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June Favourites!

Hey lovelies! Another month of the year has come and gone in a flash, I don’t know whether to be happy about how fast it’s going as that means my DLP trip in December will be here pretty soon or whether I want it to slow down a little! June has been a pretty good month and I have quite a few favourites for you so lets jump straight into it!

Beauty Favourites

L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Wash

I bought this product to test out as it was on offer in Superdrug for a pretty good price (just over £3 if I remember correctly) and I was struggling to find a skincare product which would work for my temperamental skin! I absolutely adore this, it’s supposed to be used twice daily but I usually use it once a day and have still seen loads of benefits. I have less breakouts and my skin looks a lot healthier, this is the only product I have been using so it must be down to this! One of the girls at work even commented about how fresh my skin looked so I would definitely recommend it! 4.5∗

Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer

Don’t get me wrong I have adored this concealer since I first bought it, but it was a sad day in June when mine completely ran out! I hadn’t managed to pick up a back up from my local Superdrug as they always seem to be out of stock and not having this in my drawer to reach for every time I do my makeup has made me realise how much I love it! 5∗

Revolution Matte Lipstick ‘Chauffeur’ 

I’d seen the hype surrounding this lipstick for months but never took the plunge to get it for myself. When I purchased the new Sophdoesnails Extra Spice palette I thought I may as well pick it up because I was paying delivery anyway and this did not disappoint! I went for the matte one and it is not drying on the lips at all, it’s super easy to apply, has good longevity and is a great nude colour for everyday wear! Love it! 4.5∗

Rimmel Sculpting Palette ‘Coral Glow’ 

I bought the Rimmel sculpting palette for my full face of testing Rimmel makeup which you can check out here and I instantly fell in love with it. The bronzer in it is such a good colour for my pale skin, the blush is really natural and the highlighter gives a beautiful subtle glow! This palette is perfect for mornings when I’m in a rush because you only have to reach for 1 product to complete your base instead of 3 separate products and it will be perfect for on the go! 5∗


TV/Film Favourites

Law & Order True Crime

Last weekend whilst browsing Now TV for something to watch me and my Fiancé came across this Law and Order series which is based on ‘true crime’. The first season focuses on The Menendez Murders which I didn’t even know about until I watched this but I’m so glad we found it. It’s another 8 episode series that we watched over one weekend because we enjoyed it so much, it’s basically like ‘The People VS OJ Simpson’ where it shows you what happened and then follows the trial but it was a really good series so if you liked the OJ Simpson one you should check this out! 4∗

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

If you saw my May Favourites you’ll know that I watched Jurassic World for the first time last month as I wanted to go and see the new one. This is another thing that has not disappointed me this month! I’ve heard mixed reviews of the film so you’ll have to watch it and decided for yourselves but personally I loved it! This is one of my favourite films of the year so far and I’d happily go back to the cinema to watch it again numerous times! 5∗

‘Safe’ Netflix Original Series

On the bank holiday at the end of May while my fiancé was on a night out I turned to Netflix for something to do and found myself completely engrossed in this new TV series which I’m sure a lot of you have heard of by now! It’s an 8 episode series about a teenage boy who gets killed and his girlfriend who goes missing, her family then try to find her while the story unfolds around what happened to him. I couldn’t stop watching this there were so many plot twists you didn’t know who to trust! I started this around 10pm on the Sunday night and had finished it by 11am on the Monday morning it was great! Definitely recommend this to anyone. (This wasn’t included in my May favourites as I’d already written the post when I watched it) 5∗

Food/Drink Favourites

If you live in the UK you’ll obviously know all about this heatwave we’re having right now, don’t get me wrong I do like summer but I literally cannot cope in these temperatures at all, especially when you still have to go to work! Obviously in the heat you drink a lot more and this Vimto squash (raspberry, orange & passionfruit) has been an absolute lifesaver for me! I don’t like drinking plain water; honestly I think it’s disgusting so I always take squash to work with me and one day I actually drank nearly 4 litres of this stuff! I don’t like the original Vimto squash but this one is gorgeous and so refreshing! 5∗

June was finally the month of the ‘Malteaser Buttons’ being released, when I first saw the picture of these online I thought it was one of those things someone had made but wasn’t really being released so I was super happy when I found out they were becoming an actual thing! They’ve been super hard to get your hands on since they were released and I’ve only had one bag because my local Tesco always seems to be out of stock but I just know they’re going to become a new favourite chocolate for me they’re SO nice! If you see these in a store you should pick up a bag, you won’t be disappointed! 5∗


Before we get to my ‘blogger of the month’ I just want to mention this culotte jumpsuit I’ve picked up from New Look as it’s my new favourite summer clothing piece in my wardrobe! You can check out some other pieces I’ve picked up for the summer in My Summer Lookbook but I just love the colour of this one and the pattern on it is gorgeous! I would link it for you but I can’t find it on their website sorry! I only picked it up last weekend though so you might still be able to find this in your local store!


