Beauty Bay Identity Palette – First Impressions/Review

Hey lovelies. I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to sit down and write a post about the Beauty Bay palette for you, if you saw my What I Got For Christmas Post you’ll know that I got it then and more than a month later I’m only just getting this up for you guys; I’m so sorry but a palette that has 42 SHADES was going to take a long time to swatch!

The first thing that sticks out to me about this palette is that it isn’t going to be travel friendly. Don’t get me wrong it has a huge mirror but like I’ve just mentioned it has 42 shades meaning it’s quite big and would never fit in your makeup bag!



I’ve done the swatches in columns for you rather than in rows because the idea of this palette is that if you use ‘number 1’ you have your base, transition, crease, liner, pop of colour and highlight shade that would all work really well together in one column. I think this is a great idea for beginners who don’t know where to start with eyeshadow looks and what colours to use together!


First Impressions

This palette comes in at £25 which for 42 shadows means you’re paying less than 60p each! When I swatched the palette I didn’t expect the best quality due to the fact it’s so affordable but I was actually really impressed. The matte shades have all got a really good pigment to them and the shimmer shades are stunning although some of them didn’t swatch as well as the matte shadows.

While I was swatching the columns I already couldn’t wait to start creating my own looks with this palette as there were some amazing shades that really stood out to me like that matte purple in column 2 and those stunning reds in column 5! This palette would be great for aspiring makeup artists because it is so versatile and the amount of looks you could create is endless!

The palette also has a really good ratio of mattes to shimmers. I always prefer a palette that has a few more matte shades because I only tend to wear shimmer in my inner corner and on the middle of my lid! It also has something for everyone in here with both light and dark transition shades.


I’m only going to write a small review of this palette for now because I have only used it on my eyes once so my opinion of 4 shades may not be the same as my opinion when I’ve used the whole palette. Look out for more blog posts in the future using this though because they’re coming! 

I decided not to stick to one column for this eyeshadow look and just used the shades that were calling out to me. I went with the ‘base’ and ‘transition’ shade from column 7, using the base more like a transition shade and then the transition for my crease. I then wanted to add a pop of colour so I used that gorgeous purple shade all over my lid from column 2 ‘crease’. Finally I added some concealer to the middle of my lid to create a ‘halo eye’ effect and added the ‘pop’ shade also from column 2. 

Here’s the finished look:










I really enjoyed the formula of these shadows when I applied them. The mattes were just as pigmented as in the swatches and they didn’t apply patchy at all. They blended seamlessly together without too much work and the shimmer shadow looked absolutely gorgeous! Overall I’m really happy with this palette and I don’t think you can go wrong for £25. I can’t wait to start playing around with it more to create loads of new looks!



Have you got any of the new palettes from Beauty Bay? I really like the look of the EYN Fiery palette and the small one would be perfect for travelling so maybe I’ll treat myself to it on payday!

Please let me know in the comments if there are any other posts you’d like to see using this palette! 



27 thoughts on “Beauty Bay Identity Palette – First Impressions/Review

  1. I haven’t tried any of the beauty bay palettes before but they look really great! The amount of shades you get is amazing and for that inexpensive price! I love the look you came up with the colours are lovely, great review xx

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  2. what a great look you created purples and pinks can be hard to work with so it’s a true testament to how the shades work. i’ve never heard of the brand beauty bay and i’m not sure if we can get them here in the US but i totally agree with you that this is great for beginners! x

    mich /


  3. Wow, there are so many pretty shades! I think this would be the perfect palette for me as I have no clue where the base, transition, crease is, he he. The look you have created is absolutely gorgeous, that purple is stunning and suits you so much! Thanks for sharing Jess, fab post as always! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  4. I love Beauty Bay but I haven’t tried any of their own brand stuff yet! The colours in this palette looks gorgeous and the idea that you work down the column is so handy to encourage you to try out colours you may not have known how to use before. Hope you still enjoy it as much when you’ve had more time to play around with it
    Bronia |


  5. I love this palate. like you I prefer the mix of matte and shimmers. These colors are exactly the kind I use. I love your finished look!

    Liked by 1 person

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