Favourite Disney Couples – Collab

Hey lovelies! It feels like absolutely ages since I wrote a collab post with Lize although this is actually a monthly occurrence on our blogs. Considering it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow me and Lize thought we’d do a romantic themed post and share with you our favourite Disney/Pixar couples!

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider – Tangled

When I think of Disney couples the first one that comes to mind for me is Rapunzel and Flynn (or Eugene Fitzherbert). The lantern scene in Tangled is one of THE MOST romantic Disney scenes ever created and I couldn’t write this post without including them.


In the beginning of the film Rapunzel and Flynn both need something from each other, Rapunzel wants to see the lanterns and Flynn just wants his satchel back but throughout their adventure they begin to trust each other and eventually they fall in love. They have such a great relationship and they’re definitely my favourite Disney couple ever, I’d love to meet them both together at a Disney park someday!

Carl and Ellie – Up

The beginning of Up when we get to see Carl and Ellie’s love story is another one of the most beautiful scenes ever in Disney history, if you aren’t crying or at least filling up by the end of that scene then honestly you’re heartless!

Carl and Ellie have to be the most romantic couple from Disney and Pixar and I honestly believe that if my relationship is even half as good as theirs then I’ll be happy! What I love about Carl and Ellie is that even with all the troubles they face, not being able to have children and never getting to Paradise Falls together because life always got in the way and they needed their savings for something more important (Pixar really showed what life is actually like in this scene) they never stop loving each other and they got through it together!

Although I’m not overly keen on the rest of this film I still adore Carl and Ellie’s relationship!

Tiana and Naveen – The Princess and The Frog

I think The Princess and The Frog is actually a really underrated Disney movie! Children love Frozen so much but they could actually learn a lot from Tiana, she shows that if we have dreams we have to actually work for them and everything isn’t just handed to us in life.

When Tiana first meets Naveen she doesn’t actually like him, he’s cocky and arrogant so who can blame her and he turns her into a frog!! Over the course of the film Tiana brings out another side to Naveen and they end up falling in love (obviously, this is a Disney film!) 

The cutest thing about these two is that in the end they are actually willing to risk everything to be together even give up on their dreams, but clearly that doesn’t have to happen and they manage to achieve Tiana’s dream by working hard together!


Belle and The Beast – Beauty and The Beast

Now I know some people won’t agree with me that Belle and The Beast are a romantic Disney couple because they believe Belle only developed feelings for him due to ‘Stockholm syndrome’ but I don’t agree with this at all!

In the beginning when Belle takes her Father’s place she does hate the Beast I mean who wouldn’t hate someone who has locked them up away from their family but throughout the movie the Beast really tries to show a different side to himself and in my opinion this is why Belle falls in love with him.

It is clear that the Beast has fallen in love with Belle but the fact he actually lets her leave to go and save her Father and believes she will never come back just proves how much he would do for her and how much he does care. The Beast put his life on the line for Belle and in nearly losing him she realised how much she had actually fallen for him.

Also who wouldn’t love a man who gave them an entire library?! 

Mickey and Minnie

Now I couldn’t finish this post without including the main Disney couple could I?! Mickey and Minnie are the original Disney couple and I think the fact that the people who voiced these characters actually married in real life makes it 100x cuter!

Minnie has been Mickey’s on screen girlfriend since she first appeared with him in ‘Plane Crazy’ and apparently although they were never married on-screen Walt has mentioned that in their private life they were married.

One scene that always sticks with me is from ‘Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas’ in Mickey and Minnie’s Gift of the Magi. Minnie and Mickey both want to buy each other something special for Christmas but don’t have much money so in order to get these gifts they both trade in the thing that means the most to them. It just so happens that Minnie’s gift was going to be a chain for her heirloom and Mickey’s a case for his harmonica, both of which they have just traded to get the others’ present. Although both presents are now useless, it shows just how far they would go to show how much they mean to each other!

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Honourable Mentions

  • Hercules and Meg
  • Maid Marian and Robin Hood
  • Simba and Nala

So there you have my favourite Disney couples! Did I include your favourite here? I’d love to know who your favourite is in the comments below so please tell me and don’t forget to go and check out Lize’s post to see her favourites too!




7 thoughts on “Favourite Disney Couples – Collab

  1. I love this idea so much!! Rapunzel and Flynn are def my favourite couple, I don’t think there’s any others even close to how much I love them. I do love Mickey and Minnie and Simba and Nala an awful lot too though, they’re lovely 💜
    Amy xx

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