Does the New Barry M Foundation Really Last ‘All Night Long’?!

Hey lovelies! I recently picked up the new Barry M ‘All Night Long’ foundation on the Superdrug website purely because I was getting a few bits and it was on 3 for 2 so I thought ‘why not?’.

I first have to point out how hard it is to colour match foundation online! I went for the lightest shade called ‘milk’ because I usually always need the lightest foundation any brand do but I swatched it in the store when I went to pick up my order and it was WAY too light! Luckily the lady in the shop let me open my order and change it for the next shade up so I’ve got the shade ‘cashew’ instead.

Shade Range

From what I can see online, the ‘All Night Long’ foundation comes in 15 shades; this isn’t bad for a drugstore brand but I still think they could have made more! The shade ‘cashew’ was quite a good colour match for my skin but just be careful because the foundation does oxidise a little.


I actually really like the packaging on this foundation, it’s a clear bottle with a black lid and pump. The bottle is really lightweight so it would be great for travelling and it has one of those things where the pump moves up the bottle as you use the product so you can see how much you have left.

The Claims

‘All Night Long foundation will have you covered until the early hours with its smooth, creamy formulation which is easy to blend and feels lightweight on the skin. With moisturising Vitamin E and anti-oxidising fruit extracts for a healthy look that’s yours.’ 

‘Full coverage foundation’ – the front of the foundation bottle holds the claim that this is full coverage, I don’t agree at all I’d say it’s medium at best! It didn’t cover my blemishes and when I tried to build the foundation I didn’t get any extra coverage it actually turned a little cakey.

‘Easy to blend’ – I used a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to blend this foundation as I do with every foundation I wear and while it was easy to blend in some places I found that it also clung to some parts of my skin and wouldn’t blend at all. It also dries really quickly so if you put dots on your face then blend like I do you have to work quickly else you’ll struggle to blend it at all!

Feels lightweight on the skin’ – I do agree with this claim it definitely feels lightweight I could hardly tell I was wearing it.

Healthy look’ – I would say that my skin looked quite healthy wearing this compared to some other foundations I own, I’m putting this down to the fact it isn’t completely matte so my skin had a little bit of a glow to it whereas I’d usually go for a matte foundation but I did quite like the finish!

‘Lasts all night’ – I had this foundation on for around 10 hours and it did last quite well. Don’t get me wrong I have drugstore foundations which last a little better but I was surprised at how well this did. It had started to fade/break up around my nose area but this happens with nearly every foundation I wear and other than that it was still pretty good! With a bit of setting spray I think this could have lasted even longer.

This was the foundation when I first applied it on the left and 10 hours later on the right


Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight on the skin
  • Nice packaging, bottle is also lightweight
  • Did give a bit of a healthier look than some foundations
  • Good shade match
  • Longevity was quite good!


  • Not full coverage
  • Difficult to blend in some places
  • Isn’t buildable – ends up cakey
  • Shade can oxidise a little

Final Thoughts

Overall I have mixed feelings about this foundation; although I liked the finish it didn’t give me the coverage I hoped for but it did last quite well so I’m torn. I’d probably give it a 6.5/10. This is because it comes in at £7.99 and although that is pretty cheap for a foundation, I have better drugstore products for similar prices so will I repurchase? Probably not! If you like your foundation with a more light coverage then this might be for you though!

Have you tried this foundation? If you have let me know how it worked for you in the comments! 



49 thoughts on “Does the New Barry M Foundation Really Last ‘All Night Long’?!

  1. I find that with the ‘cheaper’ drug store foundations like barrym their shade ranges could be soooo much better and i agree that i find that when you try and build them to get the coverage they’re supposed to give they turn cakey! For the price though i guess you can’t complain too much as it does sound like there are some good pros to this! Loved this review Jess x

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      1. I was in superdrug today and had a little swatch. The lightest one was a pretty good match for me. It blended in well on the back of my hand so it would probably be a tiny bit dark on my face but overall good. A little pink though x


  2. i feel like drugstore brands are always lacking in the shade range and they usually done have testers (at least not here in america) so you can’t even tell if the shade will actually match you or not. it’s so frustrating! this is a great post and very well thought out review, loved it xx

    mich //

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  3. Sounds like a mixed product – but all depends on what you like in a foundation I guess. I like a very natural base, so this probably wouldn’t be the one for me as its cakey and I hate that but thanks for sharing lovely!! Xx


  4. Really good review. It’s always a shame when products don’t live up to their own hype though! I’m the same in that no matter which foundation I use, it always dries up and looks patchy around my nose, and bits on my cheeks at times too. This foundation sounds like such a mixed bag, not sure I’d want to try it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it xx


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