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Spectrum x Disney – The Little Mermaid Collection First Impressions

Hey lovelies! A parcel came for me this morning which means you get an extra post from me this week as I was too excited about it to wait to post about them! I ordered the Spectrum x Disney Little Mermaid brushes (the Ariel set obviously although the Ursula ones are stunning too) last weekend using the 20% off code they had. I know I’m a bit late to the party with these but unfortunately I didn’t have £80 to spend on makeup brushes! Having some birthday money left over and these going down to £64 with the code I couldn’t help myself and finally ordered them!

First off I just have to say how much I hate Royal Mail! My postman supposedly ‘attempted delivery’ this morning, however there were 3 of us home and none of us heard him so clearly he didn’t try very hard if at all (he has a habit of leaving a card without even knocking). Luckily after a few hours I went to my delivery office and they were already back there so I didn’t have to wait until Monday to collect them! 

Spectrum never disappoint with their packaging! The box the brush set was delivered in was grey with mermaid scales, pearls, ‘dinglehoppers’ and two pictures of Ariel on. Open up the box and you’re greeted with a gorgeous velour green bag with a purple lace drawstring and the Spectrum x Disney sign on the front, I think this is a lovely touch as you can keep the brush case in this to prevent it becoming damaged when you aren’t using them. I believe if you buy the Ursula set this velour bag is purple.


The Brush Case

When I opened up the velour bag I honestly couldn’t believe how beautiful this brush case was! The bag that they come in is a gorgeous green shell shape with pearls around the outside and the main girl Ariel front and centre, this again has the Spectrum x Disney sign on the front and on the zipper. It has two small metal handles and a long detachable chain strap with the more pearl detailing.


Although I do love this brush case and think it’s gorgeous I wish Spectrum offered the choice to buy the brush set on its own without the bag or with the Ariel makeup bag instead. I don’t think I will get much use out of this bag let’s face it who has time to put all their makeup brushes away properly in their own little slots after doing your whole face of makeup? If I had the choice I’d definitely have had them with the standard makeup bag to keep them in instead.


The Brushes

Spectrum are known for their gorgeous brushes from their baby pink handles with blue and purple ombré bristles to their stunning marble collection but these Little Mermaid ones are by far my favourite!

All of the handles on the brushes are a beautiful blue colour with a subtle sparkle effect and the Disney logo on the back, the aqua green ferrule goes perfectly with this blue handle and the actual bristles are the same ombré effect Spectrum are famous for in a pink/red coral shade.


Every single brush feels so soft and the handles are pretty sturdy, you definitely get a good quality brush from Spectrum! I cannot wait to start using these brushes to create new make up looks but I’m a little scared to use them as they’re just so pretty that I don’t want to ruin them, oh the struggle!

I’ll do a full review on the collection when I’ve used all the brushes so I can talk about my favourites in the set but that’s all for now! If you’re contemplating buying them I’d definitely say DO IT! Even my mom who said she was going to take my bank card off me when I told her I wanted new makeup brushes again is in awe of how gorgeous this set is so if that isn’t enough to sway you I don’t know what is!

Have you been tempted to buy any of this collection? Spectrum also have a Minnie Mouse collection which is super cute too, let me know in the comments! 



30 thoughts on “Spectrum x Disney – The Little Mermaid Collection First Impressions

  1. How pretty is that colour green!! Green is my favourite colour I can’t get over how pretty the velour bag is. I have never used Spectrum brushes before but I do want to give them a go! I love this collection as I love everything Disney. I agree about the bag though, who has time to put their brushes away properly all the time? not me! It just seems like a waste of a bag! Great review xx


  2. These are gorgeous!! I only have one spectrum brush that I received in a birchbox ages ago and it’s really good. I have been considering buying a set, but have been put off by the price. I’m definitely thinking about it seeing how lovely these look.

    Alice //

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