My Huge Foundation Collection – With Reviews

Hey lovelies! I literally cannot stop buying foundation recently, every time a brand I like releases a new one I feel like I need to purchase it and review it on my blog for you guys. BUT considering I don’t wear foundation every day, in fact I only tend to wear it on weekends, my collection is getting a little too big, like to the point where I can’t close my drawer so I thought I’d show you everything I have and write a little review of them all.

Maybelline 24H Superstay – 4.5∗

I LOVE this foundation, it definitely lives up to the ’24H’ claims in my opinion. I tend to always reach for this when I’m going out all day and I know I need my makeup to last for longer than 12 hours or for a night out. It gives great coverage, like almost full which is what I like in a foundation and you can build it up without it looking cakey. It’s also a pretty good colour match for my pale skin which is usually hard to find! I wear 03- True Ivory if you’re interested.

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid – 3.5∗

This foundation was like a cult favourite when I was still in high school, I used to wear it ALL the time even though the shade range back then was rubbish and it was probably way too dark for me. When they released new shades I picked one up for myself as it was a better match and I knew how much I used to love it but it’s pretty average. It gives a medium coverage and it looks quite nice on my skin but I have foundations which I prefer a lot more so I don’t use it very often.

Barry M All Night Long Full Coverage Foundation – 3∗

I reviewed this foundation pretty recently on the blog so if you want a more in depth review I’ll link it here. I’ll be honest I haven’t used it since I reviewed it, I was pretty torn by the results because it wasn’t full coverage and when I tried to build the coverage it got cakey, however the longevity was pretty good and it did look decent on my skin so it might be better in the summer when I’m not looking for a lot of coverage.

NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – 5∗

This is the most recent foundation I’ve reviewed so again if you want more information I’ll link it here. This foundation has replaced the Maybelline Superstay as my absolute favourite, I was so impressed with the results I actually couldn’t believe how good it was! The foundation was full coverage, easy to blend and still looked as good as when I applied it 13 hours later!

Mac Studio Fix Fluid – 4∗

I had this foundation as a present last Christmas because I wanted to try some high end foundations to see if the coverage and longevity was better. I do like this foundation and it gives me a really high coverage look but I find after a few hours on my skin it can start to look a little dry or cakey which is why I don’t wear it as often as some of my other products.


Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation – 4.5∗

I reviewed the Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation here if you’re interested. This is another one of my firm favourites from the drugstore recently! I didn’t like the applicator as it’s a big doe foot but other than that I loved it. The foundation gave me a very high coverage and again the longevity was really good!

Revlon Colourstay – 3.5∗

I bought this foundation because my favourite Youtuber ‘sophdoesnails’ used to talk about this all the time and I wanted to try it. This is more of an ‘everyday’ wear foundation as it only gives around a medium coverage, it does last well but I don’t find myself reaching for it very often. I definitely have other products from the drugstore which are cheaper and do a better job!

L’Oreal True Match – 3.5∗

This is the foundation I’m likely to choose for an ‘everyday’ look, I like that the coverage looks really natural on my skin and it’s super lightweight so it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing any product!

Rimmel Match Perfection – 3.5∗

This is a more recent purchase because I needed something else when there was a ‘3 for 2’ offer on Rimmel products. I really like this foundation as it’s a great colour match for my skin I just wish it gave a bit more coverage. Will I repurchase it? Probably not but only because I have products that are a similar price and work better for my preferences but if you like a medium coverage foundation you may love this, I know a lot of people do!

L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover – 2∗

This foundation is SO thick! It gives amazing coverage but I just can’t use it on it’s own, it doesn’t blend out with my foundation sponge at all because of the consistency and I find when I try to use a brush to blend it then it just bunches up in certain patches on my face. I really wish this had a better consistency because the coverage is fab but it’s absolutely terrible! Definitely won’t repurchase this one!

