Payday Haul!

Hey lovelies! If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram you'll probably know that I went shopping on Tuesday to find a present for my Fiancé as it was our 4 year anniversary this week... However, I ended up finding nothing for him but a few treats for me (why am I not surprised?) I finished work... Continue Reading →


Happy Birthday Disneyland Paris!

Hey lovelies! Seen as it's Disneyland Paris' 26th birthday today I thought I'd share some of my favourite memories from the park! I wasn't lucky enough to be able to attend any of the 25th Anniversary celebrations which is a little upsetting but I'm still so lucky that I've been able to go to this... Continue Reading →

Payday Haul!

Hey lovelies, I know I know I'm meant to be saving money this year but I did a few extra hours at work last month so I picked up more than I usually would so why not treat myself to a few things? Seriously though, this money could be going towards our house/spending money for... Continue Reading →

February Favourites!

Hey lovelies! I cannot believe February is over already it seems to have gone 100x quicker than January did! So as another month has ended it's time for another favourites post! Sorry it's a few days late but I had other posts scheduled! Unfortunately I haven't worn much makeup this month (probably four days out... Continue Reading →

My Disney Store Wishlist!

Hey lovelies! There are quite a few things I've been loving in the Disney Store lately and I was going to treat myself after January payday but then I bought my camera so I thought I better wait for a while, booo! So instead of buying them for myself I'm just going to write a... Continue Reading →

January Sales Haul

Hey lovelies! So one of my New Year's Resolutions was to save money but I couldn't resist treating myself to a few things in the January sales so I thought I'd do a bit of a haul for you! Disney x Cath Kidston I've had my eye on this bag from the collection since it... Continue Reading →

Disney Tag

Hey lovelies! Welcome to my first Disney post on the blog. I thought I'd answer a few questions about my love of Disney so here is my 'Disney Tag'. Favourite Disney film? - The Little Mermaid! I will always say this film is my favourite Disney, no matter how many new ones they bring out... Continue Reading →

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