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Blogmas 24 – Christmas Box Swap Collab

Hey lovelies! Merry Christmas Eve! I’m super excited to be sharing my penultimate Blogmas post with you, trust me it’s a good one! For this post me and Lize who blogs over at Lize in Disneyland decided that we should do a Disney themed Christmas box swap, we set a budget of £15 each and got shopping!

Me and Lize were supposed to meet up to exchange gifts but you know how it is on the run up to Christmas everyone has such hectic schedules that we just couldn’t manage it, so we posted them to each other and luckily Royal Mail came through and delivered in time for Christmas!

I was actually really poorly for a few days so I got sent home from work on Monday, arriving home and finding this was the perfect pick me up and just what I needed! Anyway let’s get on with the post and show you what I got…

Itty Bitty

The first thing I unwrapped from the box was a Tigger Itty Bitty, Lize had wrapped everything in Disney tissue paper so I could kind of see through the paper which character this was and I was SO excited! I only own two Itty Bittys and Lize has bought them both for me, the first one being a Rapunzel she got for my birthday. They’re super cute and she knows how much I love all the Winnie The Pooh characters so I was really happy with this!


Pixie Dust Crochet

The next thing I opened in my box was a little gift from a company called ‘Pixie Dust Crochet’ I’ll link their Etsy shop here as they make beautiful Disney themed gifts like drinks cosies and hats. I actually purchased something from this shop to take to Disneyland Paris with me as they did a Candy Cane inspired Minnie/Mickey drinks cosy which was perfect for the festive season there!

Obviously knowing me so well Lize picked out another of my favourite characters for this gift and got me a Lotso cosy! It’s absolutely amazing and captures Lotso perfectly, I’ll always keep this in my bag now for if I ever get a Costa/Starbucks while I’m out so I can put it round the cup! 

Tsum Tsum

I didn’t actually own any Tsum Tsums before doing this box swap with Lize which I’m sure she was shocked about considering her collection has over 400 and is still being added to!

Lize knows how much I love Wreck It Ralph and that Vanellope is one of my favourite characters ever so when these were released in one of the Disney parks she actually got someone to do a pick up for her and get me this before they were released on Shop Disney UK! I’m so grateful, she couldn’t have picked a better character for me!


Luna Moon Shop

The final thing I opened in my box is possibly my favourite thing of all! One of mine and Lize’s good friends has started her own business called ‘Luna Moon’ and she makes gorgeous hanging decorations and bunting which are often Disney themed but she can also make personalised items!

Lize chose to get me a Thumper hanging decoration from Luna Moon and honestly I was overwhelmed with how beautiful it is, it’s from the scene where Thumper is sliding on the ice and it has little snowflakes around the edge. This is now sitting right in the middle of my Christmas tree and definitely has pride of place!


I’ll also link the Luna Moon Instagram here so you can check out their amazing products!

I cannot thank Lize enough for collabing with me on this post, I also got a Disney themed Christmas card from her too which was super lovely! Lize did SO well with choosing my gifts, I love every single one of them and I hope she loves hers just as much! Don’t forget to head over to her post to see what I put in her box!


What’s your favourite item that Lize got for me? Let me know in the comments!




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