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Colourpop x Disney Lipstick, Lipgloss & Shadows Review

Hey lovelies! If you saw my post on Sunday then you’ll already know that I picked up some items from the new Colourpop x Disney Designer collection. I posted a review on the eyeshadow palette which you can check out here if you missed it. Today’s post will be a review of everything else I picked up, the Creme Lux Lipsticks, Super Shock Shadows and Ultra Glossy Lip; I would be reviewing one of the highlighters too but unfortunately it was in my basket but sold out before I had time to check out.


The lipsticks have my favourite packaging out of the whole collection. Each princess in the collection has their own lipstick, I purchased ‘Ariel’, ‘Belle’ and ‘Snow White’ as these were the most wearable colours for me. Each lipstick came in its own box with a similar design to the palette being black with stars on and then the picture of the princess on the front of the box and their signature on the side. When you take the lipstick out of the box it’s in a beautiful gold tube with the signatures of all the princess over it so it looks similar to the box the palette came in. I kind of wish the princesses pictures were on the lipstick tube as well though.

I then purchased two of the super shock shadows and one lipgloss. These also came in their own individual boxes which were similar to the rest of the collection with the black box which had stars on them. The eyeshadows also have a picture of a castle on the lid which I think adds a really nice touch to them!


All of the lipsticks in this collection were in Colourpop’s ‘Creme Lux’ formula and came in at $7 each which I think is great value for money. I’ve never tried any products from Colourpop before but I’d heard really good reviews about the lip products so I was excited to test them out. Here’s the swatches of the three shades I picked up, at the bottom is ‘Snow White’, then ‘Belle’ in the middle and ‘Ariel’ at the top.


I don’t usually wear red lipstick but purchased ‘Snow White’ as I think it will make a great lip colour for the festive season!

The first shade I tested was ‘Ariel’ as that’s the colour I would usually go for on a daily basis. I was really impressed with the formula, it was super easy to apply and didn’t get everywhere like some lipsticks do. It was really smooth and felt comfortable on the lips. After I’d had lunch it did need reapplying but I expected this as it isn’t a matte formula; I can’t wait to test out the other two shades to see if they feel as nice as ‘Ariel’ did.

Super Shock Shadows


As much as I’d have liked to get all the shadows I only picked up these two as they were the main shades that appealed to me and my bank balance was already crying from everything else I’d added to my basket. I got ‘Under The Sea’ which if you can’t guess is the green shade at the top and ‘Be Our Guest’ which is obviously the pink one underneath. 

The Super Shock Shadows were only $5 each so they were the cheapest thing in the collection, I personally think this is a great price for individual shadows as I’ve known some brands charge a lot more!

The formula of the ‘Super Shock Shadows’ is really hard to explain it’s really smooth and has a strange consistency kind of like a paste. The box tells you to ‘Keep the magic in. Close jar tightly after use.’ which tells me this is the sort of product that might dry out if they’re not closed properly.

The shadows can be quite sheer when you first apply them to your eyes but you can definitely build them up to give you a bright pop of colour and I was really impressed with them.


I’m not usually a fan of lipgloss, like I never wear it but I wanted to get one from this collection to test out and I’d heard good reviews about Colourpop’s Ultra Glossy Lip formula in the past. The only shade that appealed to me was ‘Boo’ the brighter pink shade so I got that one for $6. I love how they named the lipglosses ‘Bibbidi’, ‘Bobbidi’ and ‘Boo’ I just think it’s adorable!

All of the great reviews I’ve heard about these lipglosses were right! The lipgloss applied really easily and it wasn’t sticky at all, it was so comfortable I wore it all day and it didn’t bother me.

Even though the lipgloss looks super pink in the tube it’s quite sheer which I was happy with as I did worry it would look too bright on me. It definitely made my lips look more plump but it did need reapplying after a few hours.

Out of the whole collection the palette and the creme lux lipsticks are my favourite products but I enjoyed using everything and I can’t wait to see if Colourpop bring out another Disney collab because I’d definitely purchase it!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this review lovelies! That’s all for now, see you in my next post!




22 thoughts on “Colourpop x Disney Lipstick, Lipgloss & Shadows Review

  1. loved this post! i ordered the ariel lipstick and palette as well but sadly they are being made a christmas present so little while until i get to play with them. I had the same issue with the highlighter! I was trying to get the pink one which was named after the little mermaid but it disappeared before i could buy it! i was so sad, hopefully they announce the restock soon! lovely review xx

    mich /

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really hope they restock this collection! I so wanted to love the Ariel shade as she’s my favourite princess but I don’t think it’s a shade I would reach for that often. The Snow White shade is stunning though!


  3. Of course the Snow White had to be red! My fave is Ariel I think though! I love the liquid lipsticks from Colourpop but I haven’t tried the normal lipsticks. So great that they are comfortable on the lips.I would prefer if they were matte though! I have used an eyeshadow similar to those, i think mine was a “pressed shadow” and I really didn’t get on with it 😦 I love those colours though! I am really gutted I didn’t get anything from the Disney Colourpop collection. I didn’t even know it was a thing until I saw your previous eye shadow post! I am not a true Disney fan!! Great review, keep the Disney posts coming I LOVE THEM x


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