Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review

Hey lovelies! I’m here with another beauty product review for you today, I seem to be doing tonnes of these lately but it’s because I’m only just getting around to testing out all of the products I picked up over Christmas. This review is going to be on the Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara which I see a lot of beauty bloggers/Youtubers talk about. I got a mini one from a gift set in the Christmas sales so I could test it out and see if it’s worth the hype.



The mascara wand on this product is pretty chunky, I don’t usually mind the size of a wand as long as the product works well but I did struggle a little with this one. Due to the fact it’s quite big, whilst applying the mascara to my lashes it transferred on to my eyelid which as you can imagine would not be ideal if you’d just done a full eyeshadow look. I also found it harder to apply to my lower lash line as the product was transferring onto my under eyes.

So as you can tell the wand isn’t my favourite but I could deal with that if the product was as good as everyone says it is…


When I first started applying this mascara I was quite impressed with it, the product is really black which obviously is what you’re usually looking for in a mascara and it gave my lashes quite good length and curl. I did find that some of my lashes clumped together whilst applying it and unfortunately I didn’t have any spare wands to try and separate them.




As you can see from this picture, my lashes are quite fair and short usually, I just applied the product to my right eye so you could see the difference and I do think the mascara did quite a good job.








This was the finished result when I’d applied the mascara to both of my eyes. What do you think of it?







This is only the second time I’ve used this mascara so I still don’t know what I think of it yet, although it did give my lashes quite good length and curl I don’t think this mascara was volumising enough for me and the fact it was clumping my lashes together was a bit of an issue.

If the mascara was amazing I could have overlooked the fact the applicator can make it messy but with a £19 price tag for a full sized version I’m not yet sure I’d be willing to spend that much money on it when personally I don’t think it looks any better than some of my drugstore mascaras which cost half the price.

I will continue to use this product until it’s empty and then maybe I’ll give you my final opinion in a ‘product empties’ post about whether I’d repurchase because at the minute I’m torn.

Do you have this mascara? Let me know if you love it or hate it in the comments and if you think it worked well on me! 


64 thoughts on “Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Review

  1. I used to use this mascara all the time and I really liked it, but then I started using Benefits Roller Lash Mascara, and I realised how chunky and thick that the BTS mascara is! I started to really dislike the wand and how thick it was, although I do admit that it does give your lashes a nice curl! But I agree that its way too overpriced

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  2. This product looks and sounds effective but I completely get what you’re saying about the price. If you can get the exact same results for cheaper then it’s not really worth it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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  3. Wow you can really see the difference when it’s only been applied to one side! I’ve never tried this mascara before but heard a lot about it. Immediately on seeing the photo of the wand (before I even read the text) I was like “oooh no gurl, that’s gonna be clumpy” 😂 So I wasn’t surprised to see you say that it was kinda difficult to apply. Such a shame, especially for the price! (For the normal version). I agreed that cheaper versions can often do the same, if not a better, job!

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  4. I’ve seen this mascara a million times but never actually tried it myself, the wand has always put me off! I think your lashes look great but I always look for volume in my mascara so it’s a shame you didn’t think it was great in that department. I actually like slightly clumpy lashes (not too thick obviously) so maybe I’d like this when I start wearing eye makeup again x


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  5. Wow, you can definitely see a difference, it looks great in the photos! It is a shame that the wand is hard to use. I find applying mascara a challenge anyway so I’d have no luck with this one ha ha. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jess, as always your reviews are so helpful and your photos are gorgeous! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  6. What a catchy name for the mascara, lol! I rarely wear any makeup, but when I do mascara is one thing I wear. My lashes are short. The clumping would concern me and the bulky wand. I couldn’t justify paying so much, so I’m pretty sure I won’t be trying this anytime soon. Your lashes do look great in the photos!! Thanks for sharing the review.

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  7. I fall under the same place you do with this mascara. I am undecided, I’ve gone through a couple travel size tubs that ive gotten in gift sets but I’ve never purchases the full size and i’m not sure I would. I really enjoyed it while using the travel sizes but I just find that I have so many drugstore priced mascara’s that I really really enjoy I cant justify the high price tag. I look forward to hearing our final verdict on it in your empties post! great review jess xx

    mich /

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  8. I’ve heard really good things about this mascara and the before and after pictures of yours look really good but I do get about the mascara wand, you may like Benefit bad gal bang mascara I like the applicator! Xx

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  9. It’s a shame there are some issues with the product because your lashes look amazing! You can really tell the difference (I never normally can when I apply mascara – I must be using the wrong brands) xxx

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  10. That’s a really interesting wand shape! I’m used to normally a bit thinner. Oh wow, they really should have made it smaller, that must have been a bit annoying having the mascara transfer onto your eyelid – especially if you did your eye makeup already!

    It does a great job of elongating your eyelashes! I don’t have this mascara, but I usually hear great things about it!


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  11. I honestly have a love/hate relationship with this mascara…I used to absolutely LOVE it. Then I got the waterproof version and used that for ages until I got fed up of it being waterproof haha. So my boyfriend got me this for Christmas and I was so excited to use it again but I have been a bit disappointed ever since. It could very well be because I had long full eyelash extensions for a while so now I just think my lashes look rubbish regardless compared to them. But it has made your eyelashes look so good!! Much better than mine! I agree with you though, the wand is too big. I always manage to get it on my eyelid and I think I tried to do the bottom lashes once….never again. xxx

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  12. I find that it’s very clumpy and it leaves black under my eye. I sometimes use this just to top up on my upper lashes under another mascara for more volume on a night out. I do agree with you – I personally wouldn’t repurchase. Great post! ✨

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  13. I received it in my Ipsy bag and used it for awhile before I threw it away. I was disappointed that it wasn’t warweprbut tried it anyway. It went on really well for me but would flake off during the day and get in my eyes. Not to mention I was always trying to wipe the flakes that fell under my eyes without smudging it. The flaking really caused eye irritation. I had a friend recommend the waterproof one in the blue tube but I didn’t try it.

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  14. I’ve tried their waterproof formula and sad to say it didn’t work for me. I have super watery eyes so I needed a mascara that could hold up the tears and is actually waterproof. I remember laughing and a tear ran down my cheeks and I go to wipe it off only to find that my mascara had ran with it haha.


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