Current Beauty Favourites

Hey lovelies, it’s been a hot minute since I sat down and wrote a blog post for you guys! I’m still trying to get into a routine of being able to go to work, clean the house and find time to write but I’m slowly getting there (I hope). 

With the beauty industry constantly changing and new products being released practically every day it’s no surprise really that us beauty lovers favourite products are constantly changing too. As I haven’t been able to put up a monthly favourites post for a while I thought I’d share the products I’m loving at the minute with you all!


Pixi Glow Tonic

I heard SO many bloggers talk about Pixi Glow Tonic and 99% of those people absolutely loved it so when it finally came to Boots I thought I’d pick up one of the small bottles to test… let me tell you it was the best decision I’ve ever made!

I’ve been using the Pixi Glow Tonic as part of my everyday skincare routine along with a lot of the Revolution Skincare products (post coming soon) and it’s really helped. I hardly ever get any spots now and when I do they are gone within a day or two using this, I can’t recommend it enough, it’s such a good exfoliating toner!


Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover

I’m sure you’ve all seen the TV advert for the Nivea eye makeup remover, the girl wipes her really dark eye makeup with a cotton pad covered in this and it’s gone within seconds? This was a product I was really dubious about when I first purchased it because I was sure it wouldn’t be THAT easy but I was actually super impressed with it.

Don’t get me wrong you do still have to work with this product and rub at the cotton pad a little to get all of your mascara off but it’s nothing like having to scrub at your eyes leaving them sore and red like some products. This has become a staple in my skincare collection now and I never remove my makeup without it, it’s made my life so much easier and it definitely does the job quicker than using makeup wipes!


Revolution Pro Foundation Drops

I did a full review on the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops here if you’re interested in how they perform but this has become one of my favourite foundations at the minute! I own about 20 foundations but recently every time I pull out my collection it always seems to be this I’m reaching for which has to be a good sign doesn’t it?

This product blends so quickly and easily onto my skin that it makes it great for days when I’m in a rush. Also, with the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately it’s perfect because it’s really lightweight so you can barely feel it on your skin but it still gives a nice coverage!

This is the foundation that will be coming abroad with me in a few weeks too which shows how amazing it is if I’m trusting it for a week when I’ll have no other options right?!

Wet N Wild Colour Icon Bronzer

This bronzer from Wet N Wild has become another favourite due to the heatwave we’ve had the past few days! I’m naturally as pale as a milk bottle so I really struggle to find bronzers which match my skin tone without making me look too muddy, I have this in the shade ‘Ticket To Brazil’ but they actually do an even lighter one if you’re paler than me!

I love this bronzer because it applies beautifully on my skin and doesn’t take a lot of blending but it leaves me with a lovely sun-kissed glow! I purchased mine from Beauty Bay when I tested a whole face of Wet N Wild makeup but their products are actually stocked in a lot of Boots stores now too so I’d definitely recommend picking one up if you see them!

L’Oreal Infallible More Than Concealer

The final product in my current beauty favourites is a pretty new purchase and it’s the L’Oreal Infallible concealer, the foundation in this range used to be my absolute holy grail so when they re-released it with concealers too I knew I had to try them.

Previously I wore their lightest foundation shade ‘015 Porcelain’ but it was a little too light for me so I actually went up a shade this time and got ’20 Ivory’ but I still got a lighter concealer ‘321 Eggshell’ in the hopes it would be light enough to brighten my under eyes.

I am SO happy with this concealer, it gives a very full coverage and it is the first concealer I’ve ever found which is light enough to give me that ‘under eye brightness’ when I wear it with the Infallible foundation. The shade I have in the concealer isn’t the lightest either, there is another which is one shade lighter so if you’re pale skinned like me I cannot recommend this range enough!


So there you have it, my current beauty favourites! I haven’t purchased much new makeup recently because bills are obviously the priority now but please let me know in the comments what your favourite products are at the minute and if there is anything I should pick up!

Until next time,


16 thoughts on “Current Beauty Favourites

  1. I’ve got that concealer and OH MY GAWDD the doe foot applicator is huge! I was shook, like yess!! Love reading peoples lastest make-up favourites! I’m very up in the air about skincare products, I don’t know what to try or what is best for my skin. I keep considering Pixie products and after your review really sounds worth it! Xx

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  2. Thanks for sharing your beauty favourites, Jess! I’m loving the sound of the Pixi Glow Tonic, it sounds like an awesome product, I’ll have to have a look out for it when I’m next in Boots. Also, just read your previous post and congrats on your house move, I hope everything is going well and you are settling in nicely. Wishing you all the best lovely! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  3. Yay I’m glad you’re back lovely, I adore your posts! I hope you’re enjoying finding a balance in your life and that things work out for you. This post is full of products I already love or ones which I want to purchase! I am already loving the L’Oreal concealer it’s so amazing considering it’s price. I definitely want to try the revolution pro drops as they are so hyped online but also in real life. My local boots has started stocking pixi so that will be my next investment! I can’t wait to see what else is to come from you Jess!
    Alex xx

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      1. No problem lovely! Yeah I’ve heard amazing things, I might mix them in with moisturiser too so I can use them as a lighter coverage in summer. You’re a gem for recommendations I tell you xx

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      2. It sheers it out and makes it much lighter feeling and more skin like. I highly recommend. I usually mix my L’Oreal Infallible fresh wear foundation into moisturiser as it takes it to another level of fresh! Xx

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  4. I’ve seen so many people raving about the Pixi Glow Tonic, the more I see the more tempted I am to give it a try! I’m allergic to some products, Nivea included unfortunately, so will have to check the ingredients out xx

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  5. I wish wet n wild had a bronzer deep enough for my skin tone because it is so much cheaper than the bronzer I ended up buying, but I love what I have right now. I haven’t tried that Pixi glow tonic, but I’ve seen a lot of good reviews for it. I guess I’ll need to look into trying it in the future especially since it helped you with spots on your skin. Thanks for sharing!
    – Avalon from


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