April Favourites!

Hey lovelies! I cannot believe another month of the year has passed us by already! Unfortunately this post isn't going to be a very long one as it feels like April has been over within the blink of an eye so I don't have many favourites to report from this month! I changed up the... Continue Reading →


Testing a Full Face of Makeup Revolution/Revolution Pro!

Hey lovelies! I recently picked up some of the new Revolution Pro products and I mentioned in my New In Beauty Haul that I wanted to test a full face of Revolution products so here's my results! Unfortunately they don't do a mascara (or my local store didn't have any) so that's the only product I didn't... Continue Reading →

New In Beauty Haul

Hey lovelies! Sorry I haven't posted much recently but I've been super busy and haven't been feeling well so I thought it was best to take a few days off blogging to try and make myself feel better! The sun is shining and I am feeling a lot happier so I thought I'd write a... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Liquid Lipsticks

Hey lovelies! I never used to wear any lip products as I'm not a big fan of the traditional lipstick or lip gloss, however when liquid lipsticks became a big thing I decided to try some for myself and I've absolutely fallen in love with them! If I've got makeup on and I'm wearing lipstick... Continue Reading →

My Eyeshadow Palette Collection!

Hey lovelies! I've always been a drugstore girl when it comes to makeup, my thoughts are 'why spend £30 on a bottle of foundation when you can get one for £10 which does just as good a job?' However, eyeshadow palettes are one of the only high-end products I let myself indulge in far too... Continue Reading →

Payday Haul!

Hey lovelies, I know I know I'm meant to be saving money this year but I did a few extra hours at work last month so I picked up more than I usually would so why not treat myself to a few things? Seriously though, this money could be going towards our house/spending money for... Continue Reading →

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