Disneyland Paris Day Three – Trip Report

Hey lovelies and welcome back to another trip report from our Disneyland Paris Christmas trip. If you’ve missed day 1 and day two from this series then I’ll link them for you so you can check out what we got up to on those days!

Heading to Disneyland in December we knew we were going to have bad weather but our third day was definitely the worst day, we had rain practically non stop all day long but we didn’t let it spoil the magic and we had a lot of theatre shows planned anyway which helped to keep us out of the rain!

Extra Magic Hours

I have to be honest we didn’t get much done in our extra magic time on this day in the park, we decided we’d head to Walt Disney Studios Park so that we could ride Crush’s Coaster before the queues got too busy so that’s exactly what we did as soon as we got in there.

After riding Crush, Pluto was meeting guests just a bit further down from the ride exit and he only had two people in the queue so we thought we may as well take the chance and meet him while there was a short queue. He was so cute! 


We wandered around the rest of the park but because of the weather none of the other rides were open so we left the park and headed back into Disney Village to get an Earl of Sandwich for breakfast.

Back To Studios

After breakfast we then headed back to the Studios park because this is where we had planned most of our day. Our first stop was to meet Santa Goofy who was absolutely amazing! We luckily got to meet him in front of his Christmas back drop before they moved him under the shelter of one of the shops. He was really interactive with all of the guests, I enjoyed watching his interactions with everyone in the queue and seeing how happy they all were!


We then watched the first showing of Merry Jolly Jingles for that day and I wasn’t very impressed by this show at all. It started off strong and then turned into a shortened version of a Frozen sing-a-long, so I was a little disappointed by that.

After we left the theatre showing Merry Jolly Jingles there was a Surprise Mickey about to start so we waited around for that, I loved that show so much and even now more than two months after my trip I still play ‘It’s a Good Time’ on Spotify ALL the time!

Mickey Waffles

Our next stop of the day was to get ourselves a Mickey Waffle, we both got one drizzled in chocolate and it was delicious (although a little bit messy). Waffles are gorgeous anyway but Mickey shaped food makes everything better.

We then headed to Ratatouille to get ourselves a fastpass for later in the day, I’d never been on this ride before so I was excited to see what it was like as I know a lot of people love it but I was also quite nervous as I suffer from motion sickness and I’d heard people say it can make it quite bad (spoiler alert: it does). 

Next it was time for Mickey’s Christmas Big Band which was honestly one of my favourite shows we saw the whole time we were at Disneyland this trip! It was such a good show and if you’re ever at Disneyland for Christmas and it’s on you’d be silly to miss it!

Meeting Minnie & More Rides!

Once Mickey’s Christmas Big Band had finished we headed over to Disneyland Park to kill some time before our Ratatouille fastpass but we didn’t meet any characters or do any rides it was a little uneventful.

Then we went back to Studios park to ride Ratatouille, which wasn’t terrible but I wouldn’t ride it again in a hurry. It’s a really cool concept and I’d probably enjoy it a lot more if it didn’t make me feel so sick!

While we’d been in the queue for Santa Goofy in the morning I joined the Lineberty queue to meet Minnie Mouse in her Christmas outfit. I wasn’t keen on the way this app worked at all, I’d much rather just join a queue to meet a character but anyway it was finally our turn after a 5 hour and 30 minute wait on the app!

I loved meeting Minnie and the Photopass photographer was really great encouraging her to do different poses with us such as her kissing my Fiancé and me looking cross etc.


Crush’s Coaster must have had a pretty short wait time after this because we ended up riding that again, I cannot explain my love for that ride it’s SO good!

Planet Hollywood

Me and Ash had decided that we wanted to have one nice meal this time in Disneyland and the rest of the time we were happy to eat in the quick service style restaurants. After eating at Annette’s on our last trip we went to Planet Hollywood instead to see what it was like as I’ve never been to one even though there is one in London and there was one when we went to Vegas.

I’ll be writing a full review on this restaurant but all I can say is that I was highly disappointed with both the restaurant set up and the food, especially when they charge quite high prices! I won’t be eating there again in the future unfortunately.

Goofy’s Incredible Christmas

After our mediocre meal in Planet Hollywood it was time to go and watch the night time show in Studios park ‘Goofy’s Incredible Christmas’. I hadn’t seen any videos of this before heading to Disneyland so I couldn’t wait to finally see it and it was definitely worth the wait!


In my opinion Goofy’s Incredible Christmas was way better than Disney Illuminations, it had really good projections onto Tower of Terror, it had fireworks and you actually got to see the characters on stage too! I really hope they do more Christmas shows like this in the future, it was the perfect end to a day in the parks!

That’s it for this post lovelies, don’t worry if you’re enjoying these posts I still have two more to come!



10 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris Day Three – Trip Report

  1. Eeeekkk!!! I’m so excited sat here reading this post! I love Disney and I’m even more jelly that you got to go! It looks like you had a splendid time and I can imagine…I mean it’s paris after all 😀 I’ve been to the DL Orlando one and if I remember correct the Planet Hollywood wasn’t bad, wasn’t my most exciting aspect but it was chill so I’m sorry you were disappointed in your visit. Lol I swear I never got tired of the Mickey waffles :’) and as for you pics…they’re super cute, esp the one with Minnie 😀 ❤

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com

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