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Blogmas 15 – Disneyland Paris Haul!

Hey lovelies, welcome to Blogmas day 15! I can’t believe Christmas is 10 days away, I’m literally so unprepared I haven’t even finished my shopping let alone thought about wrapping presents.. woops!

Anyway I’ve kept everything I got from Disneyland Paris last week in the bags until I wrote this haul because I knew I’d forget things if I didn’t so I cannot wait to show you everything I got so I can finally get it all out! I went with a huge list of things I wanted and I was really disappointed because a lot of the things they didn’t have but that didn’t stop me from buying quite a lot. BUT I did bring back spending money so I did quite well!

Seen as it’s Blogmas I thought I’d kick this post off with all of the Christmas things I bought!

Gingerbread Mickey and Minnie

This Christmas Gingerbread Mickey and Minnie plush was one of the things I knew I wanted to get before we even left for Disneyland it’s so cute and it reminds me of the decorations around the park so it makes me so happy when I see it! This plush cost €19.99 which is an average price for a plush but it is a little smaller than I expected it to be.

Between writing this post and taking pictures for it I seem to have misplaced this in one of the bags but I’m sure you all know what they look like anyway! SORRY!!

Christmas Decorations

I picked up three decorations for my Christmas tree which you can see in my latest collab post with Lize in Disneyland from Thursday! I’ll link it here if you’re interested!

Christmas Statue

There were two Christmas statues that I absolutely loved and I was torn between them, they were both €49.99 so in the end I went with this one as it’s a little bigger so you get more ornament for your money! It’s a train with Mickey and Minnie riding on top of it in Santa outfits, Chip and Dale are inside looking out the window in their Christmas hats and Goofy and Donald are on the back in their Santa outfits carrying presents. The whole scene is on a snow covered floor with presents dotted around it and two Christmas trees. It’s so beautiful!


Christmas Ears/Hat

I went to Paris with the intention of buying some festive themed Mickey ears even though I’d taken 4 pairs of ears with me but I also ended up buying a Christmas hat while we were there too because seriously who can resist a cute bobble hat especially when it’s Disney themed?


I had to hunt everywhere for these ears that I wanted as a lot of the shops didn’t have them in stock but I finally found them a couple of days into our trip when one of the stores restocked them and I’m so happy I got them, they’re way more comfortable than my original Minnie park ears!


Disneyland Paris Spirit Jersey

It’s just my luck that I’ve wanted a spirit jersey since they were released in the parks and they go on the Shop Disney UK website the day after we arrived in Paris! I was so annoyed because this meant the parks had hardly any in stock at all, I couldn’t find the black one anywhere and Disney Fashion in the Village only had the pink ones in a large and extra-large. I debated it for just over a day and in the end I got the pink one in the large although it’s a little big for me I didn’t want to miss out completely and they don’t look too bad oversized anyway!

Big Thunder Mountain T-Shirt

On our last trip Big Thunder Mountain was closed so we never got to experience ‘the wildest ride in the wilderness’ but we sure made up for it this time riding it at least 6 times while we were there! It’s safe to say Big Thunder has become my favourite ride across both parks at DLP so I had to buy the t-shirt to show how much I loved it!


Disneyland Paris T-Shirt

I originally wanted this t-shirt in the grey sweatshirt they do but again I couldn’t find them anywhere. I’d seen it in red and thought I was going to have to settle for that although it looked really boyish but when I went to get my Big Thunder t-shirt they had this one so I bought it straight away before I missed out!

I was actually brave this trip and rode both of the rides featured on this t-shirt but there will be a whole post about that coming soon! I love how it has the Walt quote on it and I’d definitely still get the sweatshirt as well in future if it becomes available!

Partner Statue Pandora Charm

I got two Pandora charms this trip but you’ll have to wait for my ‘What I Got For Christmas’ haul to see the other one I picked up as my Fiancé bought it for me. For myself I purchased the Partner Statue of Walt and Mickey holding hands and I thought it was an absolute steal at only €55! I can’t wait to add this to my bracelet!


Castle Necklace

I’d seen a castle shaped necklace that I loved but this was another thing I couldn’t find on my trip, however I did find this one and I love it even more! It’s a rose gold necklace with the castle on and it’s gorgeous. This was around €37 I think.

Everything Else

Sorcerer Stitch Plush

I really wanted to pick up a Sorcerer Mickey plush on this trip but me and my Fiancé were also considering getting a Stitch plush too. Because we’re moving out soon and won’t have much room for loads of plush we decided to get the Stitch plush where he’s dressed as Sorcerer Mickey as it covered both of the things we wanted in one plush! He’s SO cute!

Kitchen Timer

Again on the subject of moving out, there were loads of kitchen things I wanted to get but again couldn’t find any of them and the utensils were €7.99 each which I thought was a bit pricey. The one thing I did pick up on the way to the Eurostar station to come home was this Mickey Kitchen Timer for €12.99.


Magnets and Pins

I got two magnets ready to go on our new fridge when we move out, I picked up the first one in our hotel shop and then saw the second one in Studios park and loved it more than the first one so I decided to get that too. Let’s face it you can never have too many magnets!

I’m not a pin collector and I didn’t want to start this trip as I knew it could become a really expensive habit but I did get two. One was a Christmas themed pin of Mickey and Minnie under some mistletoe and the second was the Tower of Terror pin to commemorate how brave I was to actually go on this ride.

Mouse Party

It was ‘The World’s Biggest Mouse Party’ while we were in Disneyland but unfortunately not being AP holders meant we couldn’t go. There was tonnes of merch for it though so I did pick up this Mickey shaped pen with the Mouse Party Mickey all over.

I think that’s everything I picked up this trip. We had an amazing time and I’d have bought home even more stuff if they had everything I wanted but I still did really well. What’s your favourite thing I got? Let me know in the comments!




21 thoughts on “Blogmas 15 – Disneyland Paris Haul!

  1. Love the baubles. I’m not a huge Disney fan but I have things I’ve brought back for the kids. I’ve taken children on a school trip before and I do own a few baubles. Also have one a pupil brought back for me years ago. X Stitch is one of my faves do I love the plushiexx

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  2. You’re Christmas decorations are perfect. I love how much Mickey and Minnie are all over at the minute for the 90 years! I picked up a shirt the other day with Mickey on – couldn’t resist! Love your Christmas statue too! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh you got so much cute stuff! This is getting me so excited for when I go! I think my favourite is the castle necklace because it is so classic and lovely. I feel like buying pins and magnets is such as must when you go to Disney, I have still got some from when I was about 10 from when I went there! xx

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