Blogger of the Month

If you’ve seen my monthly favourites posts before you’ll know that I pick a blogger each month to feature as my favourite to help spread the love and show some support! It’s always hard to choose just one person from all of my lovely followers across social media but this month it has to go to my Disney bestie Lize from Lize in Disneyland.

Lize is one of the nicest girls ever, she’s always there for me to talk to and support me, her blog posts are amazing and she’s just genuinely a great person! If you’re not already following her then you should be because she posts great Disney content and who doesn’t love a bit of Disney in their life?

Me and Lize actually did a collab post this month, you can read my post here and then click the link in that post to read Lize’s too! We both picked 5 Disney songs which have changed/made an impact on our lives and honestly, it’s much harder to choose five than you may think so go and check out our posts!


That’s all for this month lovelies, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, what’s been your favourite product of the month? Let me know in the comments! 


40 thoughts on “June Favourites!

  1. A clay face wash for £3 is an absolute bargain! It’s great you have noticed so many benefits already! I love Vimto and it’s so refreshing in this warm weather. Your jumpsuit is so pretty and summery. I really love the colour. Great post Jess! 💖 xx
    Bexa |


  2. We have very similar movie and tv tastes because Jurassic World was in my favourites and I LOVE Safe, I binge watched it in about 3 days! I haven’t tried this Vimto so will have to but agree with you about water, I’m able to drink much more when I add squash and you’re right, with this whether its necessary!
    Sophie – x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I also loved Jurassic World! I saw it in 4D and that was an interesting experience. I still haven’t tried the Maltesers Buttons oh my goodness i’m going to have to test them out asap. I love that jumpsuit and New Look definitely have a lot of good summer looks at the moment!


  4. Ooh, that L’Oreal face wash sounds good, I might have to give it a try, I also really need to try the Makeup Revolution concealer still! Those malteaser buttons sound amazing might have to see if I can find some when I’m out tomorrow haha. Great post x


  5. YASSS to Jurassic World. I loved the start of it. I feel like they should have kept them on the island a little longer though. It’s like they were on it for maybe 10 minutes of the movie. Besides that and the ending I thought it was great. The new dinosaur was intense! Your jumpsuit is so cute. I don’t think I could ever pull something like that off. lol.


  6. I bought the L’Oreal clay mask too and love it!! After I use it my skin feels so silky smooth I love it. I’m glad you liked the new Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie, because I want to see it so bad. My husband and I don’t go to the cinema often, but this is so worth it. Also that jumpsuit is so lovely on you!! It’s beautiful!! Great post


    1. Aw it’s a shame you didn’t like it as much as everyone else but I’m like that sometimes like everyone loves Orange is the New Black and I couldn’t get into that or Making a Murderer! I need me some more buttons soon I wish my local Tesco would restock them!x


  7. I have been loving this face wash this month too! Honestly makes my skin feel so much cleaner after using it, love it. I’ve been wanting to find a new series to watch so might have to give Safe a go! Also, malteaser buttons? Yes please. Loved this!

    Evie x |


  8. I started watching Safe months ago and never ended up finishing it – I really need to, it was getting so good before I got busy! And I love that jumpsuit, it’s adorable. Gutted that you can’t find it online anymore as that would’ve been perfect for my holiday, but it’s so gorgeous on you and I’m glad you managed to pick it up!

    Beka |


    1. Omg you need to finish it, how could you stop watching without finding out what really happened? If you check your local New Look you might be able to find it, they had trousers and a top in the same print too I think, thankyou so much I love it!xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I just got so busy in my personal life I couldn’t find time, and now it’s months later and I still haven’t gone back to it 🙈 I really need to, I looooove Michael C Hall as well, he’s so good! Ahhh thank you, will do xx


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