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What I Got For My 23rd Birthday…

Hey lovelies! So if you follow me on Twitter or you read my posts you may already know that I turned 23 on Tuesday (7th August) I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who sent me a birthday message on Twitter I was completely overwhelmed by how many of you there were so thank you so much!

I know these posts can be really controversial but personally I love having a nosey and seeing what other people got for their birthday/Christmas so I thought I’d do my own. I am definitely not bragging, I was so spoilt this year and I will be forever grateful!


My main presents from my Mom were these beautiful bits from the Alice in Wonderland Disney x Cath Kidston range, these were actually released in May and we went to the launch at our local store so they’ve been in my house for the past 3 months. Honestly it’s taken such will power not to use this bag before my birthday but I really wanted to keep it so it felt more like a birthday present. She’s also booked me tickets to see Matilda the musical with her next Friday at the theatre which I’m super excited for as I’ve wanted to see it for years!


My mom knows how much I love surprises so she got me a few little bits to open on the morning of my birthday, I got some new Beauty and the Beast trainer socks, a Winnie the Pooh tshirt, a Disney Princess inspired to do list and some face masks from Holler and Glow.

This Incredibles t-shirt was an early birthday present from my Fiancé which he bought me to wear to the cinema when we went to see the film!


Finally from my Mom I had this gorgeous Tigger plush from Disney Store! I loved the Christoper Robin plushes and originally only ordered Tigger and Eeyore, I treated myself to Eeyore as a birthday present to myself but then I saw Piglet while we were in London so Ash bought me that one. Obviously I then had to get Winnie to complete my set (I wasn’t keen on Kanga & Roo which is why I don’t have that one) so I ordered him online and he was delivered on the morning of my birthday!


Ash (my Fiancé) bought me so much more than I expected this year and I couldn’t believe it when I opened up my last present to find the Peter Pan Disney Tradition that I’ve wanted for MONTHS! I knew he’d got me the Tangled one which I’d also wanted for ages but I wasn’t expecting both!

I’d also shown him this Thumper mug from Disney Store which I fell in love with (even though I don’t like hot drinks much) so he obviously picked that up for me!

The Rapunzel ‘Itty Bitty’ is from my lovely friend who blogs over at Lize in Disneyland I wasn’t expecting anything from her so this was a lovely surprise when we met up a few weeks ago!


I’ve already mentioned that Ash got me the Piglet plush, but… he also treated me to this beautiful Mickey plush while we were in London as he knows I’ve always loved the ‘Grenadier Guards’ uniform! I love how this has Disney Store London on Mickey’s foot too!

Whenever me and Ash visit a Hard Rock Cafe we always get a piece of merchandise from there but last time we visited the London one we were both a bit skint and didn’t get anything. We took a trip to the shop this time so we could get what we missed out on from our last trip and I treated myself to this tshirt as I love the design and how it has all the landmarks around the bottom!

Finally from Ash I had my tickets to see Aladdin the musical which was the whole reason behind our trip to London, I’ll probably do a full post all about our adventures whilst we were there and include a little review of the show but let me tell you it is AMAZING!


Lastly I had a voucher from the girls at work which I could use in H Samuel so I put a bit of my birthday money towards it and bought this gorgeous Winnie the Pooh Disney Tradition as it was in the sale!

I also had money from the rest of my family and on my birthday we had to go on a trip which meant we were close to Bicester Village and when I went in the Cath Kidston shop this Mickey bag was reduced from £150 to £50 so I used some of my money for that. How adorable is it?!

Writing this I’ve realised that 99% of my presents this year were Disney themed but I’m not complaining! Some people might see it as a waste of money but I absolutely adore Disney and I love every single present I received!

What’s your favourite thing I got this year or what do you have on your birthday wish list? Let me know in the comments!


34 thoughts on “What I Got For My 23rd Birthday…

  1. Your posts always give me Disney goals! I wanted the Oh Bother top but they didn’t have my size 😦 love the Alice in Wonderland stuff too! Hope you had a lovely birthday x


  2. Happy belated birthday!!!

    I love how your gifts are Disney-themed! Perfect for you! The Alice in Wonderland goodies are so cute. Love how they all match!

    I like the variety with the Incredibles and Winnie the Pooh tees. The Disney store has so many cute things there – I know I’d want to buy out the whole store if I could!! The Mickey bag is adorable. Hope you enjoyed your celebration!!!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


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