Organising My 2019 Blog Content & Tips For Other Bloggers!

Hey lovelies! One of my goals for 2019 was to become more organised in regards to planning and writing my blog content. Throughout 2018 I’d mainly write my posts at the weekend for the following week but there were days when I’d be writing the post an hour or two before it was due to go live and I don’t want that kind of stress this year!

I thought I’d share my tips with you on how I’m planning to be more organised because firstly I thought it might help some of you and secondly by writing it here for the whole world to see it might make me stick to it a bit more, so here goes…

Planning Posts

In 2019 I’m only going to be posting twice a week instead of the three posts I used to do in 2018, I’m going for quality over quantity but I still want to be prepared.

Doing Blogmas was a real eye opener as to how important it is to write down plans for each blog post so that you know which post is going to be published each day and if you’ve completed them. I really liked how I planned my Blogmas schedule (see in the image below) so I’m going to be using the same format this year once I get a new small month to view calendar.

This planning style is great because it helps you to see what you’ve already scheduled therefore knowing what you need to prioritise when you have time to work on your blog.


Scheduling Tweets

Scheduling tweets is literally the bane of my life, I find it so time consuming and boring, it is definitely one of the worst things about blogging but it does help to drive traffic to my blog and therefore needs to be done.

Throughout 2018 I probably scheduled tweets less than once a month, that’s how much I hate it. BUT going from three posts per week to two is definitely going to affect my blog views so I know I have to schedule tweets to try to drive as much traffic over here as possible.

I use Buffer to schedule my tweets as I find it pretty easy and I’m planning on taking 30 minutes to an hour each week to do this horrible job. There are plenty of RT accounts out there on Twitter which will promote your blog posts for you (just make sure you’re following them first). Ruth from Ruth In Revolt lists 50 of these accounts in this blog post so I’d definitely recommend checking that out!

Top Tip: save the hashtags or Twitter handles in a word document on your laptop in groups of around five so that when you’re writing tweets you can just copy and paste them in without trying to remember every single account!

Manage Your Time

Most of us don’t have the luxury of our blog being our full time job and let’s face it, when we work full time and still want to have a social life finding time to blog can be difficult. I know this year is going to be hard for blogging, working more hours and moving out I’m going to have a lot less free time but I still want to try and make this blog a success.

I picked up one of these ‘Weekly Planners’ from Poundland for yes you guessed it, £1! It’s a great way to help you organise your week so that you can fit in your blog work where possible. For example on a day when I only have to work half a day, I might write in a few things I want to get done for my blog on that day. It also has a ‘To Do’ list and a ‘Priorities’ box to really help you focus on the most important things first!


The notebook is also from Poundland which brings me on to my last point…

Make Notes!

I write a lot of review type posts on my blog, I’m forever buying new things to test and then three months later finding it in my drawer and thinking ‘oh sh*t I never actually reviewed this’. So I’ve got myself a notebook dedicated to blogging where I’m going to write down everything I buy to review and then I can tick it off when I’ve done it meaning I hopefully won’t forget about anything!

I also mentioned in my 2019 Goals post that I wanted to read all of the books on my Netgalley shelf and get the reviews done. So I’m going to write down every book I have left to read on there so that again they can be ticked off when I’ve read them and crossed off when the review has been written.

Finally, have you ever been struck with inspiration for a blog post while you’re out only to get home and forget what it was?! This happens to me all the time so I’m going to make more use of the ‘notes’ app on my phone so that I’ll hopefully never forget an idea! If I decide I don’t actually like the idea that’s fine, I don’t have to write the post but at least I still have it there just in case.


  • Plan your posts at least two weeks in advance so you don’t have to rush on the day of uploading!
  • Write down ALL your ideas
  • Schedule tweets at least once a week
  • Write down everything you have to review
  • Write down your weekly schedule so you know when you can fit in blogging time

So that’s how I’m planning on being more organised with my blog this year. I hope this post has helped some of you guys! Let me know in the comments your top tip for organisation!




34 thoughts on “Organising My 2019 Blog Content & Tips For Other Bloggers!

  1. Aww, thank you for including my post in this, lovely! 🙂 You’ve given some great advice in here, especially planning in advance and writing down all your ideas. I’m so bad at forgetting things!

    I hate scheduling tweets as well… it just never seems to end and it’s so dull. I put my hashtags in groups at the beginning of December, and it definitely made it much quicker for me.

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  2. In 2019 I’m hoping to be more consistent with posting on my blog and this has so many useful tips for getting organized and staying on track with my goals. Thanks for sharing and best of luck to you in the new year! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. arghhhh I hate scheduling tweets too, so annoying & I just can’t be bothered doing it! I think this has really inspired me to get a blogging specific diary/planner. I kept thinking to myself that I didn’t need one and id be fine, but life seems a lot easier with that type of organisation! Great post, you’ve definitely motivated me for sure!!

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  4. This was so helpful! Thanks for sharing! I recently got a weekly diary thing and a yearly one, I am getting into the habit of getting organised with my blog posts and writing down weeks in advance what I want to write about! Xx

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  5. This is such a helpful and informative post Jess, I love how many different tips you have and that you’re still learning it all too. I find scheduling tweets boring and frustrating too so that’s one of my blogging goals too. I want to try stay on top of it all because if I don’t I get stressed and that takes the fun out of blogging.
    Alex x

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  6. Oooh, I always love reading about people’s blog goals. I love that you take advantage of your planner for planning posts. Your Blogmas schedule looks neat. I love scheduling tweets – saves you SO MUCH TIME, especially when you want to push something out when you’re busy or sleeping. I totally agree with writing down all of your ideas. Who knows if you’ll forget about it the next second. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

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  7. Even though Blogmas was not great for views, like you I found it so good for teaching me how to plan! Previously I did the same as you, I wrote 3 posts for the week at the weekend and that was my level of scheduling whereas Blogmas does not allow you do that and I have carried on scheduling my normal posts in the same way. I do not schedule my twitter but I might have to look into Buffer because I feel like it would make life that little bit easier. You’ve given some great tips!

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  8. I’m so bad at scheduling tweets now, as well! I need to get back on top of that. I usually would set aside time in the morning to do it, and then get one with my day, but it just got really tiring. I like the idea of doing it all at once for the week – I think I might steal that idea and do it myself! Also, copying and pasting the hashtags is such a good idea, too! ☺️

    Beka |

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