35 Blogmas Post Ideas

Hey lovelies! I’ve had my Blogmas posts planned for around a month now, some of you will think I’m super organised but in reality I had a week off work at the beginning of October and I knew if I didn’t do some of them then that I’d have failed at Blogmas because December is going to be super busy for me!

Anyway, I’ve seen on Twitter that a lot of you are now starting to plan your Blogmas content or that you’re struggling for post ideas so I thought I’d write a list of post ideas for you all!

Christmas Themed Posts

Just because it’s ‘Blogmas’ doesn’t mean that all of your posts have to be Christmas themed but it is nice to have some Christmas posts thrown in every now and then!

  1. Favourite Christmas Movies
  2. Favourite Christmas Songs
  3. Christmas Gift Guide for Parents
  4. Christmas Gift Guide for your Partner
  5. Christmas Gift Guide for Pets
  6. Secret Santa Gift Guide
  7. Christmas Wishlist
  8. Christmas Present Swap with another blogger
  9. Christmas Cookie Recipe
  10. Favourite Christmas Memories
  11. Christmas Tree Reveal
  12. Favourite Christmas Decorations – the stories behind them if you have any
  13. Christmas Homeware – adding a touch of Christmas everywhere in your home
  14. Plan Your Perfect Christmas Day
  15. Favourite Christmas Books

Blogging Posts

  1. Your Favourite Posts of 2018
  2. Your Favourite Bloggers of 2018
  3. How To Organise Blog Content (get prepared for the New Year)
  4. Blog Goals for the Coming Year
  5. Did You Hit Your Blog Goals for This Year?

Beauty Posts

  1. Christmas Party Makeup Look
  2. Festive Makeup Look
  3. Favourite Beauty Products from This Year
  4. Most Anticipated Beauty Releases for Next Year
  5. Best of Beauty Advent Calendars/Beauty Gift Sets

Book Posts

  1. Reading Challenge – Did You Reach Your Target?
  2. Reading Challenge – Targets for Next Year
  3. Everything You Read This Year
  4. Favourite Books of This Year
  5. Most Anticipated Book Releases for Next Year

Fashion Posts

  1. Winter Lookbook
  2. How To Organise Your Wardrobe
  3. Wardrobe Clear Out – New Year New Style
  4. Christmas Day Outfit
  5. Christmas Party Outfit Guide

So there you have it, 35 Blogmas post ideas for you all. I’m sure there’s something for everyone here and I hope this has helped some of you plan your Blogmas content! I cannot wait to read everyone’s posts!

Will you be taking part in Blogmas? Let me know in the comments! 



57 thoughts on “35 Blogmas Post Ideas

  1. Honestly this is such a great post, I’ve wanted to do blogmas so bad this year but life hasn’t really allowed me any time to plan it so i thought i’d just give it a miss! These ideas are such good ideas and so helpful though and have kinda made me think about doing it again! x

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  2. I think I was meant to see this post, Jess! I’ve been thinking about taking part in Blogmas this year but I haven’t planned out any blog posts yet 😦 but reading this post made me want to try it, those are really amazing Blogmas ideas lovely. Thank you so much for sharing!!! Xx


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  3. Oh gosh I honestly don’t think I could EVER do blogmas! Uploading 3 posts a week drives me crazy sometimes so I can’t imagine daily blogging for a month. I will definitely be keeping some of these in mind for general Xmas content though! Excited to read your blogmas posts 🙂
    Alice Xx

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  4. I’ve always loved blogmas and I’ve really enjoyed watching and reading them for years but I’m not sure I’ll do it this year just as it’s a lot and I haven’t had too much time to plan but this is so helpful will definitely be saving this post! Xx

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  5. This is a brilliant and really varied list! I love the idea of blogmas but wow, I just would never have the spare time to do it. I wish I did!

    I love the idea of the Christmas tree reveal though, I may pinch that one! 😂 We have 2 trees at home. One in the living room and one in the dining room. One is a slightly classier affair and the other one is tacky as hell… needless to say, that one is my favourite!

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  6. I’m doing blogmas this year, but I never even thought of how stressful it’s going to be, (it’s my first time). I was already planning posts but I am planning even more now, thanks for the ideas! They are helping so much!


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