Morphe 25A Copper Spice – The Perfect Palette For Autumn!

Hey lovelies! I’ve been looking through my eyeshadow palette collection recently and I’ve realised how many of my palettes I haven’t used in SO long. It seems a shame that they’re just sitting in my drawer not getting used so I’m making it my mission to review more of them on my blog and use them more often!

Today it’s all about the Morphe 25A ‘Copper Spice’ palette, I thought it was the best time of year to talk about this palette as it’s absolutely perfect for autumn! As the name suggests the palette is full of gorgeous copper/brown toned shadows with a great mix of mattes and shimmers which means you can use it for everyday looks and more dramatic smokey eyes if that’s your thing!



I got this palette before Morphe had a whole overhaul of their packaging etc. so if you were to purchase it now the packaging would look a little different but it’s still the same palette I promise you! Also my palette didn’t come with a list of shade names but if you go on the Morphe website it does have a list of all the shade names for each row.

I’ll happily put my hands up and say I’m not a fan of the first row of shades at all, they’re all matte transition shades which I think I’ve only used once or twice but that’s purely because I don’t think the colours suit me much, a few of them have a really peachy undertone and although they look very similar in the pan you can kind of tell from the swatches that some are darker than others.

The second and third row are much more my cup of tea! They’re mainly matte shades and I absolutely adore them for transitions, building up colour in your crease and adding darker shades to my outer corner! These shadows are all very pigmented and blend together beautifully!

Row 4 has to be my favourite of them all like seriously I’d buy this palette just for the shimmers they are to die for! I’ve always been a fan of Morphe shimmer shadows anyway the formula is fabulous, really creamy with amazing pigment but these shades are simply gorgeous especially the last two on the row!

The final row also has a few beautiful shimmer shades and then the palette finishes off with a matte dark brown and black shadow which as I said earlier are great for those of you who love a smokey eye!


This palette retails at just £19 which for 25 eyeshadows I think is awesome! I love Morphe because they’re such a great brand who create good quality products for prices that are still affordable to most people! You can pay double the price of this palette for a lot less shadows from some higher end brands so this is definitely worth it in my opinion.

I’ve already mentioned how pigmented the shadows are, especially the shimmer shades and they’re so easy to apply! I created an eyeshadow look I was happy with in less than 10 minutes because the shadows blend so seamlessly together without a lot of effort!

I love how versatile this palette is too! In a rush in a morning? No problem throw on a transition shade and one of those beautiful shimmers and you’re ready to go in no time! Looking to create a gorgeous brown toned smokey eye? Look no further you literally have everything you need in this palette. The fact it has a matte black also means you could use it for some Halloween makeup looks too depending on what you’re going for!


This is the finished look I created with this palette and honestly I LOVE it! I can’t believe I’ve neglected this for so long, it’s certainly going to be used more often now! I’d definitely recommend this if you’re on the lookout for a new eyeshadow palette on a budget!

Will you be adding this to your Christmas wishlist? Let me know your favourite Morphe palette in the comments!




49 thoughts on “Morphe 25A Copper Spice – The Perfect Palette For Autumn!

  1. I’ve never bought a palette from Morphe before but I love the shades in this palette! I love the look you’ve created with the palette! I may have to get my hands on this palette some time soon! xx

    Ashleigh |


  2. The 35f frost in fall (or something like that) palette is my fave for this time of year, the shades are actually similar to this but slightly deeper which is perfect for my skin tone! You’ve inspired me to use this palette today (I’m barely even leaving the house)


  3. I haven’t used a Morphe eyeshadow palette before but they always sound and look amazing! This sounds like it’s such a good price for the amount of eyeshadows you get in the palette and the quality. This palette has such pretty shades – I love the shimmer ones in the 4th row too! The look you created with this palette is gorgeous, it’s perfect for this time of the year.


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  4. I tend to find Morphe mattes a bit on the weaker side. Some of them seem to need so much building up! As yes, the first row is a bit lackluster. Morphe shimmers and metallics are really good and if you consider the price of their palettes, well they’re pretty good value.
    Those shades really look amazing with your blue eyes!

    Kate |


  5. I’ve never tried Morphe eyeshadows as I’ve always been sceptical especially with all of the affiliates there are in the beauty world with this brand but they do look amazing on you! I love warm oranges and browns because they really make my blue eyes stand out which is a rare thing for me as they usually look grey. I saw a tag on YouTube called the project throwback tag which is all about using certain make up products for a whole month so you get use of make up you’ve got, maybe you could try that so you can get use of some awesome products you own? I wrote a post about it on my blog and I thought it might be useful for you! Great post and a great recommendation!
    Alex x

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      1. Thank you so much! I thought it might be a useful concept for a fellow make up lover! Yeah I don’t mind supporting people if they have the codes but Morphe is such a huge one for so many people I am a bit sceptical!

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  6. I love the shimmery shades in row 4, they are so nice and perfect for Autumn. The palette is such good value for money, you get so many beautiful shades. The look you have created is gorgeous and really suits you, you always look so pretty Jess! I’m also loving your Micky Mouse top too, its so CUTE! Thanks for sharing, lovely review as always ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  7. I have wanted this palette for a while so I am glad to see what the shades look like and to read your review! I agree about the first row, I also think they wouldn’t even show up on my brown skin. The other colours however look amazing. I love Morphe’s shimmer and glitter shadows too! I have Morphe Palettes with similar shades but for the price you can’t go wrong!! xx

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