What I Got For Christmas 2018 – Disney Items

Hey lovelies! I asked on Twitter if you guys would rather me do one full ‘What I Got For Christmas’ post or split it into two posts, one for Disney items and one for everything else I got. I got a mixed response but the majority said to do two separate posts so this is the first part of my ‘What I Got For Christmas’ and I’ll be showing you everything Disney I got!

Disclaimer: I am NOT bragging! I enjoy reading these kinds of posts myself or watching Youtube videos on this topic so I thought I’d write my own. If you don’t like these types of post then please just don’t read it. 


Whilst we were in Disneyland Paris at the beginning of December I treated myself to the Partner Statue Pandora charm but I was torn between that and the castle charm so my amazing Fiancé got me the castle charm so I didn’t have to decide between them.

I hadn’t asked for anything else from Pandora this year so I was shocked to open this gorgeous ring off my Mom. There weren’t many things I wanted this year so I asked her to get me some surprises and she did an amazing job, I love it so much!



I was so lucky to get 3 beautiful Disney statues for Christmas this year! They’re all currently still in their boxes as I’m waiting to find the perfect place for them to go in our new home!


I adore this Seven Dwarves Disney Tradition from my Fiancé, I think it’s so cute and it’ll be such a good piece to get out every Christmas to go with the Dopey Tradition I already have from last year. This Beauty and the Beast statue is from the Disney Enchanting Collection which I think you can buy in H Samuel if you’re in the UK, my Mom chose this herself and again she did a great job!


The final one my Fiancé managed to sneak home from Disneyland Paris without me seeing, I knew he’d bought me something breakable but I had no idea which it was and I was over the moon with this when I opened it! It’s from the ‘Arribas Brothers’ glass collection in Harringtons on Main Street, Ash knows how much I love Sorcerer Mickey and I really wanted something with the date on from our trip so he even had this engraved for me! He’s the best isn’t he?!


I had a lot of Disney presents this year because everyone knows that my Disney obsession grows stronger every day! I’d asked for the Thomas Kinkade calendar and diary as I love his Disney illustrations they’re some of the best I’ve ever seen! Mom also bought me a Minnie Mouse face mask and a lip balm set which I believe is from Primark and she got me and Ash a toast and egg set each from the Mickey Mouse range at Aldi ready for our new home. It has a toast press, egg cup and spoon and it’s so cute!


Finally, my Fiancé got me the large gold Mickey plush which was released for Mickey’s 90th birthday this year and a Wreck It Ralph Pop Vinyl, obviously I had to get the Vanellope one to go with Ralph but I bought her myself as she was really hard to find!


I also had three pairs of Disney pyjamas but I can’t show you those as one pair were my Christmas Eve pyjamas so they’re in the wash, one pair were from my Fiance’s Mom so they’re at his house and the final pair I’m wearing sorry guys haha!

I love every single Disney item I got this year! Let me know which is your favourite or if you got anything Disney themed yourselves in the comments!



36 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas 2018 – Disney Items

  1. I’d be absolutely over the moon with all of this! I love the gold Mickey plush and the Peter Pan diary! I got a few Disney items too – my boyfriend ALWAYS buys me something Beauty and the Beast related and this year I got a little light up glass rose 🙂 xxx

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  2. Oh wow, they’re some incredible Disney gifts. I nearly bought myself that Thomas Kinkaid calendar when I saw it in Lancaster’s Calendar Club shop but didn’t, and I really wish I had done because that artwork is some of my favourite!

    My sister got me a small set of Disney gifts this year – a trinket dish which is Mary Poppins’s umbrella upside down, a Chip ornament, and a Mary Poppins notebook. I’ve just about managed to fit them on my Disney shelf but it was a bit of a squeeze.

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  3. Ohh woow! Truly a Disney Christmas here, I also adore how people know you soo well. Everything is here is perfect, I especially love the Pandora ring! That’s soo pretty. I did ask my mum for the Lilo & Stitch charm, I haven’t visited her yet for Christmas so that’s still a mystery. I adore Disney Traditions! I received the Lilo & Stitch waves one and Stitch by himself. Thank-you for sharing everything!

    Gemma | https://anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com/

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  4. ohh what lovely presents! i love the beauty and the beast statue so much, it’s absolutely beautiful. i also really loved the calander and notebook that you got. I have a disney puzzle that is designed by the same guy who made your calander and notebook, I believe it’s Cinderella. His disney artwork is absolutely beautiful. I’m so glad you had such a successful christmas xx

    mich / simplymich.com

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  5. Wow, you got so many lovely things Jess! The Pandora ring and charm are beautiful! The Thomas Kinkade calendar looks absolutely stunning and the gold Mickey plush is so cute. You got so many sweet and special things, thank you for sharing lovely and I hope you have a fantastic 2019! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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