NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation Review

Hey lovelies! You may have seen me put on Twitter a couple of weekends ago that all of the NYX products were on 3 for 2 in Boots, obviously I was trying to help you guys bag a bargain. Anyway this worked out perfectly for me as I’d been wanting to get their new ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ foundation to test out, so I picked that up along with the ‘Born To Glow’ primer and the ‘Stay Matte But Not Flat’ powder foundation. I’m sure loads of you will have seen people talking about this foundation on social media by now so let’s get into the review.

Shade Range

Let’s face it I couldn’t review this foundation and not mention the amazing shade range. The Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation comes in an astonishing 45 different shades!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drugstore brand put out this many options for a foundation and not many high-end brands do either.

With how pale I am I usually have to go for the lightest shade in any foundation I pick up, however in Can’t Stop Won’t Stop I had the shade ‘Alabaster’ which is actually the 4th shade in the range. I could have probably gone another shade up as well, so for everyone who usually struggles to get a foundation to match their skin go and swatch these in store, I’m sure you’ll find one that works for you!


The packaging of this foundation is pretty simple, it’s just a clear bottle with the product name down the front and a black pump with a clear lid. It reminds me a little bit of the L’oreal True Match packaging. You get 30ml of product which is pretty standard for most foundations so it’s not like you’re not getting as much product for your money!

The Claims

‘Full coverage foundation’ – the front of the bottle claims that this is a full coverage product, when I first applied this I added 2 pumps of foundation to my face and blended it with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, this gave a very high coverage. I then went in with another pump and the foundation was definitely buildable to give you a full coverage look.

‘Up to 24HR Matte Finish’ – I agree that this foundation gave a matte finish. Sometimes with matte foundations after a few hours they can start to look dry and cakey on my skin but this wasn’t the case with this product at all, it lasted amazingly well, after 13 hours on my skin it still looked as good as when I applied it!

On the left is the foundation when it was first applied, then on the right at the top was after 9 hours of being on my face and underneath is after 13 hours. I think the photos speak for themselves at just how good the foundation lasted!



I absolutely LOVED this foundation! It comes in at £15 which I know is quite pricey for what is meant to be a ‘drugstore’ brand but honestly it’s worth every penny! The foundation blended easily, it was a great colour match which didn’t oxidise at all and the longevity was crazy! I don’t think I’ve ever used a foundation that lasted this well, my foundation usually breaks up around my nose area but I didn’t have any issues with this at all it looked like I’d only just applied it 13 hours later!

I’ll probably keep this foundation for going out and special occasions as I don’t need such a full coverage foundation for everyday wear but I was shocked at how fab this product was and I’ll definitely repurchase in the future!

I’d give the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation a strong 10/10, it’s my favourite foundation I’ve ever tried and performs better than high-end foundations I own such as Mac Studio Fix!

Have you tried this foundation or have I tempted you to go out and give it a try? Let me know in the comments! 






48 thoughts on “NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation Review

  1. When I first read about this shade range I wanted to try it instantly. But I’m nervous about it being too matte for my skin. Foundations that claim to last all day usually don’t work for me that well. I need to at least swatch and figure out what shade I would be though!! x



  2. I’m always looking for a new foundation to try as I’m never satisfied with the ones I use, but this looks like it could be a good one to try! It still looks great in those photos after all those hours, mine always seems to just go horrible on my face straight away. Definitely need to try this, I think that price is okay too!

    Abbey | Diary of a Fibro Girl


  3. What skin type do you have? I have really oily skin and I’m worried that it just wouldn’t last on my skin😫 have you tried it sheered out with only one pump and see how it lasts like that so you don’t have to have the fullest coverage possible? I wonder how it would work out like that🤔 I’m so hesitant to pick up this foundation because of the price really but it does seem great. Great post and really informative!
    Alex x


    1. My skin is normal leaning a little towards the dry side but my fave Youtuber ‘sophdoesnails’ has really oily skin and when she tested it it lasted well on her. I haven’t tried it with a sheer coverage as I like my foundation to be quite full coverage anyway! Thanks for reading, it is pricey for the drugstore but worth it in my opinion!x

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Nyx is one of my favourite brands but I’ve only tried their lip products. I’ve heard really good things about their foundations and seeing the way it looks on you makes me want to buy it even more! Thanks for sharing x


  5. I am in dire need for a new foundation right now and honestly – I have NEVER tried any NYX cosmetics at all and I’ve wanted to for a while.
    I might actually give this a go, I only really wear makeup nowadays for going out or photos so it would be perfect!
    Thank you for this, really great review! 🧡


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