Disneyland Paris Day 1 – Trip Report

Hey lovelies! I can’t believe that I’ve been home from Disneyland Paris for like a month and a half already, why does time go SO fast as we get older?! It’s finally time for me to start sharing my trip reports with you, I’m going to do one of these every couple of weeks on my blog so you can see what I got up to each day and then I have some other Disneyland Paris themed content planned for you too so I hope you like it!


This time we travelled to Disneyland Paris by the Eurostar, I’d never been on it before and I get quite travel sick sometimes so I was super nervous but honestly it was absolutely fine, if you’d like me to do a post about the Eurostar and what it’s like please let me know in the comments! 

After waking up at 4.30am to get ready and do my makeup etc. we jumped in a taxi to our local train station where we got a train just after 6am to London Euston. From there we walked to the Eurostar station as it’s less than 10 minutes and I wanted some fresh air after a nearly 2 hour train journey. We were pretty early so we got some breakfast in a little restaurant in St. Pancras which wasn’t all that great and then we headed to passport control which is way quicker than at the airport!

We then boarded the train ready to leave at 10.15am which got us to Disneyland Paris for just after 2pm. We’d booked the ‘Disney Express’ luggage service so we dropped our cases at the station and headed straight into the park!

Disneyland Park

Once I’d finally got over the excitement of finally being back in Disneyland Paris after more than two years since my previous trip we made our way up into Disneyland Park and up Main Street USA, I was literally in awe of the Christmas decorations they were stunning! 

There was already a queue forming by Casey’s Corner so we went over to see which character would be meeting and it was just my luck that it was Thumper! I really wanted to meet him this trip as he’s one of my favourite characters so we joined the queue and waited for him to come out.

We were actually super lucky with this meet and greet because it wasn’t just Thumper, it was Miss Bunny too! The whole of the rest of our trip every time we walked past this meet it was Thumper going solo so I was over the moon that we got to meet both of them. Although I was really disappointed that the Photopass photographer only took two photos and neither of them are very good, overall it was a really cute meet and greet and the character interaction was fab!


Big Thunder Mountain

After meeting Thumper and Miss Bunny we then headed straight to Big Thunder Mountain to see what the wait time was like, the queue only said 50 minutes which isn’t bad considering sometimes it can be longer than two hours so we waited for our first of many rides on ‘the wildest ride in the wilderness!’ 

I absolutely adored our first ride on Big Thunder which you’ll know if you saw my Favourite Disneyland Paris Rides post and by the time we got off we were already making plans for when we could go on it again!

After riding Big Thunder it was just after 5pm which meant the parade had started, we headed back on to Main Street just in time to see all of the floats going past, I think this was the only time this trip that we actually watched the parade, it was good but it wasn’t my favourite! I much preferred the Christmas one which you’ll hear more about in another trip report.


After parade we headed straight to Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast as we weren’t far from there and I know the queue times are always shorter whilst parade is on. We literally only had to wait about five minutes before being able to get on this which is fab!

We then wandered around some of the shops looking at all the cute merchandise and then headed to find a good spot to watch the fireworks. I’d heard so many people from the Disney community absolutely slate Illuminations on Twitter and Instagram etc. but I still wanted to watch it to see for myself.

When we went on our 2016 trip we were lucky enough to see Disney Dreams which was amazing and I’ll be honest I felt so let down with Illuminations compared to Dreams, it was nowhere near as good and I can definitely understand why so many people dislike it!


Food & Hotel Check In

Once we’d watched Illuminations and I’d moaned about how rubbish it was in comparison to Dreams we headed out of the park to find Five Guys. Me and Ash both absolutely adore Five Guys and we’d already decided before we got there that we’d be eating this for our first meal. We walked all through Disney Village in the rain looking for it and then realised we’d gone the wrong way and had to head back towards the park! If you don’t know, you go to the right of ‘World of Disney’ and exit the Village and it’s there on the left next to Vapiano. 

Our Five Guys did not disappoint us at all, one of the things I love about it is that no matter what country you go to a Five Guys in they always taste exactly the same! We’ve been to a number of ones in the UK, the one in Paris and one in Las Vegas now!

We then walked back through the Village and down the river to get to our hotel. On both our trips to Disneyland Paris we’ve never used the shuttle buses, I imagine they get really crowded and it only takes us around 10 minutes to walk from Village to both Santa Fe and Cheyenne so we always walk instead.

After collecting our cases from the luggage room and a short queue at reception we finally checked into the room and headed over there to get a good sleep! I was absolutely shattered after our long day travelling and then a full afternoon in the parks so I wanted an early night ready for a full day in the parks the next day which you can hear all about in my next trip report!

This is the first trip report I’ve done so please leave me some feedback in the comments and let me know if you like this kind of post! Personally I always enjoy reading them!




18 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris Day 1 – Trip Report

  1. Ahh, you’re making me want to go back to Disneyland! I’ve always flown into Paris, never taken the Eurostar because every time I’ve booked my trips it’s been cheaper to fly! I last went back in 2017, so yeah definitely overdue a visit 😛

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  2. I enjoyed riding on the Eurostar, so much easier than flying and less stressful 100%. How long was you waiting for thumper? I ended up waiting just over an hour to meet him!! Worth it though. So amazing that Miss Bunny was there too! I really enjoyed the Christmas/Winter parade too and the decorations were amazing. I like this report style, I am not sure how to write up about my Paris trip, maybe doing it like this is a good idea! xx

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  3. Aww, I love Disney Paris! I also went on the Eurostar on my last visit and it defo adds to the excitement I think! That’s so cool you got to meet Thumper and Miss Bunny, that is such a cute pic! It’s a shame that the Illuminations let you down, the photo looks really pretty anyway 🙂 I’m glad Five Guys did not disappoint, I’ve only been to one before and agree, they are sooo good!! Thanks for sharing your first day in Disney, Jess, I can’t wait to hear more about your trip. Awesome post ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  4. This was a great read and has got excited for my Disneyland Paris trip in May! We’re taking the Eurostar for the first time too, so I’d love to k is what you thought of it. It’s also my first time actually staying at one of the park’s hotels – I’m not sure which one, the bride is keeping that secret (we’re going for her hen weekend)!

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