The Best Makeup Brushes For Every Step of Your Routine

Hey lovelies! Everyone knows that the brushes or tools you use to apply your makeup can literally make or break your look! Brushes that don’t blend your eyeshadow well can leave you frustrated and wiping your whole face of makeup off to start over. This has happened to me on more than one occasion and honestly I don’t have time for that like I’m sure most of you don’t so I thought I’d share my favourite brushes with you to hopefully stop it from happening!


Foundation/Concealer – for my foundation nothing beats a ‘Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge‘ in my eyes, I’ve never felt the need to try an actual ‘Beauty Blender’ because I think this does the job perfectly! I also blend my concealer out with the same sponge. If I’m wearing my Revolution Foundation Stick I’ll use my Morphe M439 to blend it out as it’s a great flat top buffing brush for this product!


Powder – my go to powder brush comes from Spectrum which you’ll be seeing a lot of in this post as I think their products are amazing quality! I have the A01 from three of their collections now and I use it every time I wear makeup to apply my powder.

Bronzer/Contour – I have two brushes that I like to use for my bronzer, these are the Real Techniques Contour Brush or Spectrum A05. The Real Techniques brush is quite dense and just a dome shape whereas the Spectrum brush is a lot fluffier and angled so it just depends on how I’m feeling as to which brush I’ll use. The Spectrum C02 could also be great if you like cream contour products, I like to use it to contour my nose.


Highlighter – the best brush I’ve ever used to apply my highlighter is the Real Techniques Setting Brush, it’s the perfect size in my opinion and nothing else I’ve tried comes close to this.


Brows – again for brows I have two brushes that I love. My holy grail used to be Morphe E29 as it has a spoolie on the opposite end of the brush to the angled bit I use for my brow pomade but then Spectrum released their angled brow brush with a spoolie on the end and I love that one just as much! The Spectrum one I have is from their Little Mermaid collection but they do it in a number of their collections now, it’s the A24. 


Eyeshadow – I have so many eyeshadow brushes that I love so I’m going to give you my favourites for each step in my usual eyeshadow routine:

  • Transition – Spectrum B06 is the perfect fluffy brush to blend any shadow onto and above your lid as your transition shade.
  • Crease – Spectrum B04 is my favourite eyeshadow brush ever! It’s angled perfectly to fit into your crease so that you can build up your shadow there.
  • Concealer – if you’re doing a cut crease you’re likely to need a flat brush to apply the concealer, I use the Spectrum A16 for this.
  • Shimmer – Spectrum A16 is also great for applying shimmer shadows to ‘halo eyes’ and all over the lid in general so I have more than one of these in my collection.
  • Lower lash line – to smoke your shadow onto your lower lash line you need a small brush so that you don’t end up looking like a clown with makeup too far down your face! The Spectrum A13 is perfect for this!

As you can see all of the eyeshadow brushes I use are from Spectrum, this post is in no way sponsored/connected to them (I wish) but they’re genuinely the best brushes I’ve ever used! If you’re looking to invest in some good quality eyeshadow brushes then I’d definitely recommend them, they actually make an ‘8 piece eye blending set’ which is only £30, an absolute bargain in my opinion considering how amazing the brushes are!

There you have it lovelies, my favourite makeup brushes to apply every makeup product I wear. Let me know if you have any makeup brush recommendations, not that I need anymore haha!





34 thoughts on “The Best Makeup Brushes For Every Step of Your Routine

  1. For foundation I love to use the real techniques sponge when I’ve blended it out with a real technique face brush! For powder I love to use a Primark brush and for eyes I have a real morphe ones, real techniques and bh cosmetics !!


  2. The only beauty sponge I’ve ever used is the Beauty Blender and I didn’t like it. If you’ve found a sponge you like, you should stick to it. The Beauty Blender is not worth the hype!! I love the Real Technqiues Contour Brush and Setting Brush, they are amazing. I still need to treat myself to some Spectrum brushes and when I do, it will be your fault. You speak so highly of them and now I feel like I need to try them.


  3. I actually haven’t tried anything from Spectrum! When it comes to foundation, I love the shape of the Real Techniques ones but prefer the texture of an actual Beauty Blender. Most days I use a brush though which was actually from a really cheap eBay set years ago?! Most of my favourite eyeshadow brushes are by Zoeva. My blush brush is by Suqqu, it cost an absolute fortune but I bought it about 5 years ago and have used it almost every day since. This was a really interesting read. I feel as though people talk about products all the time but hardly ever mention what they’re applying them with x



  4. I’ve never actually heard of the brand ‘spectrum’ but it seems like they’re really good brushes! Not sure if I can buy them from where I’m from but I’m really intrigued! My go to brushes are defiantly Morphe brushes, particularly they’re eyeshadow ones and the M439! The quality is so good for the price 😄💖


  5. This is a really helpful post Jess! I don’t know very much about makeup but I learnt a lot from this, I’ll remember your suggestions when I need to buy new brushes. The Spectrum eye blending set sounds like a good place to start and a bargain for so many good quality brushes. Thanks for sharing lovely! ❤ xx

    Bexa |


  6. I am such a huge fan of the Real Techniques sponge!!! I’ve never used a brush to apply my base, and considering I only ever use CC & BB creams, I love the natural finish I can get with the sponge as well as the ability to blend out so many different areas.


  7. I use the Real Techniques sponge too and I LOVE it. It’s never failed me yet.
    Brushes, however, I never put enough thought in. I’ll definitely be taking your advice on the spectrum brushes, I don’t wear eyeshadow much anymore because it never works out well with the brushes I use – time to invest, I think!

    Great post!

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