. Shame the eyeshadow palette didn’t work out, but you managed to create a really beautiful eye look, I think the nude lipstick suited the entire look perfectly and I am in love with Shadow, definitely need it in my life alongside the Kate sculpting kit.

    Emma x

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  10. Great post Jess! I rarely see full faces of drugstore make up so it’s great to see! I used Rimmel products religiously in the past, especially the Wake Me Up foundation and concealer. I loved them! I’d love to try the powder, as I don’t often wear powder. The contour kit also looks really good and light for summer! I’m really impressed that it all stayed put too!

    Much love,
    Molly xo

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  12. I find it so annoying how foundations and concealers are usually too orange or too yellow for me, it’s hard to shade match!! I’ve been using loose powder a lot more recently for baking but it does make a mess haha

    Angela |


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