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What I Got For Christmas 2018 – Beauty & Home

Hey lovelies, welcome back to another post! My posting schedule has been a bit all over the place since Christmas with me trying to cram posts in here and there but after this post I’ll be uploading on Tuesday and Saturday each week hopefully. Make sure you’re following me on Twitter so you don’t miss a post, I know I used to post three times a week but it got too much so I’m going to see how I get on just posting twice!

If you saw my post on Saturday then you’ll have already seen all the Disney items I got for Christmas, in this post I’ll be showing you everything else I got from my family/friends/colleagues.

Disclaimer again, I’m not bragging, when I asked on Twitter the majority of you voted for me to do my ‘What I Got For Christmas’ in two parts. I’m SO grateful for everything I received and I thought I’d share it because personally I love these kinds of posts/videos. 

Beauty Items


I didn’t get many beauty items this year for Christmas but honestly it’s because my collection is already so big and it needs decluttering rather than adding to! If you saw my Christmas Wishlist you’ll know that I’d asked for the Identity palette from Beauty Bay and that I needed a new All Nighter spray by Urban Decay. My Mom ordered the palette when I asked and she also managed to pick up a new All Nighter spray which came as a duo with the ‘Rebound’ spray, I’ve never tried that one so I can’t wait to see what it’s like!

I also got a Benefit cracker which I’m super excited about as it has 4 mini products in for me to try, I’ve wanted to test their ‘Hoola’ bronzer for ages but it also comes with a ‘Porefessional’ primer, ‘Watts Up’ highlighter and ‘They’re Real’ mascara which I’ve heard is fab!

The final beauty item I got was a Holler and Glow face mask. These are only £3 from Primark and they’re great to keep in your drawer for whenever you’re having a pamper night!

Home Items


Again if you saw my Christmas Wishlist, you’d know that I bought a beautiful candle holder in this design and wanted the matching pieces for our new home. My amazing Mom managed to get me the wax melter from the same store I bought the candle holder from but they’d sold out of the shade and tray for the large jar candles but she managed to find it online for me! She’s such a gem! How stunning is this?!


On the subject of our new home, instead of creating us a ‘movie night’ box like she usually does, this year Mom created me a cleaning box full of all the things I’ll need when we move out. I literally don’t think she’s forgot anything, there’s sponges, dusters, bleach, polish, Zoflora etc. my cupboards will definitely be well stocked!


Can you see a running theme here?! 50% of the things I got for Christmas this year were for our new home but hey, I’m not complaining! Mom got us another candle holder with a gorgeous butterfly design, some food bag clips and some measuring spoons. She also got us some stacking mugs which are a marble design from Debenhams (still in stock as I’m writing this), I absolutely love them!

My Secret Santa from work got us this marble tray as well as some oven trays which I haven’t pictured and my Nan got us a wok ready for all the cooking I’ll be doing!

Books & Chocolates


The final things I got for Christmas were ‘What If It’s Us’ a book by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera which I can’t wait to read so thanks to Ash for getting me that and some of my favourite chocolates! I had 4 bags of these Vanilla Truffles from Thorntons, they’re SO good, if you haven’t tried them then you need to!!

What was your favourite gift this year?! Let me know in the comments! 


34 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas 2018 – Beauty & Home

  1. I love these posts, I think there’s always something cool about seeing what people get bought for them. I love the idea of the cleaning hamper because honestly it’s so useful especially when you’re moving out! I got a benefit gift set and the urban decay setting spray too and I love them both! I hope you had a fab Christmas Jess!
    Alex xx

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  2. Looks like you did really well this Christmas, I’ve heard so many good things about the beauty bay palette really want to give that a try. The cleaning hamper is amazing I would have loved that, so thoughtful! Xx


  3. It looks like you got lots of amazing stuff! I love that you got a cleaning hamper I could do with that at uni haha! I personally love the hoola bronzer hopefully you’ll like it! I can’t wait to see what looks you create with that palette 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve been wanting to read what if it’s us so I’m really looking forward to finding out if you enjoy it or a review if you post one! The cleaning basket is such a good idea too, useful and really thoughtful since now you don’t have to buy those things. Happy new year x


  5. You got so many fab hits and pieces this Christmas! I got the urban decay due set as well which is a brilliant idea, as I’ve always just used the setting spray!

    Thanks for sharing (:

    Alys /

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love reading these type of posts and having a nosey at what people get from their loved ones. It’s very sweet of your mum to make you up a cleaning hamper, that’s a great idea! Such a great house warming present. Those reindeer candle holders are adorable, I love the design.

    Liked by 1 person

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