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July Favourites!

Hey lovelies! So July has been a really good month for me, after 4 years of a long distance relationship my Fiancé has finally left the forces and is home for good which means I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with him! If you’ve noticed I haven’t been as active on social media this is probably why as I’m trying to work out a way to balance everything in my life right now, so sorry but I’ll get there!

This month seems to have flown by but I’m not complaining because it’s my birthday in August which means I only have 9 days to go! I’m super excited this year as we’ll be taking a trip to London to see Aladdin at the theatre next weekend and I’ve wanted to see that for ages! Anyway, onto my favourites for this month…

Beauty Favourites

Spectrum Brushes

I feel I needed to mention these on my blog as I haven’t talked about them for ages and honestly other than one brow brush from another brand and my Real Techniques sponge to blend in foundation, Spectrum are the only makeup brushes I use!

I’ve especially been loving their 8 Piece Eye Blending Set and 4 piece Glen Coco Eye Set this month as I’ve had a week off work which gave me some time to explore new makeup and play around with loads of eyeshadow looks.

These brushes are amazing, they apply my makeup effortlessly and blend eyeshadow so easily, I wouldn’t choose any other brand now and I can’t wait to visit their new store on Carnaby Street when I’m in London!

L’oreal Chocolats Matte Liquid Lipstick

This month I’ve found my new favourite drugstore liquid lipstick formula of all time and guess what?! They smell like chocolate! Honestly I couldn’t have been more excited to try a product than I was with these and they did not disappoint! I’ve done a whole review on these lipsticks which you can check out here but honestly they’re excellent!

These have a great applicator, they last all day, they’re not drying at all and they’re so pigmented; really what more could you ask for in a liquid lipstick? I actually prefer them to most of my high end ones!

Revolution Reloaded Palette – Newtrals 3

I recently picked up two of the new Revolution Beauty Reloaded palettes as the colours looked beautiful and I’m so glad I did! They come in at just £4 for 15 shades and they’re so stunning! My favourite out of the two has to be the Newtrals 3 palette as it is full of deep warm toned shadows!

I couldn’t believe the pigment in these shadows for just £4! It literally gave some of my high-end palettes a run for their money, they apply really easily and they’re super easy to blend out.  If you haven’t tried these you really need to!

Swatches are in my Beauty Haul post.


TV/Film Favourites

Incredibles 2

After 14 long years we finally got the Pixar sequel we’ve all been waiting for! The Incredibles is one of my favourite Pixar films and I was worried that the sequel wouldn’t live up to my expectations, especially with how long we’ve had to wait for it, but… I actually think I prefer it to the first film!

The whole storyline was great, really well thought out in my opinion! I loved the gender role reversal of Mr Incredible being ‘stay at home dad’ while Elastigirl went out to essentially be the ‘breadwinner’ for the family! I absolutely loved Jack Jack he was too cute, I just wish we got to see more of him with Edna (Pixar need to make a short of this!)

I’ve actually been to see this twice already and I can guarantee we’ll go again before it stops being shown at the cinema, I even went to watch it on my own in my week off because I liked it so much!

How cute is my Incredibles tee and the cup I got from the cinema?!

The Killing

I’m so annoyed at Netflix… and at myself to be honest! The Killing was a crime series that had been on my watch list for years but I’d never got round to it. One night me and Ash were browsing Netflix and decided to give it a go, safe to say we were hooked straight away to then find out that they were removing this series at the end of July!

This series basically follows two crime detectives as they try to solve the murder of a teenage girl named Rosie Larsen, there are tonnes of plot twists and I’d never have guessed the ending it was such a great story!

I’m just really annoyed that we had to rush the first two seasons to find out if they solved the murder and now they’re taking them off Netflix so we can’t finish the other two seasons!

Anyway it’s a really good crime show, so if you can find another way to stream this then it’s definitely worth a watch!


Book of the Month

This month I have to give a special shoutout to ‘I Stop Somewhere’ by T.E Carter as my book of the month, it’s really hard to read as the main themes are rape and murder trigger warning! But I feel like this is such an important story, it focuses on something which a lot of people experience and is obviously so traumatic, but then it also follows what happens when you try to report sexual assault and highlights the issues and why most people never want to report it!

There’s a more detailed review in my Reading Wrap Up if you want to know more about it!


I’ve started a much more light hearted novel after reading I Stop Somewhere and although I haven’t finished it yet I already know it’s going to be one of my favourites! It’s called ‘Why Mummy Drinks’ by Gill Sims and I literally cannot stop laughing at it, it’s so funny because I know it’s probably what most parents go through! I’d definitely recommend this one!


Blogger of the Month

This month’s blogger of the month is Abbie from ‘Abbie Jade Wanders‘ you can find her on Twitter at @abbiejadew

Screenshot 2018-07-28 at 19.15.45

Abbie is a travel blogger who includes a range of different posts from 10 Long Haul Flight Essentials to reviews of different accommodation she’s stayed in. I love her posts about the best places to visit when you’re travelling to somewhere new and her North Wales Bucket List actually made me discover my new favourite beach!

Abbie is a lovely girl and posts some amazing content so go and check out her blog and give her some love!

That’s all for this post lovelies! Let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments! 



36 thoughts on “July Favourites!

  1. I’ve never tried Spectrum brushes but I have always wondered how they compare to the Real Techniques brushes as they are a similar price point. Have you tried the Real Techniques brushes? If so would you say the Spectrum ones are better? I’ve seen so many reviews of the L’Oreal Chocolate lipsticks, I feel like I have to try one now!


    1. I have a few Real Techniques ones which I do sometimes use for my base products like contour and highlight but I have the purple eye brushes from them and I never reach for them anymore I just feel like my Spectrum ones are softer and blend my eyeshadow easier! The L’Oreal lipsticks are AMAZING! You need to get one, my fave is Candy Man x


  2. I hope you enjoy Aladdin! It’s a really fun show! Also, love Spectrum Brushes! I have the Marble collection and they’re fab! I need to purchase the Mean Girls set! Steph xx


  3. Ah wasn’t Incredibles absolutely amazing! I just loved it! The Killing is fantastic and that’s such a shame because the last two series were the best ones, especially the 3rd!xx


      1. Ah I know it was incredible wasn’t it, completely caught me off guard!! The third series is even more thrilling, on the edge of the seat watching – definitely the best of all the series!xx


  4. Great list here! Those liquid lipsticks look gorgeous! I love the l’oreal line so I’m sure I’ll love them too. Definitely going to try them out! Also I’m dying to see the Incredibles 2!!! It looks so cute!


  5. Linden and Holder are my favourite and I was gutted when we got to the end of the four series! Thankyou so much for the mention xx


  6. What a lovely list of favourites! I love that you include a blogger in there too – such a sweet idea. I hate it when Netflix does that! I remember when I was on the seventh (and final) season of Buffy, and it just disappeared overnight. I was so sad. ☹️


  7. How exciting that your fiancé is back and you will be going to London for your birthday!
    Also, I absolutely love incredible 2 aswell, honestly so worth the wait and I also like it better than the first one!
    I can not believe they are taking ‘the killing’ off of Netflix- I actually never finished it, and always kept telling myself I will but I guess now I just won’t unless I can stream it somewhere else! xx


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