What’s In My Bag? – Autumn Essentials

Hey lovelies! I’ve never done a ‘what’s in my bag’ type post before but I enjoy having a nosy at what other people consider to be so ‘essential’ that they carry it in their bag all the time! I’m forever changing my bags over depending on the shift I’m on, if I need to take my gym stuff to work or whether it’s the weekend so you can guarantee I’ll always forget something!

Obviously the main thing in your bag should be your purse and keys. I love my Mickey Mouse purse from Cath Kidston because it’s big enough to fit everything in that I need! I used to carry a smaller purse and a card holder but I got sick of looking for my cards all the time so this one has enough slots to fit my bank card, gym and cinema card, provisional and all the store cards I have. I also keep my weekly bus ticket in here if I’m at work. I’m lucky enough that you actually have to use your key to lock the door when you leave the house at mine else I’d forever be locking myself out; at least this way I know I always have my keys with me even if I can’t find them because they’re buried at the bottom of my bag.

With the ever changing British weather it’s always a good thing to carry an umbrella with you as you never know when you might get caught in the rain! In typical Jess style mine is obviously a Disney one, Winnie The Pooh from Clintons if you’re wondering.


When the weather starts to change and the temperature drops I suffer with terrible dry lips and my hands can get really dry too which then causes a rash.  I always make sure I have my favourite lip balm made my Palmer’s with me to prevent dry lips as best I can. I’ve also started putting some hand cream from Soap and Glory in my bag ready for when it gets colder!

If you wear lipstick on a daily basis but you’re always changing the product you’re wearing like I am don’t forget to throw it in your bag before you leave the house! There’s nothing worse than being out all day and realising you don’t have your lip colour with you when it needs topping up.

The final thing I like to keep in my bag is my iPod. I’m using this a lot more recently now that I’ve started going to the gym again, I hate running without music so this helps to ensure I don’t have to. I also get the bus to work and I often use public transport on weekends if I’m going shopping or whatever so having my iPod makes these journeys a little more bearable!

What do you always make sure you have in your bag? Let me know in the comments! 



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