Review Policy

If I’m lucky enough that you’re considering me to review your book please have a read of my review policy first!

Review Copies I Will Accept:

  • ARC
  • Physical copy
  • Digital copy (I have a Kindle)

Genres I Will Review:

I am happy to read a variety of books such as:

  • YA Fiction
  • Crime/Mystery/Thriller
  • Romance
  • Children’s books (I work in a preschool so would take them to work with me and see how the children got on with them)


What to include in your request:

  • A summary of your book, this will make it easier for me to decide if it is the type of novel I will enjoy and if it is something I am interested in receiving!
  • The release date of your book and a time frame of when you would like the review to be posted by (so I know if I will have time to read it and a write a review)
  • Any extra information about what you would expect if I was to accept or why you think I am the right person to review your novel

If I accept your request:

If I do decide that I would like to read your book and it is an ARC I will always try to post the review around the time of your release.

However, if it is not an ARC I have to stress that unless we agree that the review has to be posted by a certain date I cannot guarantee I will read and review straight away. I will always try and get through as many books as I can but I also have a full time job so I have to fit reading and blogging around these commitments!

Additionally, I reserve the right to NOT post a review of your book if this feels like the right thing to do.

I will always try to post my reviews on Goodreads as well as on my blog but this is not guaranteed. I’m also on Netgalley.

If I Don’t Enjoy Your Book:

Sometimes unfortunately, I may not enjoy the books I have been sent to review. My reviews will always be my own, honest opinion, I refuse to lie to my readers just because I have been sent something for free. I will never be disrespectful about you as an author or your book but I have to be honest with my readers and tell them about my experience with your book.

I will always try to find the positives in this situation but if you would not like a negative review to be written about your book then this blog may not be the best one to write a review for you.

Contact Me:

If you have read through my review policy and think I am the right person to review your book then you can contact me at:

foundationsandfairytales @ gmail . com

I mainly promote my blog through Twitter and you can find this here.

I will always try to reply to your requests as soon as possible and thank you for considering me to review your book!