50 Happy Things

Hey lovelies!I first saw this post on Evie’s blog and I’ve seen it floating around on a few other blogs since I read Evie’s post so I think she’s inspired a lot of people to write their own list of ’50 Happy Things’. I’ll link Evie’s post here so you can check it out if you’re interested!

I’m generally a really negative person so writing a post like this has really made me think a bit more positively, honestly you wouldn’t think it would be hard to think of 50 things that make you happy but this has taken me forever!

  1. Disney movies
  2. Magic mail
  3. Cinema trips
  4. Dining out in a nice restaurant
  5. Getting lost in a good book
  6. The feeling you get when you finish a book
  7. Having an occasion to get all dressed up for
  8. Nandos
  9. Spontaneous road trips to the beach
  10. Fish and chips by the sea
  11. Going to the theatre
  12. Finding new makeup products you love
  13. My blog
  14. The amazing friends I’ve made through this blog
  15. When a blog post does way better than you expected
  16. Going for a long walk to explore new places
  17. Bike rides
  18. Fanta Fruit Twist
  19. Nights on the settee with a takeaway and a film
  20. When you smash a PB on a run
  21. Cookie Dough
  22. Concerts
  23. Seeing friends you haven’t seen in forever!
  24. Dancing round the kitchen while you cook or round your room while you get ready
  25. Red velvet cake
  26. Morrisons cookies (honestly if you haven’t tried them go get yourself some NOW!)
  27. Cornwall
  28. Wales
  29. That feeling when you get to the top of a mountain (Snowdon I’m looking at you)
  30. Walking down Main Street and seeing the castle
  31. When you get off a plane and the heat hits you
  32. Discounts on something you’ve wanted for ages
  33. Spending time with family
  34. Thorntons Vanilla Truffles
  35. Sitting by the pool with a good book and all inclusive drinks/food
  36. Seeing dolphins (they’re my favourite animal)
  37. Meeting new friends
  38. Culotte jumpsuits (the comfiest clothing ever)
  39. When you have amazing interactions with the characters at Disneyland
  40. Spending ages tidying up and loving the finished result
  41. New makeup brushes
  42. Big chunky knit jumpers in winter
  43. Bonfire night
  44. Trips to London
  45. Waterparks (mainly Siam Park, loved it there!)
  46. Chinese food
  47. Pizza
  48. Hot chocolate at the German market to get you in the Christmas spirit
  49. The feeling when you wake up on your birthday/Christmas day
  50. My Fiancé! He makes me the happiest I’ve ever been.. soppy but true!

What makes you happy? Let me know in the comments or tag me if you do this post yourself, I’d love to read them!


24 thoughts on “50 Happy Things

  1. It’s really great to sit and reflect sometimes. I’m quite pessimistic myself, and it would take me a long time to come up with 50 things as well haha. But Disney films and my blog are definitely two things that make me happy too!

    Lovely post,
    Luce xo |


  2. Aww this is such a lovely post Jess! I love reading other peoples happy lists. There are so many things I love here too, cookie dough, hot choc at Christmas markets, big chunky knitted jumpers to name a few. Also that feeling when the heat hits you when you get off a plane is amazing! Really enjoyed reading this! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is a lovey idea! It’s always good to look at the positive things in life. I might do this one day if you don’t mind? I really love this x


  4. Loved reading your list Jess 🙂 culotte jumpsuits, bonfire night and pizza are three more that I could have definitely added to mine x

    Liked by 1 person

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