Revolution Foundation Stick – 3.5∗

I really like the Revolution Foundation Stick, I reviewed it here if you want to know more about it but I love how easy it is to throw on when you’re in a rush and I need to pick up a new one of these soon because mine is running out. I hardly ever wear makeup to work but on days when my skin looks terrible or I’m looking really rough I’ll put this on and although it doesn’t give a full coverage it gives my skin the perfect pick me up it needs to make me look half decent throughout the day!

So there you have it guys, the 11 foundations I have cluttering up my drawer at the minute. I’m hoping to start using some of these up soon so that I can just repurchase the ones I like the most but no doubt I’ll find a load more to review by then anyway!

What’s your favourite foundation? Have I included it in this post? Let me know in the comments!



46 thoughts on “My Huge Foundation Collection – With Reviews

  1. I really want to try the NYX can’t stop won’t stop, Maybelline super stay and the Conceal and Define foundation! Currently trying to use up my Rimmel Match perfection which I do like, I’m not a massive high coverage fiend so I literally only use one pump of foundation but do like the option of pigmentation! I can’t think which one to buy first though once my Rimmel one has run out! I’m currently on the look out for a good powder to be honest, you had much look with any recently??
    Alex x

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      1. The only problem I have with the Rimmel Stay Matte powder is that it breaks so easily! I guess I just need to be more careful with it😂 I think it’s a toss up between the Maybelline and the Revolution Conceal and define one really, probably the Maybelline one xx

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  2. Great post! I love True Match! I agree, it’s better for the everyday look. I also love the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless which you didn’t mention in this post, but I think you’ll like. Higher end wise, I love the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation!

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  3. You have lots of different foundations, I like to use Estée Lauder double wear, high coverage but also it stays on all day. I also like rimmels ones and I like L’Oréal. I really want to try the rimmel contour stick (I know it’s not foundation but it looks great) thanks for sharing your review lovely 😘xxx

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  4. That’s a LOT of foundation! I only have 2 – they’re the same product. Just one is almost empty and the other one is full haha! I’m surprised to see the Barry M one with such a low score and also the Infallible foundation! I really liked the look / sound of that one but I suppose if you’re not normally into super thick and high coverage then it’s probably not for you. Great post! xxx

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  5. I have a few of these foundations that I love like the Revolution stick foundation which I’m actually wearing today! I need to go through my collection as I keep wearing the same ones, I need to try out the NYX foundation sounds really good! Xx

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  6. I stick to CC creams myself, but the Revolution stick foundation is one that I’ve actually seen other bloggers review positively, & I think that I’d actually like to try it!

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  7. I only own one foundation and it’s absolutely awful, it causes me to break out, it doesn’t have any coverage and the shade range is terrible so this was a very helpful and useful post! So happy I came across this!

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  8. Amazing to see you’re still loving the NYX one. It’s a shame the Barry M one isn’t that good for you because I was so pleasantly surprised by the shades when I swatched it in store. I have match perfection and I’m not that keen on it either. I’m not sure why either as I don’t usually go for full coverage and usually like Rimmel foundations. I’m slightly embarrassed about how many foundations I own after reading this…oops x


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  9. Such a good foundation collection! Some of these are my faves too so gave me deas of what others I need to try. definitely want to purchase the Revolution one, going to check out your full review of it now too! xx

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  10. W O W!! I mean.. I thought I was obsessed with foundation but you’ve got quite a big collection in comparison to me. So many of these I haven’t tried because I’m so scared of trying something new due to my pale ass complexion. Always have wanted to try Mac foundation in particular. Loved how you gave each foundation a good chunky review!

    Finlay Grace xx

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    1. Now you’re making me feel even worse about how huge my collection is I seriously have a problem 🙈 Mac is good because you can go get colour matched and they’ll give you a sample for free so you don’t have to pay expensive for something that doesn’t work for you! Next time you’re shopping go to the Mac counter and ask about it it’s worth it!x

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      1. Don’t feel guilty one bit! It’s good that your exploring the options and working out what’s great for your skin! Thanks for the tip! I always feel nervous going up and asking but I might just brave it next time!

        Finlay Grace x


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