Full Face Using My Most Expensive Products!

Hey lovelies! As part of my drugstore makeup series I’ve done a full face of makeup using my cheapest products and now I’m doing it with my most expensive to see if we really need to break the bank to look good!

Now as I’m such a drugstore beauty lover I don’t own high-end alternatives for every product, so some these are just the most expensive products I have from the drugstore.

You can check out my full face using my cheapest products here. 

Base Products

Soap & Glory Speed Plump Moisturiser – £13

In my full face of cheapest products I didn’t use a primer as I don’t usually, however some of the products I’m using here really dry my skin out so I used this Soap and Glory moisturiser as a primer to try to prevent this.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC10 – £24.50

The only high-end foundation I own, I wanted to try a high-end foundation to see if they could give me a better coverage than some of the drugstore ones I owned. I do love this product because it’s so buildable that you can use it for anything from a natural ‘no makeup’ day look to a night on the town. However, I’ve since found drugstore foundations which give me just as good coverage for a fraction of the price. I hardly use this now and I won’t be repurchasing!

A great alternative to this is the Maybelline 24HR Superstay Foundation.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer ‘Fair’ – £8.99

This is quite a recent purchase because I know a lot of people love it and I wanted to see what all the fuss is about! Another product which gives great coverage but I won’t be repurchasing!

The applicator is rubbish and you lose a lot of product through this, it’s also SO drying on my under eyes that without moisturiser it goes really flaky and horrible. I get just as good a coverage from my Revolution Concealer which is just £4!

RCMA No Colour Powder – £13

This powder is great for setting my base but it leaves a white cast which is not a good look! I’ve tried using this in a number of ways: baking, just using it like a normal loose powder and dusting it over my face; but nothing seems to work very well.

If I’m going out and I want my makeup to last all day and night I will sometimes bake my under eyes using this but not very often because of the white cast it leaves! Yet again a product I wouldn’t purchase! (this one was given to me so it wouldn’t be a ‘repurchase’)


Milani Baked Bronzer ‘Dolce’ – £11

I love this bronzer! It gives such a beautiful sunkissed look and it isn’t too dark for my pale skin! It’s so hard to find a bronzer/contour that works for me because of how pale I am but this is perfect and I’d definitely repurchase this!

Milani Baked Blush ‘Rosa Romantica’ – £10

I love this blush too! ‘Rosa Romantica’ is the perfect pale pink shade to give me a tiny bit of colour to my cheeks without me ending up looking like a clown! I do think £10 is a bit pricey considering how small it is but it’s still good.

Soph x Revolution Highlighting Palette – £8

I’ve never bought expensive highlighters so with this one I didn’t know whether to use my most expensive single highlighter or my most expensive product; I went with the product but this has 8 highlighters for £8 so it only works out at £1 each which is such a bargain!

There’s a mixture of colours in this palette so it would suit most skin tones and they’re so beautiful!

Eye Products

Eylure Brow Pomade ‘Blonde’ – £8.95

The Eylure products are on offer in Superdrug quite often so you might be able to get this for cheaper than the RRP and I’d definitely recommend it! I bought this in December and it’s been my favourite brow product ever since, I don’t use anything else unless it’s for a blog post where I need to!

This product is really creamy so it goes on a lot easier than other pomades I’ve tried and it doesn’t dry up half as quick either! Another great thing is that although I have the shade ‘blonde’ it’s not as warm toned as some so it’s the perfect match for my brows.

I used the same Sleek brow gel that I did in my cheapest products post to make it fair as I couldn’t find the price for it. 

NYX HD Eyeshadow Base – £6

I’ve only used this twice before this post because I feel like it makes my lids crease more rather than doing a good job of setting my eyelids! The MUA primer is much better and only £2.50!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture – £43

I’m not a fan of this palette but I don’t think it’s half as bad as people made it out to be when it was first released. I think it’s just because the shades aren’t really anything I’d usually go for but then again they’re still gorgeous!

I was able to use the same shades as I did with the Revolution Iconic Division palette to create a similar look, although this palette is more pigmented you can build up the Revolution shades to look just as good and that’s £39 cheaper!

Benefit Bad Gal Bang – £21.50

I did a full review on this mascara which you can check out here if you’re interested! Now that it’s dried up even more it wasn’t as bad but I still wouldn’t pay £21.50 for it when my drugstore mascaras work just as well!

Lips & Set

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick ‘Stripped’ – £20

I love the formula of the ABH liquid lipsticks they glide on so easily, they’re really creamy and pigmented! However, they don’t last nearly as long as you’d hope especially with a price tag of £20 and after a few hours they do feel really dry!

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – £10 (travel size)

This is honestly the best setting spray I’ve ever tried and it’s definitely worth the splurge in my opinion! I only have the travel size but it’s lasted me months now as I only use it for long days or nights out!

My makeup lasts a lot longer when I use this, I never look patchy by the end of the day like I would if I didn’t have this on it’s amazing!


Here’s the finished look, it comes to a total of £197.94! That price actually makes me want to cry a little inside!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to go and check out my full face using my cheapest products. What’s your favourite high-end product?



19 thoughts on “Full Face Using My Most Expensive Products!

  1. Love the look you made out of this make up – looks gorgeous! Interesting to see your thoughts on the products too, comparing to cheaper products. I think the the product I spend the most of my money on is my foundation but other then that, they are just the usual drugstore products! I’d love to treat myself to some higher end but I always think that you can get some cheaper ones that are just as good!



  2. I love Mac Studio fix it’s one of my favourite foundation, it’s such a shame you wouldn’t repurchase it and you don’t like it as much as other foundations. It saves you spending alot of money when you have cheaper foundations you prefer however ahah Xx


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