The Mascara Revolution – First Impressions

Hey lovelies! It feels like all I ever do is review new Revolution Beauty products on this blog lately like literally I wish they’d sponsor me! Every time they bring out a new product I feel like I NEED to try it because they hardly ever disappoint so I was so excited to see they were finally bringing out a mascara and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

I popped into my local Superdrug a few days ago after work and was glad to see they already had the mascara in stock, considering it hasn’t been out for very long and my store is quite a small one I wasn’t expecting it.  When I saw the price I was pretty shocked, you might think £8 for a mascara is nothing and it isn’t really but compared to the usual price of Revolution products I was expecting it to be around the £6 mark.

The packaging is standard Revolution at the minute, simple but still pretty in a gorgeous rose gold tube with ‘The Mascara Revolution’ on the front in black writing and the brand logo on the back. Apparently they’ve gone for simple packaging because the whole point of the mascara is ‘no gimmicks just real results’.

The Wand

When I opened the mascara I was a little dubious about the wand as it seemed quite big compared to what I’m used to. Revolution claim ‘the hourglass shaped brush hugs the lash to create a natural curl’, so the wand is chunkier at both ends and then is a little thinner in the middle.


I thought the wand would be too big and I’d end up with mascara all over my eyelids and under eyes but I was SO wrong! I completely agree that the bristles of the wand hugged my lashes and it was actually really easy to apply with no mess at all!

The Results

I often find with drugstore mascaras they’re either lengthening or volumising but they usually struggle to do both which is why I sometimes wear more than one mascara but ‘The Mascara Revolution’ worked well at both lengthening my lashes and giving them volume!

I don’t naturally have very good lashes they’re quite short and stubby so I was really impressed with the results I got from this mascara!

Throughout the day I didn’t notice any visible changes with the mascara my lashes still looked just as good when I removed my makeup 12 hours later. Also this was really easy to remove compared to some mascaras I’ve tried recently (yes I’m looking at you Benefit Bad Gal Bang).

You can see what the finished result was below, honestly I didn’t expect this mascara to do such a good job and my lashes definitely looked better than they do from my usual drugstore mascara which is more expensive so I’ll definitely be using this more often!


Sorry this post hasn’t been very long but there’s not much you can say about a mascara! Will you be picking this up next time you’re shopping? 






48 thoughts on “The Mascara Revolution – First Impressions

  1. great post! I have a store here in the US that sells makeup revolution so i’ll have to see if they sell this! it looks similar to a maybelline mascara that I love so I think i’d like it! i love how your lashes look, super black and definded! xx

    mich /

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  2. I wouldnt expect it to be £8 just because revolution products are so cheap anyway but this sounds so good and although i dont need anymore new mascaras i might have to pop into superdrug before work to see if they have it because i feel i really need it haha!

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  3. From your review, I’m so impressed. If I’m honest, I don’t tend to like cheaper mascaras. Like you said, a lot of them are just lacking something and I don’t like to wear more than one. Your lashes look amazing in that photo though! Especially as you said your natural ones are short. I agree that £8 sounds a bit expensive for Revolution but it looks like it’s worth it! x



  4. Yess, I love a no mess mascara, nothing worse than getting it all over your face! I agree about the price but as you said it is a good mascara! Your eyelashes look amazing. My lashes are short and flat so I need to pick this up! Great review! x

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  5. Really love how honest your reviews are and had a little giggle at your benefit bad gal bang shade! It is such a hard mascara to full clean off! The revolution mascara definitely does the trick as your lashes look soo full and amazing!

    Finlay Grace x

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  6. I rarely venture out of my fav mascara, the L’oreal Lash Paradise, bc it actually does lengthen & volumise my lashes, but this actually sounds similar enough that I might just have to try it out.


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